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Lost my plug thsi morning........

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Last night I had 2 tiny lower tummy pains in my tummy that woke me up. They were mild, and after the 2 that was it. My tummy had been feeling kind of strange all day, like when I had my membranes stripped with my second son.

THis morning I got up, went pee and noticed a tiny bit of brown on the tissue when I wiped. I didn't really think much of it. So I went walking down the hallway and was getting ready to sit at the computer when I felt wet. I went back into the bathroom and saw that a bunch of mucus was coming out, it was long and light yellow and thick. There was quite a bit. I cleaned up and started feeling a bit weird in my tummy. I made myself some scrammbled eggs and cheese and a couple bites in, couldn't really eat it, I had to go to the bathroom. I ended up going 3 times to empty. I was starting to feel strange.
I slowly plugged away at my breakfast while keeping an eye on things and things have slowly tappered off to feeling semi normal, but my tummy still feels strange. I'm getting some pains on the sides, almost like ligaments pulling and some pressure in my lower tummy.
I have my doctors appointment at the end of the day today-4:00 but it's a new doctor because my doctor has decided to take a vacation today for the next 2 weeks-what timing!!!!!!!!!!! So I will let you know what's up as soon as I can.
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Wow! Second May mucus plug in one day!!! Babies are coming, babies are coming
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Getting closer!
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... all these lost muscus plugs, I am getting soo excited! Take good care of yourself!
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I started losing my mucus plug about 3 weeks ago. Mines has been regenerating itself . I never knew it could do that before now.
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I've been mild periodishy since loosing it. Some moments i will feel fine and then I will get a pain inmy lower tummy or start feeling periodisy again. Things are slowly starting............
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Originally Posted by NaturalMommaof3+1 View Post
I've been mild periodishy since loosing it. Some moments i will feel fine and then I will get a pain inmy lower tummy or start feeling periodisy again. Things are slowly starting............

yeah, me too!
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We're so close momma!!
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wow - good luck! sounds like baby's ready!
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Sounds very exciting! These May babies are getting ready to start coming!!

Good luck Mama. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can, while you can!

Oh, I'm feeling the same way you sd today! We are so very close!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, wow! Yep, save up those energy reserves.
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Thank you!!! I'm feeling so exausted, all I want to do is sleep, but my 2 year old wants my constant attention so that isn't as option right now. I also have my doctors appointment in 3 1/2 hours but would sure love a nap before then. I don't think it will happen though! Lol!
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bumping for an update!!! How'd the appt go?
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WOOHOO! Exciting
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Things must have moved along for her, if she hasn't posted an update. Oh exciting!!!!
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Here is an update....

Hi everyone!
Thank you for your support!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to get on a computer and update you sooner.
I will now update what's happened in the last 24 hours while we are home.
It's been crazy, emotional, draining and confusing. I went in for my regular appointment yesterday to find out I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Earlier in the day I had a spot of brown and then some mucus plug, so I was wondering if things may be progressing. I also had some tummy cramps in my lower belly on and off. I filled hubby in when he got home and off we went to our appointment. After the doctor checked me, she decided to send me to the hospital for the night for assessment. Unfortunately there are NO ROOMS available!!!!!! Everyone is taken and they have a major shortage so there was no where for me to stay. So they hooked my up to a NST for an hour and across the hallway a Momma was sceaming the whole hour because she was birthing her baby. I got terrified and I started getting REALLY strong braxton hicks that got up to 132!! My back was hurting as I was lying on it and getting tightenings and mild period cramping. I wanted to rip off the belts. I asked to see my doctor because they wanted to do a cervical check to see if it was changing and when they called her, so said "NO!" she wouldn't come in!!! I was very upset! They said another doctor would come in and check me at about 9-930PM!! It was 5:30! Well, one of my doctor patients went into labor so she got called in and had to come in. So at 9:30, after 4 hours waiting in the lobby, she came in and gave me an examination. I was still the same-2 cm dilated. They wanted to keep me close but since there was no rooms available for me, they told me to hold on to baby for a few days and come back and there might be a chance I'd get a room and for now, so they told me to go to a hotel, they didn't want me travelling home! (It's a 45 min drive) So that's what we had to do, rent a room and stick close by the hospital.
Well, things always happen at night for me, so I was afraid to go to sleep. And sure enough, all night long I had tummy cramps in my lower tummy. I could barely get any rest. I also had to go the the bathroom really bad from about 2 am on but I was too afraid to get up incase my water broke because these were the same kinds of cramps I had with Jaeden at the end and when I got up with him, my water broke, so I held my pee all night until 7:30 when I finally got up. Sure enough, I had to go number 2 and then when I wiped, I had another bit of brown spotting and a WHOLE bunch of mucus plug come out! I started feeling realy strange. I had to wipe 3 seperate times there was so much thick mucus in my undies. My tummy was getting a lot pf pressure and lower cramping. I felt like today was the day. We headed to the doctors office to meet yet another new doctor since mine is conveniently away, and she was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean awful! so pokered faced and unsupportive. As we were talking, I actually started to cry because I felt so unsupportive of my birth plan and unrespected.
As she has a straight face on the whole appointment, she checks my cervix and found that I am still 2-3 cm dilated and "I've talked to everyone so I know that baby is really low and yeap, there right." She says. So she tells me to book another night in the hotel and wait around and they will check me again at 11:00am tomorrow. She walked out of the room so stoned face and there was so much tention in the air. It was just awful and soo unreasuring that I just don't know where to have this baby. I feel scared to go to the hospital, such lack of support and lack of respect for my wishes that I am actually in such a terrified place about this birth, and yet baby is coming!!! I have no safe place to go! I just feel like such an emotional wreck. I just feel so lost and VERY angry at my doctor for leaving me like this. What timing to go away!!!!
Hubby and I decided to make the 45 min drive home to come and see my boys and to get cleaned up, my poor man didn't even have a toothbrush with him last night because we weren't expecting to stay overnight. I am going to try and calm down, but really I am completely lost. I have some backache, and my tummy still feels weird. I am very afraid to lie down tonight, I'm just so afraid to go into labor now. I don't know, but I do know that this little girl is sitting on my cervix very low and on my bladder and I'm afraid that my water will break in the early morning hours and then we will have to rush to the hospital. I just wish somehow that she would hold on a few more days.
So that is my update. I'm not sure what it sounds like because I am sooo tired.
Please pray for us, I feel like I need so much strength right now.
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Sweetie, my heart is worried for you right now. I'm going to be praying hard for you. My God give you the strength to get through this. You CAN do this! I'm so sorry those drs were so rude to you, that is just uncalled for! I'm still not sure why they wanted you to stay at a hotel? I mean 45 mins is not that far away.

I pray for God to give you the wisdom you need right now to focus, get some rest and get to where you need to be right now to have a peaceful safe birth.

Please lean on us as you need to. ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))
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HI! I am so sorry to hear of your lack of support...hospital wise. Especially considering your past loss. I would think they would be bending over backwards to reassure you that everything is fine and they have a place for you. Again...so sorry. You need to be focused on birthday your sweet baby not a yucky doctor(s).

Yep...lean on us...we'll help you through. I pray a room opens up for you and you have a very beautiful delivery and your baby is in your arms soon!

Take Care, Pam
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Hang in there hon!!! You are almost done and just try to think of your little one. She needs you. You can do this. You are in my prayers!!
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