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Any of you live in the Sacramento area?

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Im awful lonely up here LOL!:

Would LOOOOVE to make some friends and
compare interests!
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I didn't want to read and not respond, because I know how lonely the tribal areas get when nobody on MDC is in your area... but I'm not in Sac, sorry.

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I'm in Sacramento. I live by Sac City College and Land Park. My name is Melissa I have three children. Oldest dd is 9, youngest dd is 6 and new baby boy is 5 months old. I am at home now on extended maternity leave till October so we are free for playdates ect. We are always looking to meet new people and friends. Tell me a little about yourself

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My name is Teri (IRL )

I just turned 25, im married, and have 1 child ( so far) she is
2 1/2 years old.

We live in Fair oaks right now near pheonix field. We practice(d)
breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, traditional foods ( i am
open to connecting with veggie mommas ),raw foods, homesteading,
gardening ( big time gardener here), im into natural health issues,

What about you?
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I know right where that is my grandparents live off of Winding Way. I have another friend that lives right up by you that I work with at the co-op

I am 33 married for 11 years to my hubby. We breastfeed, cosleep, baby wear, not veggie anymore but was for about 10 years, work at Sacramento Natural Foods co-op, homebirthing, pretty open to anything ap. I haven't done any gardening since we moved into out house three years ago as we have a pool in our backyard but I am going to container garden this year.

We love to go to the Farmers Market on the weekdays and weekends too

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we are also in Sac...near McClellan...

its nice to know that there are some that are in our area...

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Well this is pretty cool

I have been getting into homesteading recently ( like psychoticaly into it LOL)
We are thinking of buying a chunk of land in Placerville when my husband
gets his settlment check and building our own house!

I would love to connect, even doing the email/IM thingy to
get to know some mammas.

Ive been looking for some mammas who sew, as i am trying to get
the hang of that as well. Btw co-op im not vegetarian but
sometimes the TFoodies and the veggies dont get along, i was
just saying i was open to friendship with all mammas.
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LOL I'm open to all mama's too! We have a playdate on Wed. but maybe you'd like to meet up at the Farmer's Market this weekend or something. My e-mail address is mamma_lissa@comcast.net.

I love to talk more about homesteading, I grew up in El Dorado Co. in El Dorado Hills to be exact. I love Placerville

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I thought about starting this exact post

so I'm glad you did.

I'm live in Natomas but am probably moving to midtown this summer. I am 26 and have an 8 yo dd. I work (single mom) and have a B.A. I get bummerd sometimes because most mom's groups are for those with small children and most people at our (albeit wonderful) school are not into natural living. I'm at the Sunday farmer's market most weekends, too. :-)
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Have you all checked out Mothers' Support Network?
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Briseis of Troy: i know how to sew...i dont do it all the time, but know how to follow the pattern and can make my own stuff when i feel like it...lol...it would be awesome to be able to have a bunch of land to be able to live off of as much as possible...how cool that you have the potential for that...

CaliforniaJenn: is your daughter in public school or homeschooled? we do several park days during the week, and you are more than welcome to come hang out with us... we go to Southside park in downtown sac on mondays about 1030am, if you wanna join us...

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CaliforniaJenn, you are going to love living in midtown... which you probably already know and that's why you're moving there, but anyway...

I live downtown, and personally I'd never live anywhere in the area except downtown / midtown! It's everything I want in city life. Often I pass people on the street and think "that looks like someone interesting to know", but I never say anything...

By the way, we still have a couple of spaces in the ALACE doula workshop this weekend, if any of you guys or your friends are interested!

Briseis, do you speak Italian??? I studied in Florence several years ago and sometimes linger at the Italian Importing Company just to hear the old men speak my dearly beloved second language.
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ok how to answer all the replies! lol!

Co-op which farmers market
do you go to ? Im still somewhat new to the farmers market/csa
dealie. We go to the one near our house sometimes but i'd
be open to going to a new one for sure! Ill definitely send you
an email!

I do speak a little...i am of Italian decent but no where near fluent

California jen, i love children of all ages, and have a nephew
and niece your sons age-they visit me all the time ;D.
What farmers market do you go to?

Monkeygrrl, (love the name btw , my daughters pet name is Monkey :P)
Thats really cool! I am new to sewing and would like to become more
knowledgeable about it, we are having to save for a machine and im
still not sure what kind i want to get. I would like to eventually
make some things and sell them on an online store or something.

And if any of you want to contact me, my personal email is
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I like to go to the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday's. They have a great playground for the kids, lots of great food, music, places to sit and eat. I also go to the one near Southside park on Sunday mornings.

CaliforniaJen living in Midtown is the best. We lived there for 4 years till we moved to the Hollywood park area. Great people, great food, and everything in walking distance. My dd is 9 and my other is 6 we should get them together to play sometime.

We should set up a date and all of us get together

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I think we should definately get together

I work 8-4:30 so I can't meet during weekdays. Weekends are cool, as are Friday evenings and some weeknights.

I go to the Farmer's Market on 8th and W all year or the one at Cesaer Chavez on Wednesdays during the summer.

And of course, I'm at the co-op at least once a week, if not more. ;-)

Wendy, I have a good friend who lives in Folsom who is from Verona and she loves to speak Italian with people.

On the school issue, my dd goes to Westlake Charter. Overall, I love it. My dd has Spanish everyday, art with a dedicated art teacher several days a week, and the school mandates that every family donate at least 30 hours to the school each year. We may homeschool when she hits middle school but I would love if she got into the Natomas Performing Arts School.

Anyone up for next Friday evening????? Any other suggestions??
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I can do next Friday. Anyone else? Do you want to meet somewhere or at someone's house?

Cool this will be fun

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Yeah Friday, im okay with that...now we just need to figure out what were
doing :P

Tomorrow? Or the friday after this week?
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Friday after this week would be better for me!
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Next Friday, April 27th is what I'm thinking.
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Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm in East Sac and would also love to get to know more like-minded mamas in Sac. Nice to meet everyone!
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