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Thank you for the link (and yea that it's back up!). I'm going to print the Insects unit today and mold it in with our OM K science/nature study for Spring. This works really well to include my 3 1/2 year old in what we are doing with OM and Enki.
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Thanks for the link,
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I had never seen this before, but i'm going to do the insects unit with all my kiddos right away. Looks like fun!

Thanks for the link
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yup, weve been using it loosely. I still have to get the books from the library, but I do some of the projects we can do without the books.
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We have been very busy doing our colors unit. we started late so we didnt do egg dying.. I finally went to the library and got close to all the books on the list! So far I have only bought the Rainbow Goblins book and it just arrived today. I was going to save it until I had stuff ready to make goblins, and had borrowed the nesting rainbow from my friend who ownes one, but ds wanted to read the new book that came in the mail. We had a ball mixing colored ice cubes yesterday; we called it an experiment and I had him record his scientific data with his beeswax crayons. Then with some leftover ice cubes I let the kids paint with them on white paper.

Today we made our watercolor paints. We have been baking alot too.

I am getting stuff together to shift into the insect unit soon, since we just studied bees with our homeschool coop. I know it says its for spring, but we can still do the ant project and some of the others..
The book lists have been great; we've really enjoyed them so far.
I love this curriculum! I take what works for us, and add it to what we already do, and leave what doesnt work for us. It is so nice to have a starting point; a direction; already laid out for me!
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Thanks for the link! I think we will start some of this while we wait for our Enki curriculum
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THanks for the link. I was wondering do they have free curriculum for kindergarten years and up or just preschool?

Originally Posted by eco_mama View Post

How long are you planning on using it?

I am thinking about starting this for my dd and then maybe in the fall or next year start in using either the ENKI or Oak Meadow curriculum.
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Try here for all grades:

Scroll down, past K and you'll see individual sections for grades 1-4, then there's a section for grades 5-8 (although, she states that she has no curricula available, she does offer some ideas for those grades.)

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geez, this stuff is so cool. my ds is only 2-1/2 but i love reading about the different ideas. so, so cool! i only wish my public library was better stocked. there's lots of titles they just don't have :
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Try talking to the children's librarian. He/ she may order items based on patron interests or have a form or something where you can submit titles (at least, I do. ) Also, try interlibrary loan for items you library doesn't have but maybe able to get from another library. Just be sure to find out if there's a cost for using that service.
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Surprisingly, even though we live in a pretty big city with a decent sized system, ours does not either. But I second the suggestion of heket ... our children's librarian knows we are hs'ers (and she is so cool too), and I have written her a letter before with ideas on books to buy when they have money. She has also asked in the past if there were any other titles that I would like to see in the library system.
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I've only done one spring unit and though our library is small and we live in a rural area, my librarian had some brought in from other libraries and I got almost all the books on the list. Looking through the kids books myself, I found a bunch of nice books to add to the unit myself.
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how are the waldorf curriculums working for you? The insects and rythms looks good to me. i'd like to know more about your ttake/experience with enki.
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Thanks for sharing this - I've been wanting a prepared curriculum to look at while I prepare my own. I like the Waldorf concepts the most, but didn't want to use it exclusively. This fits my needs nicely.

Ravin I have a similar problem with the seasons. We live in the subtropics. I haven't live her long, and I'm still not entirely up on what grows when. It should be fun to learn.
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