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Sling wearing mommas 2 questions

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First question.
1. How many hours a day do you wear baby? Only when you go out or all the time?
I wear DS(8.5 weeks) almost all day. It is the only way to get my house stuff done. I do all the stuff I can do while slinging and save the "chores I can't do holding baby" for when I lay him down.
2. Does your baby nurse constantly while in the sling. Mine does ALL DAY. If he goes in the sling he expects to be fed instantly. I had better have the breast out when he gets in or else........
I feel like I lactate all day! Sometimes 2 or 3 let downs per side while wearing. Anyone else?
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Babies are supposed to be held all day! Not to say you can put them down and be a good mom, but evolutionarily, it really was not safe to put a baby down. They are really primed to be carried around all the time.

Human milk is very low protien, really designed for almost constant nursing. In other species there are high protien milks that babies nurse only every 12 hours or longer (some as long as every other day) and species with low protien that the babies are pretty much constantly latched on.

In most societies where babies are worn all the time, every 15 or 20 minutes seems to be about an average time between nursing a newborn.

It sounds to me like you are doing great!
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DS is 9 weeks, and with the exception of a couple of hours when I doing heavier stuff ( washing floors, etc) he's either in the sling of being held. If he's sleepy when he goes in the sling, he might nap a couple of hours. But as son as he wakes up, that mouth is going for my t-shirt!
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Ds will be 4 weeks on Friday. I'm still figuring out the sling. so far, dh slings him to give me a break (he slings during his 2 dog walks each day, wears him while he works at home, and to soothe him to sleep). I usually hold ds during the many hours that he nurses. but once dh begins working more at the office, i think i'll start slinging more (otherwise i'll never leave teh bed!).

i haven't figured out how to nurse with the sling on but i think it will be very liberating once i do. need to watch the maya wrap video again (just hard to find time!)
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My 3 month old ds pretty much lives in his sling. Which is good because I also have a three year old and splitting time between them is really hard.

As for the nursing thing...yeah, babies pretty much nurse all day like that. It's what they're supposed to do. My little one doesn't really like to nurse in the sling because my breasts are big and saggy and tend to smother him. It's great that your little one does, though- it sounds much easier.

It sounds like you're doing a great job. Just do what feels right to you.
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i generally waer Aidan in the sling when out of the house...when running errands or playing at the park w/ cassidy.

at home i waer him if he wants to be held when i need to get something done...but usually i just hold him on the couch...my house is very small so i can interact with cassidy from the couch with aidan.

I hav't gotten the hang of nursing in the sling and if i'm wearing him i have to take him out to nurse.

btw...excuse my typos...nak
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What great sling stories. This is my 3rd baby. DD #2 was in the sling about 6 to 8 hours a day and people would give me so much crap. "put her down, ect" blah blah.
With my new little man he just nurses constantly, which dd did not do. I was just wondering if everyone wears baby as much as I do.
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My dd was held in arms or sling 24/7 until she was 4 months old and clearly indicated that she wanted to be down on the ground to play with toys. When she wasn't sitting playing, she'd still be in the sling or in arms. Now she's in the sling only when she's cranky or when we're out and about. Happy to say, she's never been in a stroller, but she rode in our new red wagon with her big brother last night for a moonlit-walk and boy, was she thrilled!

Those early sling days are over so, so quickly and on the days when she became sooooo heavy, I reminded myself of this. Now I am already nostalgic for those infant days (dd will be 1 year on Monday) and I am so glad I did what I did. I will have those fond memories to treasure when I am old and gray.

Michelle in NY - mom to ds (5) and dd (11 months)
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It varies day to day. Yesterday he took two long naps on the couch (fell asleep nursing both times) so I made cookies for dd and the little girl I babysit. We didn't really sling at all yesterday, but he was held a good part of the day except for those naps.

Today, I laid him down for just a few minutes while I made dd some breakfast and otherwise he's been in arms or the sling. He's napping in the sling right now.

So some days, he's in the sling all day and other days he'll nap on the couch or in the travel bassinet. On the days when dh is home he gets held a lot, but not necessarily in the sling.

Anytime we go anywhere we put him in the sling and leave the clunky carseat carrier in the car. The exception is when it's raining.

Oh, and he's just now getting used to nursing in the sling. At first he hated it because he didn't want to be covered at all. : Now, as long as I loosen the sling a bit and keep an arm under his head, he's okay. LOL
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just a tad bit off topic.

When you leave the hospital after having a baby they are very adimate on telling you not to lift ANYTHING heavier than your babe. Do you think the nurses ever lifted one of those carriers?
I feel so bad when I see a momma (expecailly with more than one child) trying to juggle one of those infant car seat thingies. I wish Maya Wraps were cheaper and I would just drive around town throwing them at needy mommas. Poor poor dears, they don't know what they are missing!
My maya wrap has a name it is called " life saver"
I just thought I would share my sympathy for those non sling savvy women out there.
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