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One testicle higher than the other?

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When ds was born, one of his testicles had not yet descended (it was actually still quite high in his lower abdomen). By the time he was two weeks old, however, it had come down. To this day, though (he is 2.5), that testicle is significantly higher than the other - I'm wondering if it has descended completely. I think I can feel the entire thing in there, and the doctors at his last well-baby check (well over a year ago) said it appeared to be fine. My husband had me look at him after his bath this evening and it actually seems even higher, as if it is moving in reverse. Has anyone heard of this or had this experience with their boys? I palpated the area and want to say that it feels all right but, well, I'm not a guy and honestly have only a superficial idea of what feels right and wrong - and my husband seems a bit concerned....

Just looking for thoughts before I subject him to a doctor's visit.... perhaps I should post this in the Dads forum?
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We had an interesting experience with our youngest--at a visit to our (old) doctor, both testes were declared to be descended.

Then at a later visit, we were told that one was "undescended." When I challenged this, the doc could not explain how it could be that first it was descended and then not--he wanted us to see a surgeon.

I, too, checked ds at home and found both to be descended. (Make sure you check when he's warm, like while he's IN the warm bath--these guys like to retreat when they're chilly!)

Our new doc has told us that ds is perfectly normal. Both are descended. It's possible that he has a "retractile" testicle--which just means that his muscles sometimes pulls one up and out of the sack. We were told (and what I've read backs this up) that there is no need for treatment of this--there is no risk to fertility, no cause for concern at all--it's just a version of normal.

If you "Google" for "retractile testicle" you'll find lots of info--perhaps this is what's going on?
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First off, I've seen scrotums (scrota?) where one is always slightly higher than the other (adults) and I just assumed that here is another instance where the human body is not symetrical.

Also, I've heard that men who train to be sumo wrestlers start at a young age and practice a kind of massage on their scrota before wrestling to get the testicles to retract for protection. Apparently, this kind of massage has to be practiced from a young (? how young I don't know) age and regularly to maintain the ability into adulthood. I can see where this might be desirable from the point of view of protection. It could eliminate the need for a cup during sports practice.
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Thanks to both of you for your replies

I think we'll visit the doctor soon just to be certain - my major worry is that there might be some sort of torsion going on that is causing the testicle to appear higher. Of course, there could just as easily be absolutely nothing wrong!

sohj - That was really interesting about the sumo wrestlers - maybe I should start fattening ds up!

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I think I read the thing about sumo wrestlers in a National Geographic sometime in the early 90's or late '80s. It must be in a library.
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