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Prayers needed!

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Please pray for my little girl. AS some of you may know I have 5 children.
My 18 month old DD woke up this morning and was visably dizzy. SHe could not walk at all and kept falling down, then she started to vomit and her eyes were shaking back and forth.
WE too her to the ped. and they rushed her to the hospital. SHe had a catscan and her brain is fine, her bloodwork was good too, but they are keeping her for obsevation and some more tests overnight.
SHe did fall yesterday and hit her head, but she did not cry or anything. They think she has a minor brain injury, like a concussion.
Please pray that she makes a full recovery. I am very worried and scared for her.
My husband has been with her all day so I could jockey the other kids around, but i am going to the hospital now to stay with her.
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Oh wow!! she is in my prayers! i am praying she is ok and pulls thru this perfectly ok!!! take it easy
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Oh my goodness!!! I hope she is doing better. I have her in my thoughts
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I will be sending healing thoughts her way!!
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Looks like she has an inner ear problem. She is in the hospital and getting good care. DH is with her. Going to try to sleep and breastfeed the baby.
Thankfully her brain is ok and she does not have any major infections.
Hope you an your babes are ok!

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Those inner ear things can sure throw you for a loop. I hope she gets better soon and home with you.
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how scary!!! I hope its nothing serious. Keep us posted!
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Keep us posted!
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Prayers given. That is stressful!
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She is coming home today and has to see an ENT. It looks like vertigo of childhood.
This year has been so stressfull. First I had to deal with IUGR and my pregnancy and be delivered early. Then th new baby was readmitted for jaundice. Then my borther in law had a nervous breakdown, my other BIL is getting a divorce. My uncle whos 42 had a major heart attack last week and now has heart failure. And then my baby gets sick. I hope this is the end of all this stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the prayers!
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Your little one is in my thoughts.
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