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I'm probably certifiable..........

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Crazy, that is....:

Calla is only two weeks old (today!) and I miss being pregnant already! I'm already thinking of my next pregnancy and wondering maybe there should be one. Not for a while, of course, but..............maybe one more?

I think it's the anticipation and excitement. I love it. I love reading about all of you that are still pregnant and preparing for your own labors. I love thinking about all of your babies still snugly lodged in your tummies, even while I'm loving the fact that my baby is out of my tummy and I get to snuggle her too.

It took me a good year to convince DH to go for baby number 3, so we'll see what happens....

I need to go cuddle my baby.:
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You're not alone! I could totally deal with having that magical feeling again...then again I have only slept a couple of hours in the past 4 days
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I miss it too and I agree it's the excitement and anticipation that is so fun!
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Not crazy at all!! I always miss being pg afterwards, and this being my last I know I will even more... the anticipation of late pg is sooooo intense - like a drug almost!! LOL I cantt hink of any other time in life of such excitement and anticipation.
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I'm SOOOOO ready for this pregnancy to be over, and the thought of never doing this again is very satisfying: Y'all are nuts I'm tellin' ya...NUTS!!!!
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I could have written your post!! I had gestational diabetes and had to give myself shots. I was huge and uncomfortable and grumpy. And yet, when I catch a glimpse of my diabetes supplies (syringes, ketone strips, etc.), I find myself tearing up!! I really don't get it -- I was soooo ready to be done being pregnant and yet now I sort of grieve that it's over.

I think it's partly the anticipation and excitement and partly knowing that Grahame is, in all liklihood, our last child. It's hard to close this chapter of my life...
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I had a tubal so I know EXACTLY how you feel. I feel awful about it already. My sweet boy is 2 weeks old today and I am trying to savor every single second.
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Am I am the only one who really doesn't miss being pregnant when it is over : Maybe it is just because I had hyperemsis this time that I am so ready for it to be over already.
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A good friend of mine had her baby at the end of November and I remember thinking she was crazy as I was going through the typical aches and pains and nausea and exhaustion that accompany pregnancy.

I'm going to have to call her and tell her I'm singing a different tune now that it's over and I actually miss it.

I'm jealous of her, though, since they're planning on having another child and I don't know if I'll get/want one.

I'm just going to love every minute with all three of my kids now and especially the wee baby stage with Calla. We'll see what happens in a year or two.....
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Katy, I'm with you. I had hyperemesis also. And I certainly don't miss it or plan on doing it again.
But, I do miss the last couple of months. My hyperemesis pretty much was gone by then for the most part.
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I miss it too! I put Logan skin to skin against me and feel him wriggle against my belly and remember his movements inside. Plus, I lost over 20 lbs in a week and went from being happy, round and pregnant back to my skinny self (plus 5 lbs.) I miss it all... and am already thinking about being pregnant again. I'm not sure DH is though.
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