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I'm 37 weeks today too. I know I said in another thread that this kid can't show up until May 11, but honestly, I am all set with being pregnant right now. And every little twinge and ache has me thinking, "Is it starting?"

I have got to settle down. Anticipation is driving me nuts.
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36 weeks on Tuesday. Due May 22. Keeping my fingers crossed to be on time.
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Me! I'm due May 17th
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Me, too! Due May 23rd. Sigh. A long way off.

DS was born at 42 weeks, so...? I could be a June-r! :
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Hitting 36 weeks this Tuesday, and I've already made it further than I did with ds and I am hoping to keep going til at least the 1st.

Everything feels fine and I wouldn't mind being pregnant for quite a bit longer except that it is really hard to do things around the house and our place NEEDS help! It's hard to clean bath tubs, take out trash, load the dishwasher. But these things will drive me nuts if they're not done and mental stress gives me more ctx than just sucking it up and doing it. Looking at my house makes me want to cry and I can't get anything ready for the birth until these things are out of the way.
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I am 36 weeks tomorrow.

I am 1cm and the nurse that checked me last said she could feel the baby's head. I have been doing the prodromal labor thing for about 2.5 weeks now. Cervix is softening and baby has moved down. With my first 3 ( boys) I was induced past 40 weeks. I have never gone into labor or had so many contractions before induction. Maybe this is a GOOD sign.

I'm hoping to go sometime soon....but aren't we all! LOL

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Fun thread! 35wks +2days, but who's counting, lol. Due around Memorial Weekend. Haven't checked yet (but will possibly next appt), but with my others, I walked around dilated to 4, 90% effaced, head fully engaged for 3-4 weeks. So I'm figuring on the same, and oh! Does it feel like it! I have a list too, but those nestin' instincts just aren't happening, so we'll see what gets done...=)
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according to my midwife im 36+ weeks (due 5/17)
according to my charting im 37+ weeks (due 5/9)
i dont mind the later date seeing as it could give me an extra week if need be before induction even gets brought up. but Ive never been late.
im just not ready to ahve this one really. i think i am then I panic
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I am 37 weeks tomorrow. I am havnig a really rough time right now. I am scheduled to have the baby May 2nd at 8 am. My mom is dying and only hanging on to see the baby. Its such a bitter sweet time. I am very thankful to have this baby because if I was not pregnant my mom would have died probably a month or two ago. I have stopped contracting completely now. My dad is having surgery on Wed. and I am his caregiver for 24 hours so no going into labor until after that.
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Originally Posted by mum4boys View Post
My mom is dying and only hanging on to see the baby.
My Dad died about 3 mos before dd was born. The last time I saw him, I almost asked him if he wanted to stick around long enough to meet her, then decided that his quality of life was so poor, it would be unfair to ask that of him. He died 2 days later. I like to think they crossed paths on the other side.

Anyway, she was born at about 41-42 wks, and right now I'm somewhere around 36-37. I'm nowhere near ready and I don't believe in due dates, but everyone is asking me when the baby is due, and I just say, "in May. Maybe a month or so."
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36wks too!

I've been lurking for months and wondering this too with birth announcements popping up. Due May 20th, 1st was born 39 wks 4 days. So after next week, anytime would be great for our 2nd waterbirth at home. Lots of BH, actual painful contractions (although random-irritable uterus from car accident stress 2-1-07) and lots of pressure and pain from this one's head.

Scary thing is almost everything on to do list is done and hb supplies gathered and baby things washed - except for getting cute nursing jammies and more baskets and snacks. Also getting sick of "THE Q's" too.
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I'm another one due May 17/18th. There is no indication this baby is ready to be born and I'm okay with that. 4 weeks, 6 weeks, it all ends in sleepless nights either way.
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Due May 28th/29th... 35 weeks today! I'll be happy as long as I make it until May.

Two babies are getting awfully squished in here and I'm starting to feel rather handicapped. Plus after our low fluid scare and near induction at 33 weeks, I'm getting sick of having to tell everyone "no changes, things look good, we're just waiting now" every other day when I have an nst or a bpp! I'm finally getting to the point where I'm ready to spend a few weeks just cuddling my girls and getting used to mommying...

One more week and I'll feel like I can relax!
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I'm 36 weeks, too, due May 20. I also just need to make it to May . Technically I'm supposed to be working through the end of next week (May 4) but I'm soooooo tired. I'd really like to stop commuting (80 miles roundtrip) by next Monday. As long as I don't go into labor at work, I'm happy.

For punishment, I'll probably be pg for another 4 weeks. I sure hope not. dd#1 was born at 37wks exactly, dd#2 at 39wks, 3days. I'm hoping for 38 weeks -- so dh and I can celebrate our 10th anniversary before baby arrives .
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Now all of us 36(ish) weekers are really gonna to be watching for when the first person posting in THIS thread has their baby!
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i am 37 weeks tomorrow, due may 15th!

i feel very good, no dropping, no nothin, except today started feeling "periody" for the first time in 9 months, soooooooooo..............!?!?

and i have nothing packed for the hospital except a TON of snacks. hey, i got my priorities straight.


ps my OB has not yet done a cervical check so who knows what is up down there?
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Oh..fun thread!!

I am pretty new to these boards and do more lurking then anything else...but had to chime in on this one!! I will be 36 weeks on Wed. and go between being totally panicked about what still needs to be done----and being totally ready to be done because I am so tired of waddling!!! I had a scare at 31 wks, 5 days when I was found to already be 80% effaced, with an anterior cervix and babies head felt---and swore I was ready to be pregnant as long as needed so that baby and I were healthy and I could have my home water birth…ok—well once I pass the 36 week mark officially and am in the home birth safe zone...I am ready to be done!! I swore I would never say that---I always tell my doula clients to enjoy these last few weeks, make the most of them, don’t get in hurry, blah, blah, blah…and here I am swallowing my whole foot because I “get it” now! ( shh don’t tell any one this…this is the only place that I can be totally honest and not worry about what everyone will think!!)

My due date is May 23rd—but we are doubting I will go that far since I was already heading that way at 31 /32 weeks. I don’t want to complain—because I know all this comes with the territory…but holy cow this is hard!!! It hurts to walk, to drive, to sleep, to lay in the couch, to do laundry, etc……. I am still working full time and really need to until I go into labor so not to use any of my vacation time for any thing but maternity leave…but coming to work just plain sucks when my mind is a million miles away and I can think of a million other things I could be doing!

Ok…breathe, I know…..I think I am ok now that I ranted a bit!! Thanks for bearing with me. This morning as I was driving to work in traffic—I so wished I had a sign I could post in the window that said “ Beware---9 months hormonal pregnant woman coming through. Get near at your own risk!!” :
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Nanana mom- I hear you on the commuting thing. I also went 80 miles round trip each day and worked a 10-12+ hour shift on top of it. I stopped working last Friday (or rather the 13th) which has made all the difference in how I am feeling! No more constant ctx or period-like cramping...if so, I can just lay down for a few. There is absolutely no way we would have gotten everything ready (not that it is yet anyway lol) if I kept working...we'd probably have a new babe by now too! BTW, my ds calls my mom "Nana-mom"!

we need this kiddo to stay in one more week (and a couple of days...but who's counting, eh?) to have our bc birth. And everyone in my "support team" is going to Arizona at one point or another in May...weird. So, I'd really love this baby to come on exactly the 19th of May or later, but not the following week after that cause I want the mw we've been working with to be on call...

I'm not sure I'm allowed to have this many 'wants' when it comes down to the timing of the birth!
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37 weeks 1 day

My pregnancies usually last to mid 40 weeks.......
I am guessing the 17th..
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I'm 35.5 weeks so I'll be ready any time after May 1st but we'll see how long the baby needs...

He's definitely going to take after his dad -- not impatient like me. I was born at like 29 weeks, weighing only 4 pounds or so. DH stayed in for the long haul.
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