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Any reccomendations for water filters???

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I really want to get a high-quality water filter for our kitchen sink. Anyone have brand recommendations? And sites to find them at??? How about prices???
Also, anyone have suggestions for shower head and bath faucet filters????
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What I've learned from living with well water and researching water filters.

You must know exactly what you want to filter out of your water. It also helps to know the quantity of the offensive elements to your water. I think they are measured in ppm(?). If you have well water, your county's environmental services dep't should sell the water test kits which are then processed at a local lab.
If you have city water, then call the environmental services and find out water test results that the city has to do on a regular basis.

After you have all of this information- you can read the manuals/spec sheets for the filters you are looking for. They should tell you which chemicals are filtered out and at what quantities they are filtered out. You probably have to open the box in the store to read the fine print.

For example, most of the pitcher and faucet filters don't filter out nitrates, but can be effective with chlorine and lead. Other chemical pollutants can be more tricky, so it definitely pays off to do the research.
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I dunno if you found what you are looking for about it all yet,
but the best type of filter right now is called a solid block carbon filter. It filters all particals, micoorganisms, pollutients, etc out, yet helps the water maintain it's naturally good minerals.
I can look up more info if needed
The type I have is a MULTIPURE
and it is worth every penny and it saves $$ to me since I don't have to spend at least 3 bucks or more per day on distilled, which I have learned isn't all very good for you either, since the distilling process still allows vertian toxins to remain in the water
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shower filters

check out bestfilters.com for shower filters to get rid of chlorine
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Real life magazine just did an article on this!
Do you have access to that magazine?
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Multi-Pure is in my opinion the best one there is. You have to buy from a dealer as they're not avail. in stores. You can get more info. at www.multi-pure.com
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So what exactly are you trying to filter out of your water, drinking or otherwise?
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We like our Culligan under-the-sink filter. It's got 3 large carbon filters and a reverse osmosis filter. It does depend somewhat on what you want to filter out, but the filter we have filters out everything. The carbon filters get out chlorine and any kind of organic hydrocarbons and the reverse osmosis gets out things like calcium and magnesium, the larger molecule non-organics (the things that make your water "hard"). I would recommend getting something that will filter out everything. Even if you have your water tested, you may not know what might get into your water at some point down the line. If you are spending the money, get a reverse osmosis filter. Our set-up cost about $800. That was a few years ago so it may be more now, but through Culligan you can finance it, usually 6 months interest free. The RO filter lasts about 10 years depending on how hard your water is and the carbon filters need to be changed once a year. They are about $30 for all three, I think.

I can't believe we waited as long as we did. I never drank enough water before because it tasted sooooo bad, now I guzzle it and so do my kids. It tastes good and I know it's clean.

I would also suggest looking in Consumer Reports and research it. There are probably new ones since we got ours.

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I think I really want a RO filter for the kitchen... and I want shower head filters (2)... and a bath faucet filter.
Anyone know of other RO filters that they recommend??
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