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Who else is 36(ish) weeks?

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I see people giving birth already but I imagine many of them were several weeks further along than me. So, I want to know when to freak out when I see people at the same stage giving birth

Who else is about 36 weeks right now, due in the second half of May?
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I'm with you!

I'm officially due on May 17th. My doc said I'm dilated at 1cm, and I've been having irregular contractions, so I'm thinking maybe mine might be a little impatient and make it here within the next two weeks.
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I'll be 36 weeks on Tuesday, but I"m hoping to make it to 38 weeks at the earliest! I have no doubts that I will! I am hoping to go into labour Memorial Day weekend.
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I was 36 weeks this past Friday. I'm due on the 18th. I won't find out until Friday if I am dialated or not.
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I'm just a couple days over a 36 weeks, now.
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Well I'm 35 weeks and have delivered my other girls at 38 and 39 weeks so I figure I'm here for a while too! I'm not dilated at all but I usually don't until I go into labor! I'll start a little castor oil at 38 weeks too see if that gets the party started!

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I'm still 35 weeks and this is my first, so who knows how much longer I have...hopefully at least a month.
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I'll be 36 weeks on Tuesday...ds1 was 6 days past his duedate, I'm kind of hoping this one will be ready a little sooner since I am tired of waiting and waddling around slowly and painfully (want to be able to properly chase my toddler haha) and would like to get on with things.
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35 weeks, due May 27, not expecting to see a baby for at least 3-4 weeks. (You hear that, baby?!)
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36 weeks 1 day. I'm already 1 cm dilated, and the midwife could feel his head when she did the internal (does that mean he has already dropped?). She was vague about cervical position and effacement, but that's moving along too. I just want this baby to come around 38 weeks. Perfect. Not early, not late. I can handle 2 more weeks. 6 (if I go 42) sounds like a stretch
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37 weeks today....
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36 weeks this weekend. Three of my 4 came at just over 38 weeks so I'm not planning on but preparing for that.
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36 weeks on tuesday, like veganbaby, dd was 8 days late so i am not holding out any hope that we will see this baby in the next few weeks.

Although I just started feeling the urge to nest and made myself a giant things to do list before babe is here. So I have something to focus on for the next few weeks.
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I'm 35 weeks but DD also came at just over 38.5 weeks. Not much longer now!

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I'll be 36 weeks early next week (keep forgetting when exactly...)

DS was born on 41+1 but didn't pick his own birthday (it would've been later). But this time, I have slight polyhydramnios making me bigger, and more likely to go a little early this time. I am trying to mentally (and logistically) prepare for late May and early May, both simultaneously. Blech.
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I'm 37w in a couple of days and was 1cm and 70% effaced as of last Monday. I find out tomorrow if I've progressed any. I had both dd and ds pretty much right at their due dates but I wasn't this "far along" this early so I don't know what to expect!!!
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I'm 36 weeks....

Due May 21st. DS1 was born at 37w2d. So, I'm hoping to have this one a little later, but I'm *prepared* for a 37 week delivery. Mostly because I wasn't prepared to have DS at 37 weeks. I know it sounds silly, but I went into labor on a Thursday and had planned to get ready (pack bag, clean, wash sheets for bed, etc) over the weekend.
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I"m due may 17 so I"m 36 weeks and a couple days

I've haven't been this pregnant in 10 years my last three were all born by now. I"ll be 37 weeks next thursday and really I would be happy with baby anytime after that (hopeing for a homebirth) and if you asked last week I would have told you I could go till the middle of may

but the last few days i've been falling apart. My joints are so unbelieveably painful when I walk and the baby's head has dropped and it hurts to move at all
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Me too. Though, being my first, just about every twinge I feel is sending me off into a round of "I wonder if THAT'S what starting labor feels like ..." (Complicated by the fact that I really don't have a due date better than just my own best guess as to when I got pregnant. One of the advantages of changing doctors late in a pregnancy across both national and linguistic borders? Even the OB is forced to admit that they have no idea when the baby should arrive. She tried to do the by my last period calculation thing but, because I have rather long cycles, once she factored that in her chart said somewhere in July. Um, this baby had *better* be out before July ... )
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Yep, I was 36 weeks on Friday - I'm due May 18. And. . .my last baby came at 41 weeks. So I'm probably in it for the long haul
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