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No sew tutu

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I made this for DD last night, thought I'd share...
no sew tutu
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How cute! Do you have a tutorial for it? :
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I'll check with the mama who originally posted the instructions over at thebabywearer and make sure it's okay I post them here.....
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i've made no-sew tutus a lot too, let me know if you'd like me to post my tutuorial too? (since there is some question about posting the other?)
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Yes,please. : I have a friend with a dd who would love it.
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My daughters would LOVE the tutu. Any instructions/tutorial would be fantastic! Thanks.
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That looks great...and no sewing? How fun! Do you just loop the strips of tulle and ribbon over a waistband? Now I have to try it! I have seen tutus like those for sale for $20 or more on HC...hhhmmmm...
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Oh yes, tutorial please! : I have a few nieces and a dd who would LOVE one of those.
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: I wanna know too
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That is so cute!!!!
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She hasn't gotten back to me yet - but I can't imagine it would be a problem since she posted the instructions online at another forum
I think I followed her instructions pretty closely - her etsy store is called fyrebrand and she used to sell pixie skirts that are like these tutus, but without the tulle. Anyway, here's what I did:

You can use a woman's headband - the stretchy fabric kind - I used one made by Goody - as the waist band.
I cut my strips of tulle & ribbon so they were twice as long as I ultimately wanted them to be.
Take a piece of tulle or ribbon and fold it in half. You want it positioned under the headband - folded end up closest to the band. take the loose ends and pull them through the folded end, around the band. Pull tight. REpeat. I put my tulle on first, so it would hold the ribbon up.
that's it - No sew, and SUPER easy!
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That is so no sew cute! I can see making wrist and ankle ones too using shorter lengths of fabric. and hair ties. CUTE TUTU!
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Thanks! I might have to make one for my niece's birthday this week.
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operamommy, do you knit? I thought that this tutu, along with the little crown from Interweave Knits (free pattern) would make the best gift.
I just made DD that crown for her to wear to a costume party (she was a mermaid princess) I'll post a pic....
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That's so cute! DD wants one for Halloween so she can be a fairy- Tinkerbell in particular- go figure, her name is Pixie!
We were thinking of doing one in shiny blues and greens for that.

Thanks for the idea!
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alaska, unfortunately I crochet but not knit. A matching crown would be adorable...wonder if I can find a crochet pattern - or maybe just sew a felt one?
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Here is a photo tutorial that I have found online. You can use tulle & ribbon using the same technique. It sounds the same as the instructions Alaska posted.


Tutu are so fun to make.
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cute! i can't wait to try it. thanks for posting this.
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A few questions:
How WIDE did you cut the strips? And about how much did it cost?
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I didn't cut the width of them at all - I found spools of tulle at Joanns that were perfectly sized. If you had to cut the width, too, the ones I used were about 2 - 2 1/2 inches.
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