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BF and TTC

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Hi, I'm new to this particular board and I'm wondering if any of you are bf and ttC? If so, what has your experience been? I have read and heard that it is sometimes more challenging to bf and ttc because of the O cycle. DD is currently 17 months old and I have had AF since 8 months pp. We would like to start ttc in the next couple of months and I'm wondering if I should wean dd. Any thoughts?:
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hi delighted mama-

I also have a DD who is 17 months and I am still nursing and TTC.
I have only had two PPAF's and dd still nurses 2-3x at night. I was thinking about weaning before my PPAF returned, I did'nt really want to but I really wanted another babe and I had heard of people not getting their first PPAF until a couple months after they stopped nursing!!!!! So I was very happy when PPAF arrived!! I have no intention of weaning anytime soon, but I am thinking of night weaning soon.

This will be our first month of really actively TTC , I just started charting last month. The key ( Ithink ) is to chart your CM and BBT's so you know if you are ovulating. Hopefully it won't take long!

May you have successful baby dacing very soon!!!
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Hello delighted.mam and lilysmom! Welcome Why don't you join the Nursing mamas ttc in June thread in this forum? There are a lot of us ladies over there
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Hey, delighted.mama. Welcome.

Take a look at the thread Nursing Mamas TTC in June. There are more of us than you'd think if you've been looking other places on the Internet. This is the first place I found where others were going through the same wacky stuff ttc while bf.

If you look further back there is a thread for May, and before that is a thread called...something about catching the first egg pp, I think, lol!

Feel free to jump in. We had lots of successes in May and hopefully will start having some June grads soon!

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great minds post at the same time
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Ha, ha! Brandi and I have both got your back. Look--we both posted exactly at 2:49!

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citizenfong-almost got you again:LOL
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Thanks for the info ladies. I'll check out the Nursing and TTC thread. I guess if I would have scrolled down a little more, I would have seen it!:

lilysmom, good luck to you!!
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