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Originally Posted by fullofgrace View Post
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You know, thinking back on my confusing time making my map this year it totally plays out in how this year has gone. I hope that this coming map year I'm able to be more decisive. I have a feeling I will be able to be though because I'm not confused as I was this year. It was a year of transition but worth it.
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So, when is the 2008 mapping to take place?
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Edited it's when the Aries new moon. I think that is April 5th this year?
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Oooh, I'm so excited about doing the Tresure Map again next year!!!

So, this year was my first year doing it, and so far a lot of the stuff has worked out-- gosh, where to even start!

So, up in the top right corner is a picture of my dream house, and we're not going to buy a house this year, but we did decide what our path for home ownership will be and I even found some houses and/or house plans online that look exactly like the house on my map! Still haven't decided exactly what road to take in that area . . .

To the left of that was a picture of food storage and emergency supplies. In our church we are asked to store a year's supply of food and water and other things that would be needed in an emergency. We didn't have any food storage, and it's been a goal to get that stored up. Well, now we have a really, really good start on our food storage! I feel really good about that now.

Underneath that I have some pictures of delicious-looking, healthy food and the words "slim" and "incredibly healthy". Well, I found out I had celiac disease, so I started this new diet (SCD) and also I lost like 25-30 pounds and got down to my pre-pregnancy size of 105 lbs size 2! So that part came true and the "incredibly healthy" is coming true-- I'm feeling better than ever! That was huge.

In the middle of my map I had a flattering picture of myself and the words "beautiful" and "radiance" and I do feel beautiful again!! Yay!

In the bottom left corner, I had pictures of "girlfriends" and the phrase "girl talk" because I didn't really have any friends in this area and I was feeling lonely-- well, now I know several other moms and I've been to a couple of groups that meet in the area and when I get another car (: ) I'll actually be able to attend them again! But I feel much more connected and less isolated now.

Next to that was a picture of a packed wardrobe, bcause I didn't have hardly any good clothes at all at the time-- now I have some great clothes and the prospect of more soon!

Above that are two little blonde boys who look happy, healthy, and smiling. I was especially thinking of one of my sons here, who was having health problems. Well, he's been on the same diet as me-- SCD-- and he is ALL BETTER!!!! I am so excited and happy about that! If that was all that came true on my map, that would have been worth it!

And above that I had several relationship pictures-- a picture of a couple dancing under the moon, a picture of a couple happily cooking together, the phrases/words "in a new light" "teamwork" "sexy" and "happy heart". Well, our relationship has been very romantic, and sexy, and "teamwork-y"! Basically it's been really, really, wonderful.

So all in all I feel like my Treasure Map has been a huge success. Just thought I'd share!!!
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just subbing and looking forward to a 2008 map.
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subbing and axiously awaiting:
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My Map

Thinking back over my map,
I had left the spot for "reputation" blank, saying that I would fill it up over the year with things I'd accomplished - which has happened, I've written articles, put on seminars, gotten more involved with groups.

Love - I wanted more open and real love. This area is a struggle, my partner is depressed and I often don't know what to do. When I made this map we were having a difficult time but we made it through, I've become more supportive and feel closer to him.

Work and Travel - I did not travel anywhere this year.

Creativity and health - I did more sewing, made some new things and have been healthy.

Friends - this was a big one for me. When I made my map last year my best girlfriend had moved away. I have 2 new friends, one that I go walking with once a week, and another one who I go to events with and we are all going to be in a book group this year. This was one of the most successful areas for me this year and one that just sort of happened, without any real planning by me.

The abundance section - I did make more money at my business and that will continue. My home is the same. I think what I need to do is paint or garden so that I feel like I have roots here. I've lived here for 4 years, but each year I think "well, I don't want to garden because what if I move out before the flowers grow." I should just settle down here for a bit.

Fitness - I am fatter and more out of shape that I was last year. This is a real struggle for me because it's all wrapped up in nervousness about work or relationships or whatever. I am trying to find a therapist who can help me with this because overeating is not much healthier than throwing up after I eat (which used to be how I coped with anxiety).

My map has been helpful in keeping these areas in the forefront, and it hangs on my closet door so I see it every day. I think I might move it to a different place, since I'm getting too used to seeing it there and maybe not really seeing it anymore.

Does the map need a refresher or anything? Is there anyway to spark parts of it?
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My map from 2007

Ok, first a little background. when I did this map I was living with two other girls and i convinced them to do it with me. Neither believed in it too much but one didn't even glue her stuff down. needless to say, my map was the most powerful (is that the right word). unfortunatly in August we moved and my poor map got trashed in the move and wasn't hung back up at the new place.

the Map: the whole map I can see now was themed around my job which I was just starting at that time

1. Abundance
I wanted to be more organized and have more energy also more love going from me.
At work I do have more energy, and I truly love what I do everyday. I am slightly more organized. most of the organization is internal, my head is way less spacy then it used to be.

2 fame reputation

the only thing I put in this spot are the words Be Real
Again at work I feel I am becoming closer to my Team members and acting more like the real me.

3 Relationship
Two pictures
Old dude
Simply put i wanted to be more "engaged" with my residents(work again)

My roomates were excited when they saw the ring cause I'm very anti marriage, and they thought I had come around on my opinion of marriage

4 family

pic of Orange cat is the only part that ended up applying, it stands for my cat and he ended up surviving some health problems this year

5 Health

this is the one that really didn't work out, i wanted to lose weight and get more in shape especially in regards to fertility. well lets just say it didn't work out so well

Got torn off in the move

7. Self Knowledge and travel
I got to know myself better but no Did not travel nearly as much as i wanted

8. Work
hahaha my whole map was about work. but here i put a heart and a number 12 asking that my heart be more in my Work ( i could actually use some help to find room in my heart for things other than work ) and that my 12 month review to be good.

9 Helpful things and angels
this one is awesome. A year ago me and both my roomates were talking about a new house. Johnnie said she wanted to buy a house in the next year, but who actually put a one story house on her map? me and one year later I'm kicking it, in a beautiful one story that Johnnie owns


Ok so this year I have a problem
I like this guy and i know i'll be thinking about him when i do the map but i can't help wonder if i should put him on the map. I have so much self doubt when it comes to love and men. I know if i go so far as to put him on i will convince myself,that that part of the map won't come true cause i'm not worth it.
Oh haha should mention that I work with him?

I also want to really focus on the health section i will put an actual pic of me on there this year

well i can't wait till April
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Great bump, guys.

I'll tell you why. Capricorn New Moon begins today. This is the Moon where we go back to our Treasure Map and take a look. It is often during this phase, between now and the next Aires New Moon that we will find some of the things t hat were were on our Map come into fruition. Or suddenly we are making strides in areas that seemed to have been stagnant.

I have just written my Capricorn New Moon on my friend's website.

Normally it is on the cover page but right now the website tech has not moved it to the front page. (maybe later in the day). Anyway, here is the link to the article it is currently in the ARTICLES section.

This moon is especially important for getting your money together and your identity out in the world, beyond home and family.

take a look:


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map update!

i have so many blessings!

i bought my home, first and foremost! it doesn't have a water source next to it, or even near, which really bums me out, but this is the very best house i could buy with the low limit i was allowed. so i'm pretty psyched. it has a small woods behind it, which is cool. they aren't MY woods, but they aren't likely ever to get developed, so it's great!

i have started the ball rolling to enroll in nursing school.my application has been accepted, i've gotten some transfer credit, and i am signing up for the 1st prereq class shorty.

we have a kitty! and the weird kicker is this: she's a little kitten, i said i'd take care of her for a friend, but i just had this feeling we'd keep her. and she came with name. can you guess? it's..........treasure. yep.
AND, i didn't realize this till we had her a couple of days, but she looks *just* like the photo of the cat that i'd pasted to my treasure map. of all the pictures i could have picked, of all the actual cats, my cat looks like the one in the photo.

my diet could use some serious tweaking, and my exercise could too. that part hasn't manifested yet. but i need to work harder on that score.

also, i put something like "my child is having the optimal educational experience for him" and it utterly SUX. it couldn't be worse. and i can't do anything about it because i need the babysitting so *i* can go to school. sigh.
i can only hope it gets better. maybe the manifestation is that we had a conference w/the school officials, his teacher, his psychologist that we've been seeing for 3+ years, and me, and the counselor and i pretty much "won", if there were sides (which there pretty much were). but i'd so rather he has the time of his life while he is stuck in school, rather than it plummeting his already low self-esteem.

OH! and i put in the travel part, either an RV or a car-top carrier, and my brother works for Draw-Tite (the trailer hitch people) and it turns out that he is going to get me a REAR cargo carrier, for FREE!!!! WOOHOO! how utterly cool is that?

just thought i'd update....so far it's going so well it's scary. i had way too much fun doing it back in april, but i never thought it'd do THIS well!!!

i can't wait for the next one!

oh-- do you know the dates for it this year, by any chance? so i can try to plan ahead? thanks
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I cannot wait to make another map again this year! My map from last year was very healing and soothing to make and it really helped me stay centered and focused this year.
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Cheryl Richardson is hosting a show on Treasure Mapping on Hayhouseradio.com this week. It's on today at 2PM PST but I think they do encore broadcasts, as well as save them in the archives.

Theresa, who's planning on doing her first ever treasure map this year!
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Is there another thread that has the timeline for making the treasure map and everything? When is the time for cleaning out and organizing? Is that anytime between now and April?!
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subbing... interesting idea!
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I have been decluttering and getting rid of things quite a bit lately. It's so freeing!!
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The biggest thing on my Treasure map was the affirmation that we would be moving to a specific housing complex. We've been on the waiting list and just today, they finally wrote me and said that they have an opening and our number is up! They still have to go through the background checks, so please send some positive vibes this way! I should know by tomorrow!

I will be moving into the housing we've been waiting for very soon!

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I am waiting to start to i cant wait
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I am going to start a 2008 pre Treasure Map thread.

that does not mean this thread is over by the way, I just want to get the other one going so we can get those discussions over there.
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