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PLEASE I think I did something STUPID

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Yesterday in a hurry to eat lunch, I took my prenatal vitamins really fast.... well I hope I did, the aftertaste wasn't quite right, I think I may have taken .... an 800 milligram ibprofen!!!!!!!!!! Is this really horrible????

I feel like I have dementia or something, I didn't realize it until about a minute later, I thought to myself, wait.... which bottle did I take that from??? What did the pill look like... one is red the other is white.. But I just didn't/can't remember. today when I took the pill, I didn't get much aftertaste but my drink was a stronger lemon flavor so it could have disguised it... one more thing to worry about, I just can't get my pregnancies to be unworried....
edited to add I am around 3 1/2 mnths pregnant
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I have read that Ibuprofen is only harmful in the third trimester, as it could cause excessive bleeding during labor. I am sure the baby is fine! I took Ibuprofen before I found out I was pregnant, and my baby is healthy.
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I wouldn't worry too much. My dr wouldn't even bat an eye at that! Ibuprofen taken once won't hurt anything. I know it's hard not to worry though.
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Okay, I did a google search and it looks like the baby should be fine..... now I can just worry about the alcohol binge from before I knew I was pregnant... :
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And you really shouldn't have to worry about that too much either. Before you know you're pregnant (unless you didn't find out until your period was weeks late), the fertilized egg hasn't implanted and it's quite a while before the placenta and your blood system starts feeding the fetus as well.
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At this stage of your pregnancy and also just being a one off, I'm sure things are fine.

It is more of an issue when you are in the 3rd trimester.

ETA: Six years ago my friend was taking ibuprofen during her 2nd trimester (okay'd by her dr) because she had an infection in her tooth which was causing extreme pain. Her son is fine as far as I can see with no mental or physical issues.
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One of the problems with ibuprofen is during early pregnancy - when the heart is developing (during the first 6 weeks or so). You need to be taking it regularly at high doses for it to potentially have an effect. Even if you're taking very high doses every day - for arthritis, for example - the chances are still very, very small that the fetus will develop a minor heart defect, which is able to be seen on ultrasound and is fixable. (I think it's related to a valve not closing correctly.)

Anyway, I wrote this to reassure you, and it probably sounds scary. You have nothing to worry about with this one dose at this point in the pregnancy.
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I would agree with the pps. I think that a one time thing - alcohol or something like ibuprofen, not something like cocaine - is highly unlikely to harm a baby if the mom is taking excellent care of herself otherwise, as you are.

I know it is so hard not to worry, but I really really think you are fine.
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I take ibuprofen if I have a headache - not that dose of course, but 1 ibuprofen will work where multiple Tylenol won't. I wouldn't worry - the concern is for the last trimester.
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Originally Posted by ASusan View Post
One of the problems with ibuprofen is during early pregnancy - when the heart is developing (during the first 6 weeks or so). .
It's actually only harmful during late (third trimester) pregnancy. It can cause premature closing of the heart valves.

I accidentally took two about two weeks before I was due. It was the middle of the night, and I thought it was Tylenol. I freaked out when I realized what it was. I did all kinds of internet searches that repeatedly stated the danger was in the third trimester -- which obviously made me feel much worse. It was everything I could do not to wake up my OB in the middle of the night! I did not sleep and the next morning called in a panic. He had me come in just to reassure me and do an u/s which was fine.

To the OP's second concern about alcohol binge drinkng before you knew you were p/g -- I also had the exact same concern. We went to an all-inclusive Cancun resort for our honeymoon, and as you can imagine, the alcohol was very free-flowing. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant and had conceived on our honeymoon! It was so bittersweet due to the alcohol thing! My OB reassured me that in very early pregnancy, the body naturally protects the embryo from toxins such as alcohol, and that everything would be fine. And it was!

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I had my... binge when my first period faked an appearance. The period started that day, I drank that evening thinking that all was fine, but then the next morning there was no period.
I think that I conceived this little one the day after the period before that so it would have been a month almost. My midwife says that is a very unlikely day but that was the night there was a bedroom accident, which is really rare, I can't/couldn't remember any other night that there was an accident and I remember that night thinking afterwards, "well, if I am pregnant from this, I will know the day I conceived!" but I didn't really think that I conceived, before I had my dd, there were many oopsies and this was the first one since I got my period back... a month prior!!! 2 periods and I am pregnant again....
From what I have read a month after conception is when the neural tube is closing, something along those lines.
I just keep thinking about this girl that was an alcoholic and her baby seemed fine last time I saw him, so if she could do THAT the entire pregnancy then it seems that my one night of drinking couldn't result in problems :
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Bumping this thread to tell jrayn what I found out about alcohol in early pg:

In http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22100/25172, it says this:
Dr. Maddison: Alcohol is definitely a substance that causes birth defects and developmental delay. Most mothers of infants with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are alcoholics, but no one is exactly sure where the line of too much is. With other things that cause birth defects, called teratogens, early exposure in the first six weeks seem to have an all or none effect. That is too say, if you don’t have a miscarriage, there is no damage. That is not true later on, but people who have a few accidental splurges early on are off the hook.

So, you're probably fine on the early binge. (I was trying to find out what fish I should and should not be eating, since I craved fish tonight and ordered the special. Bad move, apparently. Grouper is on the "second worst" list. So, no fish for me for a while! I need to print out the list and put it in my purse, which is what I did with dd.)
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hmm I thought I responded to this, must have gotten lost.
Thank You for the article that makes me feel SOOO much better, just to see it and hearing a few people say they did something similar.

funny you mentioned the grouper. I bought these grouper burgers premade frozen things for those days when I am too exhausted to cook a real meal from scratch and I cooked up some of these and they were sooo nasty I could barely eat one so I am glad I wont feel bad about not eating anymore and tossing the rest!
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