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Marin Elizabeth Grimes!!!

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At last!!!

So it's a little belated - but here's the scoop!

Marin Elizabeth was born April 4th at 10:45am after 7 hrs adn 15 minutes of hard labor! I woke up at 3:30am with hard contractions but decided to try and sleep through them as long as I could. I woke again at 5:30am (slept btwn cx) and got up to see what they were doing since Tom was getting up for work. Very swiftly I realized it was INDESCRIBABLY more painful than any other cx I'd had and called Debi my mw. She told me to get in the birth tub and call in an hour or if things progressed. I called my mom downstairs and she filled the tub for me. We decided Tom would go to work until further diagnosis by Debi. Not long after getting in the tub I had mom call to inform her "the magic birth tub was broke!" (The water had really slowed things down times prior). I asked her to come right away which she did. She called Tom after checking me: I was 4-5 cm vs the 3 a few days earlier - and told him to come home. I was SO relieved to see him when he arrived! Labor was excrutiating, more than I remembered, and I was very vocal which surprised me as I hadn't been with my ds. The birth tub helped a lot though - cx felt 10 times worse out of the water (on the way to/from the bathroom) than in! I couldn't fathom how women had done this w/o water (or drugs!) since the beginning of time! I worked through the cxs (aka barely survived!) by low groaning and a random memory from childhood!

I remembered one time mom made taffy - it was warm (almost hot) and we had butter on our hands and had to slowly stretch it out. So throughout labor I would go from groaning to saying "Taffy - taffy - taffy!! Stre-e-e-e-tch, warm, soft, stretch!" Funny to me now but it helped immensely! Towards the end I thought I would lost it and Debi would have to remind me to keep low tones. Two or three times she would gently touch my arm and it was like magic b/c it would instantly cause me to let go and relax! I never voalized this but did sort of wave my hand for her to do so again a couple times. Afterwards she told me the end cx were lasting 2 minutes long!! I'm glad I didn't know that then! At one point all I could do (while completely floating in the water) was forcefully yell: "I can DO this! I can DO this!" through the cx. I was holding onto the handles of the tub while floating when all of a sudden the urge to push came - it's so true: when it's time, you know! Debi called Tom down (he'd run up to check on our son), and Alexa (the mw asst) was there too and I started to push! My water popped and we saw some vernix come out which was kind of cool. I remember screaming in pain while trying to birth her as well as calling "Come out baby! Come out!" It was more growling than high pitched. Debi told me to reach down b/c she could feel the head but I couldn't let go of the handles - not for anything! Finally when her head was part way out I reached down and felt as I pushed her head all the way out - wow - what incredible pressure!!!

I was panting and begging God for help as I worked to push her body out - no small feat as her chest was a good inch bigger than her head! And then she was born!!! Tom (who had been AMAZING - just holding me, pushing my hair out of my face, letting me squeeze his hand to kingdom come...sorry honey!) caught the baby and laid her in my arms - it was so incredible, and the utter RELIEF at having her out was intense!! After about 5 or so minutes I birthed the placenta. Tom took Marin and held her while Debi and Alexa helped me out of the tub. I was sitting on the birth stool shaking a little and asked why I was shaking. Debi said I had essentially just lost 50% of the hormones in my body. At the same time Tom and I both said "Thank GOD!"

Debi helped me in the shower (SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to shower at home in my own bathroom!!!) and I just sat under the water which felt so good! They helped me into bed and Tom brought me the baby.

All in all - it was SO much more painful than I remembered or thought...and yet at the same time so amazing that we both agreed never to do a hospital birth again (unless medically necessary)!! My mw was amazing! Her asst was amazing - dh was amazing...and now I have my little baby girl to hold!!! She was born at 9lb 8oz...3 days later was 9lb 10 oz. Two days later she was 9-13 and at her 2 week check up tipped the scales at 10lb 13oz!!! Add 23 inches for length - she is no little girl!!

I took my time posting I think b/c I felt sad that our due date club "preggo time" was ended and it was so sad - but now we all have wonderful "after preggo" stories to share! I am so in love with my little girl!! Ds is doing great with her - loves to give kisses! He freaked out a little the first week since Mommy couldn't take care of him as much but never realized it was Marin's fault which is good.

Wow - well, that's it!! Hooray - I'm not pregnant anymore!!!!
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Congrats....My Elizabeth Rose arrived on April 1st.
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I have two friends that have had babies recently and named them Marin
One is Marin Elyse - they pronounce it mare-in
The other is Marin Elizabeth - they pronounce it mar-in (like car)

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Congrats!! What a great birth story!! Love your little girl's name!
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taffy ! Good story!

Congratulations on the birth of that sweet big baby girl! She has a beautiful name.
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