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I feel like Supermama!

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That's cuz you ARE!
You so totally rock!
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That is such a great picture! You should be on the cover of a LLL book!
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You are one amazing mama!!!!
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Thanks, mamas. I'm so pleased with myself for finally figuring out how to do it. It doesn't always work; if one of them is the least bit fussy it all falls apart, and Rachel won't latch any other way besides side-lying during the hours of 7 to 11 at night, so tandem nursing is out then, but even if I only double up a few times a day it still saves tons of time.

I just wanted to brag a little. I had a terrible day and it made me feel better when DH snapped that picture.
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You are awesome.
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Girl you rock!! I have a hard enough time with ONE babe!!!
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Wow that's awesome!
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What a great picture. Nursing two at the same time is more difficult than I ever imagined. I can't imagine doing it with two infants. You're awesome mama!
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wow you ARE super mama!!! you go girl
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