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labor question

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Were you surprised when your labor started or did you just kind of know it was going to be The Day?
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Well I was taken by surprise that I was in actual labor merely due to the fact that I was only 37.5 weeks. I kept brushing it off as prodromal up until I was in the hospital being told I was 6cm My intuition said "this is it! You're in labor" but other peoples' stories of weeks of false labor made me doubt myself. If I had been a lot closer to my due date I wouldn't have doubted it so much.
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I was surprised with both of mine. My 1st DC was 4 days early and sprung a leak so to speak and I didn't know what was going on. I called my OB and told her I kept peeing myself and couldn't control it.

WIth my 2nd DC I was surprised too as I was only 36 weeks. I woke up at 4:15am and noticed I had blood tinged mucous. I brushed it off until I had my 1st cx only a couple minutes later and they came right on top of each other.

With this one, I have that feeling, or hope that today's the day (everyday) with all the prodromal labor, but nada. I had an OB appt yesterday and she said I'm a good 2cm and started bleeding pretty good while I was there. So, I was thinking 'ok, this is it', but I'm still here :
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I was surprized, it started very suddenly.
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No surprises - we told DD1 that the baby would come in April, which she took to mean April 1. If labor hadn't been 24 hours, DD2 would have been an april 1 babe!
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I new it was coming, baby was too far down and I was feeling it was time for the previous few days. I was surprised it all happened so quickly, though.
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Very surprised. I just put my pajamas on and was crawling into bed for the night. Then my water broke and I had my first full on contraction. I was on bed rest so I definately would have noticed if I thought anything was happening earlier. I was full term.
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DD 1 not suprised had been waiting to go into labor for 10 days.

DD2 not suprised had alot of promodial labor for almost 5 days till she was born

DD3 sorta suprised because I thought I would be early and went into labor rather quickly and on my due date.

My water never broke before I was in labor. dd1 my midwife broke it to help labor progress. dd2 was born in the caul water never broke. ds water broke as I was pushing.

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surprised each time...this time dh and i were actually staying at a hotel for one last getaway while my parents watched the kids...i was 37w3d and we came home around midnight, not sure if this was it or not but called the mw...Josiah was born at 4:30am
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How are you today?
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Yeah, I am always surprised. Dh always says "Well, you KNEW this would happen eventually, right????"
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Totally surprised. My water actually broke while I was thinking, 'I bet my water won't break until the end of labor.'
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