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Stimulating Baby

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Hi ladies! I'm Kelly, mom to CJ. I'm not from this DDC but my babe was born 3 weeks early (due 4-10 born 3-21) so I've been lurking.

Anyway, my babe is 4 weeks old tomorrow and I was wondering how can I stimulate him more. He tends to sleep most of the time (I'm not really complaining lol). My house is fairly quiet. Its just us two at home during the day. I'm trying to keep some kind of kid dvd on instead of my usual soaps.

I talk to him all the time, sing to him, try to read at least one book to him each day.

Is there anything else I can do to stimulate him and play with him?
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I think you are doing just fine!! I don't think babies need much at this young age. In fact, you can actually overdo it and make them irritable and crabby! Talking to him, singing, reading are all great. Get a sling and wear him around. Wear him or set him next to you when you are doing things around the house.

And if he's sleeping/content don't be afraid to do something for yourself. Nap when he does, hop on the computer, etc.
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Thanks Jenn.
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