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Is anyone getting ready to start an IVF cycle?

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I just started my lupron today and was wondering if anyone else is getting ready to start an IVF cycle. It would be nice to have some company along this journey. Good luck to all of you ladies who are ttc!
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We were initially going to wait until later this year but we both came to the conclusion that we have done enough waiting so we are moving ahead with our cycle. Right now we are just getting all our ducks in a row and will prob start BC in the 2nd week of May. Good Luck with everything... I am here with ya :
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Good luck booja's mom.

I thought I would give a little background on my IF. After ttc #1 for over a year, and HSG showed 2 blocked tubes, one with a hydrosalpinx. My RE did a lap and removed the hydrosalpinx and part of the tube. The other tube wasn't actually blocked but it didn't have a muscular layer so IVF was our only option.

We are very blessed to have DD through IVF and decided to try IVF again. My 3 day labs showed high FSH and Estrogen. I also needed a hysteroscopy, D&C, and polypectomy, so I had that done last month.

I am a little worried with my age (38) and high FSH (12) but my RE seems confident that it isn't too late. So, we will see.

I forgot to add that I am also doing accupuncture.
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Just joining the rooting section for both of you!!

Our kids are all from IVF/ICSI, and I LOVE to see more success stories!!

(JL'smom, I am 38 as well, and our last cycle (in February) worked very well. I also did acupuncture, as well as energy healing, throughout, and I think it was a huge help!)
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We have an appointment on April 30th to the get the ball rolling for IVF, so I thought I'd follow along here

I did have an IUI on the 12th and am PATIENTLY ( ) waiting to POAS!

Good luck everyone!
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Dena, are you still doing acupuncture? I think I remember from another thread that you are expecting twins, how are you doing? What kind of protocal did you follow and how many embryo's did you transfer? I am on BCP (had to get on them for the hysteroscopy I had in March), just started Lupron, and will be using Follistem and Repronex.

mom2olivia, I hope your IUI was successful!
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I start my first IVF cycle tomorrow. Kinda nervous. And excited. We'll see how it goes.
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Hi. I'm doing a natural cycle FET transfer this month or May. Depending on when the embroy's arrive! I have been gearing up doing accupuncture and I am going to do the pre and post transfer accupuncture at a special clinic as well.

All the best I will be cheering you all on from the sidelines!
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Just Checking In

Hi Ladies, I am just checking in to see how things are going.

Today is my fifth day of stims. My baseline showed 4 follicles on the left and 3 on the right. Today I had 8 on the left but still 3 on the right. The NP thinks I probably have some scar tissue on my right ovary from lap/tube surgery. There was no change in meds so I guess everything is progressing like it should.

I'd love to hear how things are going with the other ladies cycling now.

Best Wishes!
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Hi All,

Here is my non update. AF decided to be late so we can't start supression which was to start next week. So we are at square one or make that zero. It is so weird because we raced to get everything done to start the cycle and now what i have wanted for 18 months happens (only with no bfp).....Mother Nature has a sick sense of humour.

JL's mom - Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your eggies

Marlee - Have your embbies arrived? I saw on another thread you were having some issues. I hope all is well. I know from first hand experience how Canadian medical system works. : I hope you can get it straighted out. <<Hugs>>

Hope you are all doing well

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JL's Mom, sorry, I missed your earlier post! Everything is going really well for me, and yes, you were right about the twins. It sounds like I was on the same protocol that you are on, and we transferred three embies at the end (we had five, but the other two really didn't look very good anyway). Sounds like everything is going well for you in your cycle! I am excited to hear more good news as things progress!

booja's mom, I am so sorry you got delayed again. The waiting part of this whole process is the worst. Hoping you can be on the road with a cycle soon!
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I've been looking for this thread! I'm on BCP now, due to start the lupron in mid may, hopefully leading to retrieval in early june. I have a long infertility history too, including three surgeries over the past two years and 12 IUI cycles.
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mom2olivia - How are you doing?

chockies - How is your cycle going?

booja'smom - Sorry to hear about the delay in your cycle!

mamimapster - Good luck on your upcoming cycle!
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Hi Dena, How are you doing? I can't remember if I have asked you this before, but I was wondering if you did a 3 day or 5 day transfer. If I have enough embryo's I'd like to do PGD testing because of AMA: (I hate to even say that when we are only 38) and high FSH.
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Hi ladies, I am joining this group.
We are doing our first IVF (5 falied IUI's). I started on the BCP May 3. Just waiting for the clinic to call and tell me when I can start the nasial spray. I don't know what meds I will be taking. I am taking this one step at a time. Difficult for me, but working out well so far.

I feel like we need a list so I can keep track of everyone, maybe when i start to check in everyday it will get easier.

Here's hoping for lots of IVF babies soon
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We're not doing IVF, just IUI, but I feel kind of alone, so I was wondering if I could sort of join you all? I know you guys have the drug protocols and retrievals and all that, and I just have to pray like mad that we get the timing right, but I think a lot of the stresses are similar (ie: will it work?!? Will I lose my mind if it doesn't?).
Our tt short story: We've been ttc for two years, and have pretty severe male factor issues. We're using donor sperm this coming cycle, and using acupuncture.
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Hi Super7 and selkat - I am glad you are joining. It is so nice to have support.

selkat - I have a couple of friends who have gotten pregnant from IUI so I know the stresses are very similar.

I go in tomorrow for another u/s, it will be my 9th day of stims so I hope I cam getting close.

Best Wishes to you both.
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Katia, I did 5 IUI's so I know exactly what it is like!
May I ask how you came to the decision of donor sperm vs. IVF? A personal qustion to be sure and if it is to much please say so.

I jsut spoke to my ND and she wants 2 sessions of accupuncture during stims, one before and after retreval and one before transfer. She also want's me to take some Unda drops (not sure what numbers)

Anyone else have similar acupuncture schedules?

JL's mom thanks for the welcome!!!

Mamimapster, have you heard about your stims yet?

Oh here is another question....how many of your clinics have/give you heated blankets when you are having a ultrasound or your procedure?
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Super7 - The donor vs IVF decision was hellish. There's a thread I started in Spirituality about it, which I'll go update at some point with a further explanation. I keep putting it off because I would really like to say, "I'm pregnant!" in that follow up post. I also know that there are no certainties in life, and especially not with infertility, so who knows where we'll be down the road.

Marlee - where are your embryos? Any luck with that yet?
Booja's Mom - has af arrived yet? How frustrating, when you actually *want* to mentstruate, your body doesn't cooperate!
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Hi Super7 - How are things going with you? I started acupuncture on 4/6 and started my stims on 4/28. I have been going to the acupuncturist 1 time per week. I actually had a treatment today. I am hoping my retrieval will be Thursday and I won't see her again until the day of the transfer. She will be coming to my clinic and I think I will get one treatment before the transfer and one after the transfer.

My clinic doesn't give heated blankets for the ultra sounds - not sure about the other procedures.
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