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Moms who can only pump 1 ounce of milk?? what do you do??

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I've got a 5 mo, ds & 3yods. I nurse both. I need to go out without them. With my 3yo it's not a problem as he eats foods. But the 5mo, I'm thinking of giving formula. I've tried pumping & different pumps. I get 1 ounce after 1/2 hour then nothing more comes out.

Any other Moms have difficult time w/ pumping enough?? what do you do??
I'm feeeling a bit guilty about the formula but I really Need to get out alone.
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Why not start ahead of time and save up those 1 oz bits until you have enough?

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I think it's mental. I cannot get any milk by pumping unless I start thinking really tender, milky thoughts. Have to look at pictures of babies, especially my baby, concentrate on her mouth, think of how my body is feeding her, milky, milky, milky...then it comes! Also, I had to turn the pump on MUCH slower than I would have expected in order to get good streams of milk. (Or go much slower with the hand pump, as I have used both.)
Good luck!
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My best pumping strategy was always to pump one side while nursing the baby on the other. There was very little else I could do to pump any amount of milk. Then I just saved up the little bits in the freezer to mix together for a bigger amount. HTH!
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yep, whay Cyneburh said. Pumping atthe same time each day will tell your body to make milk at that time each day. After a few days, whalla. . . milk.
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thanks for all the suggestions. Weekends are the easiest, well only time I have time to pump. I'm using an Avent Isis, I love this pump. I hated the Medela, even the hospital grade one we rented. I got nothing.

Anyway, Going to try. I just need to get out by myself KWIM. I'm annoyed none of the BF books i've ever read mention that not much milk may come out pumping.
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gaia herbs lactate support, oatmeal, lots of water
try pumping after baby nurses
try hand expression to get milk coming out, then switch to pump to finish off
massage breasts with warm washcloth when production slows down while pumping and before pumping
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If you're pumping instead of nursing, you'll generally get much more than if you're pumping in addition to nursing. If you're pumping in addition to nursing trying to stock up for the weekend, it's not uncommon to only get an ounce, but an ounce a day adds up quickly.
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I just want to second the pumping while nursing.

Without nursing, I was lucky to produce 1 oz.

During nursing (with a handheld Avent Isis) I'd get...6+oz! This was a shock and a revelation. It's tricky at first to balance everything but then it became old hat. My baby did all the work by stimulating letdown. I pass this info on to everyone I know.

Good luck mama!
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1 oz is not nothing! That is a very good start if you have not been pumping regularly. Pumping is a bit of a learned skill, and you will probably find that you can get greater yields if you pump more regularly.

Also, if you've been exclusively bfing, asking your body to produce some more for the pump is like asking your breasts to produce 110% - your body may well need a bit of time to up the supply.
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I got the best luck pumping early in the morning because my supply is heavier then than in the afternoon.
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I never get more than 1 oz. no matter how many times a day I pump, regardless of if I pump when the baby is eating or not. I just don't go out for more than 30 minutes without him. I tried to last weekend... for 1 1/2 hours to dinner with a friend. I left 4 ounces that I had built up over the week for DH to feed him. and he scarfed through it in minutes. DH ended up calling and asking me t come home cause hte baby was screamin gfor 15 minutes non-stop (while DH was holding him). I came home, he nursed and he was fine.. So it has to be short, close by trips or I have to bring him. Good luck to you.. I hope you have better luck than I have.
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