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Signs of early PPD or isolated freak out?

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Instead of having pro portraits done, dh and I decided in February to invest in a good camera. Last night I really got upset and couldn't stop crying because dh didn't want to take my maternity photos...at 9:30 p.m. (We've been going to bed around 10.) I felt so rejected. Earlier in the week, my sister called and he made a comment to her about me looking very snowman-like while I was sitting on my birth ball. I though it was funny too till last night. I took a bath and cried. He heard me and made me tell him what was wrong.

Is this PPD? Normal? Is anyone else doing stuff like this?
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I don't know that it is PPD as much as end of pregnancy horomones, mama. I've been crying over stuff that normally wouldn't even make me think twice *and* I've been mad as H#@# ,too, for I don't even know why! My poor DH is just laying low and my poor kids are even being extra sweet!

I'm so looking forward to giving birth and getting rid of all this anxious tension I've been carrying around.

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That snowman comment is SO not funny and yet SO funny at the same time. I think I might have cried too, and it might have even been a day or two later! I think it is just regular hormones. It'll all be ok!
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I think it is completely normal. I've been a mess recently--angry, crying, being very snippy with DH. I want this baby out so badly right now and have this horrible feeling that I will go past my due date like I did with my boys and just can't stand the thought of it. I hate how DH always keeps telling me "you still have atleast ... more weeks" Urrrr---he doesn't have to be big and uncomfortable!!! I can't fit into most of my pg pants anymore and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought of a baby, toddler and preschooler. So...I can relate and I think (if I'm remembering right) my hormones fluctuated a lot towards the end with my boys and even for the first week to two weeks after (I had some crazy mood swings). (((HUGS)))
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I wouldn't worry too much about it. I think it is a pregnancy hormone thing. I have been getting teary eyed for the last couple weeks over completely random crap, but only for a few minutes and then I am fine. You'll be ok! I think everyone in this club is probably feeling like this too.
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I don't think it's out of the ordinary at all, I got really upset about something very similar this week! We also bought a camera to make sure we can take lots of pics of the baby for our families back home (and ourselves, of course) but we didn't have enough money saved up to buy the memory card at the same time and still haven't gotten around to getting one. So I said to him the other day, ya know it's getting awfully close and we will need that memory card so we can take lots of pics at the hospital, and all he said was, "Well it's not like we're going today, we'll get it." But of course in my PG head that meant, "It's not that important, if we get it we get it, if we don't, we don't." I didn't get to go cry in the bathtub cause we were on our way to the grocery store, but I did pout about it for a while til he asked me what was wrong and assured me we could get it this weekend
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I'm crying all the time about everything, and I'm so not a cryer! I think it's pg hormones.
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well, let's see - night before last i had dh drive me to get a milkshake. he kept taking sips off it and it just INFURIATED me. seriously. we got home and ds found a sippy cup of a swallow of milk left over from the morning (my husband left it on the ground : ). clearly, i could not let him drink it, so i took it from him and he proceeded to cry his eyes out - he really wanted it. it ended up with us sitting in bed together cuddled up, both of us sobbing. i just felt so bad. poor dh was in a quandary over that one.

and then there was my last pregnancy when i asked dh to bring me some ice cream. he said ok and then promptly forgot. about an hour later he came into the bedroom where i was sobbing because he didn't ever bring me ice cream. and he wanted to bring it to me but NO it was too late! i didn't want it anymore (even though i did)! god forbid i actually walk the 30 feet from our bedroom to kitchen to get it myself...

hmmmm........i am sensing a theme with dairy and ice cream here....

anyway, i really think that this kind of thing is caused from the huge hormone fluctuations we are having right now. it just stinks for those who have to deal with us.
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Good ole hormones

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oh honey that snowman thing is actually funny but NOT to a pregnant lady. someday you WILL look back and laugh at that, i swear.

i know i also look like a snowman but i am still laughing, only because it was NOT my DH that said it. now when i sit on that ball i will always remember that.

if you wanna talk about a horrible experiencealso i went to the GAP today. in the dressing room -- i barely fit. i was all out of breath and pathetic. and the lighting highlighted all of my new spider veins. lovely!

i was looking for a good hospital / birth dress thingy. i think i found one, like a beach cover up.

but it was so depressing.

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Originally Posted by tofutti View Post
oh honey that snowman thing is actually funny but NOT to a pregnant lady. someday you WILL look back and laugh at that, i swear.
You're so right. I already think its funny. Oh and about the gap dressing room, I couldn't fit at a booth at Chili's not long ago (after dh had asked the waitress to move us from a table so I "could have a more comfortable seat.") That was pretty funny, too...but with an audience.
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My DH thought the snowman crack was so funny that he wanted to dress me in white, drape a white sheet over our exercise ball and mail you a picture. I told him that that was MEAN!!!
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a good friend of mine was taking a bath in her 9th month of pregnancy. Her dh walked in, looked at her soaking in the tub, and said it reminded him of a turkey in a roasting pan I cannot bring myself to take a bath now When my sister was very pregnant with her youngest she was getting undressed and was walking around wearing only her black thong undies and her hair pulled up in a bun. My younger sister (15 at the time) walked in and said she looked like a Sumo wrestler. That one made me laugh so hard.

I vote that what you're experiencing is a bunch of pregnancy hormone emotions. I'm usually pretty emotionally stable at the end of my pregnancies, but the first couple of weeks post-partum, I am a train wreck! Hormones can do crazy things to you! Take care momma, we're almost there
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