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I'm thinking about making soap...

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After reading all the posts about soapmaking I wanna try it too!!

I want to do it the easiest way - so m&p I think. What exactly do I need to get started? I've gotten that I need a glycerin base, something for color and scent, molds, something to wrap the soap in, and a microwave. But am not sure if there's anything I'm missing and I need more specifics on the somethings.

Also, if I got 2 lbs of the base, how much soap is that really? And what would I use to put the base in for the microwave? How long would I have the soap sitting out for it to harden? Could I just pour the soap into a big tupperware container and after it hardens use a kitchen knife to cut it into blocks?

I'm trying to get an idea for the logistics of making the soap so I can plan ahead (time, space needed, etc)

TIA!!!!! I can't believe I'm getting so crafty
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I wouldn't use a microwave. It works much better in a double boiler. you don't have to use a double boiler I just use a metal bowl in a pot of water on the stove. It heats all unevenly in the microwave and it can make it kind of scorch and makes it smell weird.

Usually it takes a bit for it to harden. Erm..maybe an hour or two?? I think it would depend on the size of the soap if you put it in a big container it will take longer. To be safe I would let it harden overnight.

You can just toss it into the freezer if you are in a hurry though but it makes it sweat a little.

You can put it in a big tupperware thing if you are just wanting bars but one of the advantages of M&P is that you can use the fancy molds more easily.
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Sohee...I have bunches of soap color and additives, scents and stuff, you can HAVE.
When we get together this week, I'll try to remember to bring them.
And if you ever want to do cold process, let me know. We can have a "soap in" LOL!
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I've been reading some soapmaking books and I've been getting all excited about it lately. The cold-process sounds intimidating though :
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its intimidating the first time.
But really, after you get over the hump and providing you use all safety measures, you lighten up about it!

FWIW, if you want to do M&P, Hobby Lobby has a good selection of stuff, as does Wisconsin Craft Market (if you get ValPak in the mail, look in there for Wisconsin Craft Market 30% off coupons to use on bricks of m&p base.
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OH..and if you have 2lbs of M&P base, then you'll have 2lbs of soap when your done. The base is really the soap itself. You need add nothing more than scent and color if you want.
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Funny I just got a valpak in the mail the other day and as I was about to throw it out I decided to fish out the Wisconsin Craft market coupon in case. Good thing! I'll have to go there soon!

I have a hard time picturing how much 2 lbs of soap is...
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its actually not that much when you look at it in a brick. Just depends on what mold you use too.
I usually make a log of soap, and cut it in bars about 4oz or so
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If you want to really get excited about it you might want to consider ordering your base from a website. it is often much cheaper. There are lots of links posted in other soap threads. Online places also have tons of essential and fragrance oils to choose from.

You can get the herbs like at Hobby Lobby for much cheaper at Wild Oats or something.

If you want to try it out Hobby Lobby is fine but if you are going to go overboard then I would go online.
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