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Skip counting

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Im back lol
Can you all share your experiences teaching your child to skip count. I would like to start teaching my son to tell time and work with money. But first we have to learn skip counting. How did you do it?
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Get some chalk and draw a number line on the drive way. Hop 2, 4, 6, 8, et.

More later.
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My DS started counting by 2 after we read "Two Ways to Count to Ten". For counting by 5 we had a book called Leaping Lizards and an idea from that book was to play a game in the car where you get 5 points for spotting a certain color of car. So eventually when we would play that he went from saying "another yellow car how many points do I have now?" to telling me how many points he had.
He started counting by 10 after we looked through the Usborne "First Numbers" book one night. It's a book he's had since he was 2 but that night the counting by 10s part of it caught his interest and that was that.

Of course he also heard me counting by 2, 5 and 10 whenever I'd help him count money or count my own, counting out cards for a game, etc.
He counts money now just fine but we never sat down and worked on it. I'd help him when he needed me to but now he doesn't need any help.
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Repeating it over and over in song.
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I have a skip counting CD that has Bible related songs for counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s. This is how my kids learned to count by 2s and 5s. Counting by 10 just happened with the use of Math U See. I need to break the CD out and have my oldest listen to it more and more now as we are going to embark on multiplication soon and this will be a help.

Here's a link to the cd in case you are interested:

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Schoolhouse Rock!

That's how dd has learned to skip count by 3 and by 5. She's an expert at 5!

To reinforce it, well. When we play hide-n-seek, we have her skip count instead of just counting. Etc.
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I just wanted to pop in and say that my son goes to public school, and had a really hard time with skip counting because they did do the hop along thing with memorization, and he had absolutely no success with that... so finally I sat down with him one day and we went over and over skip counting by various numbers on his fingers, and what eventually made it *click* for him was not memorization but realizing that you're grouping the numbers, that it's a way of counting...

It's hard for me to describe since I don't see it like this ~ that is, when I skip count I just recite the numbers, it's more of an abstract thing for me ~ but when he does it he actually kind of counts the other number in his head, like he's grouping them off. This is probably really confusing. Sorry.

The point is the groups though ~~ I guess for him being able to visualize that it's not just randomly memorized numbers in a set order but rather, we're counting by groups of things made it make sense. We did groups of lentils, groups of pinto beans, groups of pennies, groups of fingers, groups of toes, groups of crayons, and groups of cars, and finally it made sense to him.

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