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Weekly Menu Thread 4/16-4/22

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Share your meals for the week! I'd love some new ideas. Here's our week.

Green beans
Garlic breadsticks

Chicken, potato, & veggie bake
Lima beans
Buttermilk biscuits

Shrimp & mushroom linguine
Garlic cheese biscuits

Chicken lasagna
Steamed broccoli

Sloppy joes
Baked fries

We meal plan on Fridays and grocery shop on Saturdays, but feel free to share your weekend meal plans here, too!
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No one else is meal planning anymore?
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Monday was Eggplant Parmesan, green beans and bread

Tuesday- I took the leftover eggplant, pureed it, and made a sauce to go with whole wheat noodles and mozz cheese.

Wednesday- We'll grill hamburgers or brats, with a pasta salad, and potatoes on the grill too.

Thursday- Something in the crockpot- most likely chicken

Friday- We're going out for supper.
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I usually plan the day before or the lunch time before. LOL
Last night I set out 6lbs of ground beef to thaw in our fridge and tonight I'm going to make burgers and I'll save the rest of the meat for something else (not sure yet but I'm thinking some beef and rice and possibly some hamburger helper meals that are just sitting in our pantry!)
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I was doing so well at meal planning. Then I got pg and the morning sickness (which I've never really experienced) set in....

Hoping to be back on the wagon soon!

I wanna go eat at Lindsay's house.
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MOnday: oriental chicken salad
Tuesday: hamburger steak, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday: rice and sausage casserole, salad, broccoli salad
Thursday: barbecue pork chops, cheese grits, salad, Harvard beets
Friday: out for dh's birthday
Saturday: steaks (still birthday celebrating!), grilled mushrooms, salad
Sunday: Savannah red rice with andouille sausage, salad
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monday: bbq smoked whole chicken, baked beans, herb roasted potatoes
tuesday: taco/burrito bar
wednesday: out to eat w/ dh's dad
thursday: crawfish pasta w/ cream sauce & lots of veggies, garlic bread
friday: don't know just yet, either big, thick pork chops or steak on the grill, salad, some sort of bread and another veggie
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Monday: Turkey cutlets rolled w/ proscuitto, fotina and sage, mashed potatoes and a green salad with vinagrette

Tuesday: Pizza with the neighbors

Wednesday: Chicken and Leek Fricasse, whole-grain rice pilaf, roasted asparagus

Thursday: Chicken w/ paprika sauce, egg noodles, green salad

Friday: Steak (grill, it's finally nice out, woot!!); greek salad and roasted cauliflower
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Okay so is meal planning by the week not 30 min before dinner? lol lol You have inspired me to go plan for the week what we'll be having to eat. I am not even sure what's for dinner tonight...spaghettie..I quess I like spontaneity (is that a word?) I'll be posting later if I can figure out the week's dinner!
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