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Is anyone getting ready to start an IVF cycle? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by JL'smom View Post

mamimapster - Good luck on your upcoming cycle!
My huge boxes of meds came today woo Hoo! but all those needles
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Originally Posted by mamimapster View Post
My huge boxes of meds came today woo Hoo! but all those needles
I know what you mean!! My stomach is full of red welts and bruises. Thankfully yesterday was my last day of stims and I trigger tonight.

When do you start your meds?

Good luck with your cycle!
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My box is due tomorrow. I don't expect to start them until the beginning of June, but at least I'll have them on hand ready to go. I didn't think I'd be nervous about it....but I'm starting to!: I will be doing 3 more IUIs before we can do an IVF, but hopefully we won't need to go that far!
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Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all doing well.

JL -: for your retrieval Thursday

mamimapster - I hear on you on the needles! They freak me out

Katia - Welcome good luck with your IUI

Hi to everyone else I missed I hope you are all doing well!

I am finally having my FSH level tomorrow. AF finally showed up. I should have my plan finalized by weeks end. But it looks like stims have now been moved about a week out so it will start around June 11.

I have a few questions:

1. What pharmacies do you use? are they online? Local etc
2. Herbs? not sure which but it's a option yes/no? We are planning on doing acupuncture and the herbs are an option.
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I'm soooo excited for all of you!!! I seriously need to start a list to keep track of everyone!

JL'smom: So glad to hear the follie development went well! What a relief to do the trigger, yes? How are the welts? Are you doing PIO or Crinone for progesterone? Can't wait to hear your report on Thursday...

Good luck to everyone in the BC/Lupron/Stim phase. Looking forward to hearing the updates. I'll be starting another IVF cycle in June/July, our third.
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mom2olivia - Best wishes on your upcoming IUI cycle. I hope you won't need to proceed to IVF.

booja's mom - I am doing acupuncture but no herbs. I have high FSH so I was interested in anything that would help my cycle. My RE ordered my meds from IVP Care. I think they are online and they have free overnight delivery.

Leslie in Chiacago - I have been thinking about you. Best wishes for your upcoming cycle. I still have the welts but they are slowly going away. I will be doing PIO. I have high FSH so my follies didn't do as well as I had hoped but I do have 2 19.5, 1 19, and a few smaller. I wanted to do PGD testing but am now worried that we wont have enough embryo's. My RE said we will wait and see how many we get and how many fertilize.

Take care everyone, I will let you know how things go on Thursday.
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JL's mom - Thanks for the info! MY RE suggested the IVP Care too, so I think I 'll just stick with them instead of ordering meds from the UK or Canada. Good luck on with your embies. Sending you good vibes.

Leslie - So glad to hear from you. All the best for you upcoming Cycle.

mom2olivia - Good Luck with your IUI. Good thoughts that one try is all you will need.
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1 Egg

Hi Ladies, Today didn't go as well as I had hoped. My RE was only able to retrieve 1 egg. I had 3 very nice sized follies on my right ovary and she wasn't able to retrieve any of them because I had blood vessels in the way. She said that I would have hemmorhaged if she had tried to retrieve them. We do not have any MF issues but will be doing ICSI since we only got 1 egg.
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Blood vessels! to go through all that work to make follies and then have them blocked by blood vessels!!! JL'smom, I'm so sorry. It must have been very hard to hear that explanation. But I'd rather have you healthy than hemmorhaging, that's for sure.

One precious, precious egg. I'm praying for that egg. And cheering. And hoping. And sending hugs.
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Leslie, thanks so much! It was so hard to hear that. I never even knew that obstacle was a possibility. I really appreciate your encouragment! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.
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JL's MOM I am so sorry. Praying for you, your family and your little egg. All the best to you tomorrow.
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booja's mom - Thank you so much. I believe in the power of prayer so I am hopeful that I will get good news tomorrow!
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Good News!

The prayers are working! My egg fertilized and we will transfer on Sunday.
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JL'smom, that's great!!

Go embie!
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A little parade for your embie!!!!!: : :
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Thanks Leslie and booja's mom - your support and encouragement mean so much!
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JL's Mom,

So sorry to hear your news, but I am happy and relieved that your embie is doing well. We all know it only takes one! And sounds like an ideal day to make a transfer - I would absolutely look at that as a good sign!!

Thinking of you and praying for great news soon!
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Thanks Dena, I am so excited about tomorrow. I think the day is a really good sign! I'll keep you posted.
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Hi JL's mom,

: How did it go today? :
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Hi Leslie, Everything went well. My embryo was a 6 cell, B-. I had to have another HCG shot because my estrogen was low. I am hoping that was because I didn't have very many mature follicles. This time the transfer was ultrasound guided. It was amazing to see the transfer on the screen, but the full bladder was very uncomfortable. I am a little worried about my 24 hours of bed rest. After a while, my back started to hurt and I was so miserable. I kept trying to find a comfortable position and just couldn't. When I couldn't stand the pain anymore I would sit up to try to stretch my back. I know I could get up to go to the bathroom, but I felt like I was getting up and moving around too much so I hope I didn't mess things up. I have my beta on the 29th.
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