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Tracy wrote in the TM 2008 thread:
First and foremost. We are currently in the Last Quarter of our 2007 Treasure Maps. Just like a business year, we are in the last quarter, some of us will be getting results that have been slow to come all year (since last spring). Some of us will be feeling compelled to push on some ideas and goals we planted last spring and have not done one thing towards but now we're ready. Some of us will just have things appear out of nowhere that are accomplishments we wanted.

So, 2007 Treasure Map is very much up and running. It has not gone anywhere.
For those of you who have your map, please take a look at it. Dust it off. Perhaps move it from its current location. Or just look at what you wanted. Are those still priorities? I don't want you to change your mind or ideas I just am saying, take a look at it. Percolate on it. Remember part of the reason why we get the Treasure Map in the Spring is so that we have Winter to process what we wanted last year. So, it is important to stay connected to 2007's Map in order to get to 2008.
Moved my TM just now - put it in the wealth corner (of the room) of my wealth corner (of the house).

When I look at my TM, I am feeling very positive. Not that everything came to fuition yet but I'm such in a good place about it all that getting it now or later or in another form isn't important anymore.

I've put material things on my map thinking I wanted exactly those things but I now realise that they were more symbols of feelings and atmosphere I want for my home, my family and myself. Warmth, connection, harmony, security, abundance...

Things are definatly brewing in the work corner Lots of ideas and I'm starting to see a path to realize them.

I need to work more on the Health goals - finding ways to let slender in (by shedding hold patterns and thoughts) and truly taking care of myself.
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I am so glad to see this thread. I'm rarely on online and almost never post but found the treasure mapping thread last spring and did one. I've been feeling a little discouraged about it - it feels like so much of what I put on my map has actually gotten worse and I'm not really sure how to approach that. Could it be some sort of crisis of healing type thing - where everything has to fall part so it be put back together in a new way? Does that ever happen? Or maybe we set things in motion but it takes awhile to clear old/set up new patterns? I've read some manifestation literature and it seems like I tend to affirm things in the future rather than the present tense, so my desired outcome stays in the future - um, am I doing it even now? So, affirming "I am grateful that we own our lovely, spacious home" rather than "We will own our lovely spacious home..." okay, baby crying. Thanks to all who've shared your experiences!
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subbing for reference later!
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