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Originally Posted by Nature View Post
Also, where do you put material things? Most of the map is spiritual/personal in nature, but there are a few things like.. a bed, and a camcorder that we really would like. Which category would they go in best?
I was wondering this too, I made the executive decision to put these in the "money" spot, since it usually takes money to get things and things are worth money, LOL!
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I was up till 130 working on it last night and had to go to bed lol so I finished it earlier today and it's awesome! http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h108/CariOfOz/tm.jpg This is the first year I've done one and it was a great experience!
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I did it too I could not stop smiling as I was pasting it all together

I would do it every month just for the sheer fun and joy of it!

So... may I share? My 2007 Treasure Map
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Cari, I love yours! So vibrant and... Feng Shui !
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Thanks Irina.. I didn't really follow the bagua or anything, but it sort of felt that way to me too : Must get 3m hanging strips to put it up with now!
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Whee! I finished my map!!!

I was feeling crabby tonight after a meeting at my kids' school; a woman I want to be friends with said a couple of things that bothered me. When my dh got home from his class the kids were asleep and I was messing around on the computer. I had told dh earlier that I had several projects to work on today and not much time. When he got home he asked me what the projects were ('cause I laughed when he got home and said, as you can see, I'm working hard on my projects). I told him the other two things I need to work on, and then I said, "And I need to finish that," and pointed at my foam board and pictures I cut out on the 17th. He said, "Ah, babe, you really need to work on it! I know how much it means to you and I would hate for you to be disappointed that you didn't finish it."

That was all the motivation I needed.

Once I started working on it, I got excited again. I went with my instinct and put the pictures where they felt right. Then I dumped them all on the floor and started gluing them. As I was gluing, I tweaked a little more. I put three pictures on as backgrounds, just because I loved them so much; one was a photograph of space from Discovery magazine and the other two were triskeles I printed from the internet. I plan on getting a triskele for my next tattoo, so they mean a lot to me. Oh, and I found two tiny triskeles in a magazine (I was so excited to find them!) and I put them on there too.

After all the pictures were on, I sat down and wrote out my intention statements (erm, is that what they are called? my desires? hmm, my haves? ). Then I used the new sparkly gel pens I bought and wrote key words all over the treasure map. That didn't feel like enough, so on the back I wrote out all my intentions again, with the sparkly pens.

Man, I am just so excited and happy, I'm so glad I decided to do this!! Thank you everyone for all the ideas and tips, I really appreciated reading them!

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All my pictures are there...but not stuck down. Poor DH hasn't had any time to work on his. So we won't quite be getting them done by "deadline". Reassure me that it is still worth finishing up and that it is still a good idea to do them. I used to get this way about homework too...kind of like well, i missed the due date, so why bother? Bad habit - and yes, I got bad grades.
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YES! Definitely finish it... once you get started gluing and it takes shape you'll be SO into it, even if it IS a tad late! And Tracey said it's ok to take a little longer as long as it's done by the full moon I believe right?!?!
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Originally Posted by jordmoder View Post
ack! mamas! I want to put in an affirmation for financial freedom, and I keep thinking of all the scenarios where those finances come because someone dies ... not at all what I want!!!

Any ideas on how to do that affirmation?

thanks a bunch

I am so happy and grateful that abundant money comes to me in positive ways.
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Originally Posted by Nature View Post
Also, where do you put material things? Most of the map is spiritual/personal in nature, but there are a few things like.. a bed, and a camcorder that we really would like. Which category would they go in best?
I have two material things on my map -- binoculars and a mattress. The binoculars I put in the money section. The mattress I put in the health section.

My father is a birdwatcher and now that my parents have moved from MA to FL, I want to spend more time birdwatching with him. I was going to buy new binoculars in January, which is when we found out they were moving, but was waiting to find out if DH was going to be laid off and didn't want to spend the money at that time. I tried out several different binoculars however, and know exactly which ones I want. For the Treasure Map, I went to the website of the company that makes them and printed off a picture of that exact pair of binoculars. I currently have binoculars and these new ones are an upgrade. They are really a want, not a need.

The mattress is different. DH and I are both having problems sleeping well and have for some time. I strongly believe the mattress is the problem. It is saggy in the middle. You have to lay right on the edge, at the top of the mountiain or in the valley of the sag or you are on an angle, which I find uncomfortable. We really need better rest. But the mattress is not the only thing we need in order to be better rested. There are other issues too -- we both go to bed way too late. So I put the mattress in health because it is something we need for better health and because it symbolizes a state of restedness in addition to the material item.

So this is a long explanation to say I think material items can go in multiple areas of your map, depending on what your intentions and desires are for that item. Some things may be a want and those things I would put in the money section. Other things might be connected to a variety of different issues and be a symbol for more than what they appear on the surface. I would put those things in an area more involved with the meaning behind the material item.
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I'm so amazed at the differences in the TM's shown so far. I can't wait to get mine finished and share it
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Adina-- finish, finish! It'll be fine-- trust yourself, trust that this slower timeframe was the best way to make the map, for you, this year. Everything is working out in the best way possible for YOU. Your map is going to be great!

Personally, it all started coming together for me as I sat down and glued things on the board, and I felt so much better when it was done.

One cute story-- my 2.5yo was helping me at the very end (eek!) and he picked up a cut-out word that said "love" that I was planning to put in the romance section. I asked him where it should go and he stuck it over the heart of the happy little boy image in the children and creativity section. I thought that was very intuitive of him! It was perfect.

I LOVE seeing everyone's maps! Thank you to everyone who has shared links!
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Ok I have a problem, I have a blank space on my map and no idea what to fill it with?? I have no inspiration and I wanted to finish it by noon today but I'll only be home another half hour or so.

I love my map though, it's so exactly what I wanted it to be.

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I have a question about my map.

It's done. (I think) I just put the very last thing on it. It was a check from the Universe. But that check ended up being right in the center, just above where I have the word TRUST. So when I look at it, it makes me feel weird. Because my family stuff is off to the side and I really want that to be central to my life. Should I move the check? Its glued on, so it wouldn't be easy, but I can do it. What do you think?
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What time does the TM have to be finished by?
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From Tracy's first post on this thread:

until Friday April 20
12:49p EDT
11:49a CDT
10:49a MDT
9:49 a PDT
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i don't think i'll be able to finish mine by 12:49pm. will it still be worth it to finish it even if it's not done by then??? i can't imagine it would be moot after that, right?
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Originally Posted by annalily View Post
Wow, you should look to see if you still have your old ones. Look back on what you wanted then and how you got it (or something better).
I think I wanted Sting or C. Thomas Howell to be my boyfriend. That didn't really work out....

Originally Posted by IncaMama View Post
i don't think i'll be able to finish mine by 12:49pm. will it still be worth it to finish it even if it's not done by then??? i can't imagine it would be moot after that, right?
If you can't finish by that time, you have until the full moon I think.
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ok...thank you...i'm reeeeally gonna try to finish it before 12:49pm but with a 4yo and a 1yo who want to "help" it's a verrrrrrry slooooow process. i'm quite happy for rowan to make his own, but my 16mo is just....um...not craft friendly yet. : and she's got a temper. LMAO!!
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Since all I've done is cut a few pics out of magazines, I definitely won't finish by 12:49. I have to do errands this morning.
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