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I'm such a pumping dork...

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i have not been satisfied with my work performance lately. Up until Friday I was the only one, but I was out on Friday and I made a mistake when I left Thursday and Friday it all blew up. Anyway so now they don't think i'm doing that great a job balancing my full time job with being the mother of a 4 month old. I'm feeling pretty guilty. then there was today...

Today we had a site visit from a funder. She came because we connected about being working moms (yay!) She got to our meeting a little early and I was still in my office, pumping. Okay. So I put everything away, fast, and stored my milk in my office fridge (yay office fridge!) and we had a great visit. She was such a cool person, and it was really fun just to tell her about the great place where I work and to share photos of our kids and to show off the program her foundation is funding.

At the end of the interview I suddenly realized that my right bra cup was unhooked. It had possibly been unhooked from the beginning of the interview. I am wearing kind of a loose nursing dress, and my nursing boobs are always pretty firm, but uh...
Figures the visitor was another woman, only another woman would have noticed.
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Hah ha! Oh, who CARES. She sounds like she would have totally understood. Is that as bad as walking around with your fly undone? Prolly not.

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Captain...ouch! I feel for you. I started leaking again for reasons unknown today...luckily I had the emergency nursing pads in my desk drawer!

But it is so cool that you are able to advocate for bfing in your workplace...I've sort of unofficially begun to do that, too...I do a lot of communications about health and wellness, and if we ever put out anything that has to do with pregnant women, I always try to ask the question about nursing mothers as well, so that we can communicate that as well...

Sorry you are feeling down about work these days...I've certainly been there before, and will be again, so know how you are feeling.


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Everybody does dumb stuff and forgets this or that from time to time. It's not JUST because you're a mom. Honest. The guys around here are always messing up. They're not moms! SEE?

At least your boob wasn't sticking out. That's my biggest fear. I'll come back to my desk from pumping with my boob flapping happily outside my shirt. ACK!
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