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Diva Cup Vs. the Keeper:which one?

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Ok, so I am now 13 months post partum, no AF yet, but it feels as though things are moving down there (TMI!) I would really like to use a Diva or Keeper, but wonder which one is better...any insight ladies?

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I love my Diva! What do you want to know?
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My vote is totally for the dive....I have had both...

The keeper has a much longer stem which some people find really uncomfortable (not an issue for me)

But the diva is made out of silicone and is way softer and does not hurt upon removal...the keeper was uncomfortable for me when I was taking it out

My cycles are WAY more comfortable now that I am using a cup

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I have had no problems with my Diva, but I do have a problem with The Keeper releasing a product called The Moon Cup, which is very confusing since there is already a UK product called the Mooncup:

Petition against The Keeper, Inc.

so I will not be buying their product. My dd was having some difficulty with her Diva and I understand that younger or smaller women sometimes find the UK Mooncup to be a better fit.
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Originally Posted by MovingMomma View Post
I love my Diva! What do you want to know?

Is it comfortable? How often do you have to empty it? What did you use before the Diva? Is there a difference between the 2 in design/shape? Have you had any problems with either one? Sorry, I am full of questions!

I am a member of Frontier, and they will have both Diva and Keeper marked down 30% in May, so it makes it very reasonable (esp since I had originally planned to use org cotton tamps when AF returns, and with org tamps at $5/box, a cup looks like a better way to go!)

Thank you!!!!
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I prefer the UK Mooncup because it's the size/length of the Keeper but silicone like the DivaCup. I really prefer that because if I was to ever drop it in a public toilet or anything, I'd need to boil it before I could stand to use it again!

Since you can get it for a good price from Frontier, I'd recommend trying the DivaCup but that's for purely aesthetic reasons.
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I would say the Diva.....I love, love, love mine : . The UK mooncup is good as well. How often do you empty? Well, I'd say that has a lot to do with how heavy your flow is.....you can leave it is overnight, although I haven't had to do this as my AF is almost non-existent since having the mirena put in

If they are both going to be on sale I would definitely go with the Diva....good luck which ever you choose, I don't know how anyone uses tampons or maxi's since using this......
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Definitely go for the silicone Diva over the gum rubber Keeper. But if you can get the silicone Moon Cup manufactured by The Keeper for the same price, I'd choose that over a Diva. I've seen more leaking and not-unfolding-during-insertion issues regarding the stiffer silicone of the Diva, both here on MDC and the Yahoo! Diva/Keeper/Mooncup users group.

I love my Moon Cup (by The Keeper, not the UK one). I've only used it for three cycles so far, but I can't imagine going back to pads or tampons! Have yet to have a leak, and I wear it day & night - cd1 & 2 are my heaviest and I can usually go 6-8 hours between emptying it, and then every 12 hours for the rest of the days.
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FYI, it looks like there will be a mooncup(uk) coop going on over in the coop board. This is the brand I've decided to get for dd and myself.
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I have used both, and according to instructions for the keeper you can trim the stem. I couldn't get a "smooth edge" though.

My biggest reason for switching, however, is the fact the keeper has latex in it. I am an RN, and am exposed to lots of latex on the job (gloves, etc). The last thing I wanted was to expose such a sensitive area to latex! An allergy, if it got severe, would be a hassle on the job

I use my keeper on the heavier days of my flow, with Lunapads backup, as well as just lunapads pantiliner/minipads when my flow is spotty/light.

An aside...how do you all clean yours? I have been getting a mild yeast infection every month just after my period, and I have done everything I can think of to prevent it, also even dh and I were treated with oral meds. I am suspecting it may be from the cup. Do you use vinegar or boil it or something?

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Tina- the Keeper can't be boiled, that's another plus for the silicone cups in my book. You could soak the Keeper in a mild solution of vinegar, however if that doesn't work and you continue have yeast probs I would consider getting a Mooncup or DivaCup so that you could boil it between cycles and eliminate the chances of giving yourself the the infection again after having to treat dh and yourself. :

Since you're an RN, I'd say you know what a yeast infection is- but it there any chance that it's not actually yeast colonization but a reaction to the natural gum rubber? When I realized I had a sensitivity to spermicide, the symptoms were much like a yeast or bacterial infection.

Good luck!
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I vote for the Diva Cup, too. I've tried both and like the Diva because it is softer and clear so you can see what's in it!
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I am sensitive to latex, so I got he Diva cup and love it.
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I have a Mooncup and love it. I had read that some people had problems with the Diva Cup so I decided to try the Mooncup instead. I have not had it for long, but have been amazed at how happy I am with it.
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The KEEPER has LATEX??!?!?!?!

OMg- I'm so glad I checked here first because I have a latex allergy!!!!!!!!!!)
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ambrose- the Keeper is natural gum rubber... I think the concern is that it's close enough to manufactured latex that those with sensitivity should avoid the natural gum rubber as well. Just to be safe, I'd go with the DivaCup or Mooncup.
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I love my keeper. When I first heard about menstrual cups 6 years ago the Keeper was the only one I could find so I got one. Now I know about the silicone version I'd probably go for that - but I have heard a lot of women say they have problems with leakage from the Diva so I'd stick to the silicone keeper version.
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I have the diva cup. I am pretty happy with it. It took some time to get use to, and I still have days where I needed to re-adjust a few times to get the position right. Like pp have already mention, I choose it because it is silicone, ie; no chance of latex allergy and you can sterile it. (The gum rubber the keeper is made out of is porous, so if you have a vaginal infection the bacterial/yeast can hang out and re-infect you later.)
Here is a link of pictures of all the cups next to each other.
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Originally Posted by momazon4 View Post
FYI, it looks like there will be a mooncup(uk) coop going on over in the coop board. This is the brand I've decided to get for dd and myself.

I have a uk mooncup and it is really good. I have converted so many people since I got it! I only have to change it every 10 hours or so too so it is so much more convienient than tampax! My american friend here recently changed from a diva to a mooncup and prefers it too.
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Is there a link for the UK mooncup and not the keeper one?
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