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Nursing pillows?

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Anyone using one? what kind do you like?
I am debating a www.bosombaby.com after looking at a "Boppy" in person the area in the front that the baby rests on does not look very big ??

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With my first, I used one of these: http://www.mybrestfriend.com/
I have another one for this kid (buckle rather than the noisy velcro), but I haven't used it since he was 2 days old. I just sit cross-legged on the bed, and hold him in my arms. But, he's a quick nurser and very rarely falls asleep nursing unless I'm actually laying next to him. DS1 nursed for long periods, and all the time, so a nursing pillow was pretty needed with him!
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I am longer torsoed so I end up hunched over..and my babe was over 10 pounds at birth ...so I have tons of back neck and shoulder pain. :
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I hate my Boppys. I like them to use to support a babe learning to sit up alone, but that's it. The darn things don't fit right around me, and I'm pretty thin; I can't imagine how a heavier mama manages. And the surface that the baby is supposed to rest on isn't small or flat enough for real support. I never got any use out of them for nursing.

Right now I'm using an EZ-2-Nurse pillow, but that's designed for tandem nursing not nursing just one. I haven't tried any other ones. But I can say that one with a flatter, broader surface would be more useful; that's why I love my EZ-2-Nurse.
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with "my brest friend"... makes a world of difference... longer torso-d myself and this gets everything lined up correctly. would highly recommend it!
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Yes I think that is the one I am going to buy.
It seems like it would work well for my body type.
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I bought the Brest Friend and .......Its horrible!:

Its rock hard.. thick solid foam in a rough cotton/poly cover.

I put it on and when you lean forward it presses into your ribs and stomach and it hurts!
I am a petite small framed woman.. I do not reccomend this pillow if you do not have any padding or a larger frame. Its overwhelming in size to me.
and the part that goes around your back is very uncomfortable if your leaning back in bed.
Overall I give this pillow a crappy rating
I found it very hot as well (all the foam?)

I have honestly decided that I think the Pottery Barn chamois boppy will be most ideal for my needs.
I am going to get it tommorow and will update!

I still like the Bosom baby.. but again being petite it looks really big and I fear being engulfed in pillow!
I also do not want my baby laying on a hard surface .. her skin is silky soft.. I think things that touch it should be as well!
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I'm sorry you don't like your pillow -- I love that one. You're right, though, it is large.
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Originally Posted by MsElle07 View Post
I'm sorry you don't like your pillow -- I love that one. You're right, though, it is large.

Ms. Elle tell me.. you don't find it rock hard? like stiff?
did they make them softer at one point?

Curious cause I know im in the minority for not liking it
Funny same thing with baby carriers.. for years I avoided the Bjorn because of all the bad reviews.. I fought struggled with and despised ring slings.. mei tais.. eh so so ...
I got a Bjorn from a friend.. and OMG I adore that thing.. i wish I bought it 8 yeara ago
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I had a boppy, or one very similar. I loved it, and Rachel still loves it at 22 months. It's black with a pnda face on it, fuzzy & really cute.
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The regular ol' boppy saved my sanity when my DD was an infant, in fact, until she was about 2. She would nurse on it & it would support her weight so I could sit at a computer chair (boppy on both arms of the chair) and nak, learn how to be a mom on MDC, etc. She loved it too. I simply cannot imagine what I would have done without it. I certainly could nurse without it, but I could not do anything else WHILE nursing ... which was a blessing!!
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