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Immune Support for 3 1/2 year old?

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My son had strep throat 2 weeks ago and had an antibiotic shot (he wouldn't take the amox. orally.) This was his first time on antibiotics, we usually treat him homeopathically for colds and ear infections. After the shot, we've been giving him lots of probiotics, black elderberry and raw milk. Now, he woke up with a cough! I saw on here that someone had posted about using some kind of immune support supplement (they said they put it on a spoon like a lollipop- some kind of thick, honey type stuff??) My son is very wary about taking anything (hence the anti. shot vs. the oral!) Any recommendations? Cell salts?
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From being here on this board and others I have seen first hand that a child that is treated with abx for strep will have a recurring strep within a year. Personal observation!

So, it really would be good to make sure he is getting strong and fit so he can get over strep next time by himself without abx, and gain life long immunity.

I am not familiar with the item you described, so we'll just wait until someone else comes on a tells you what that is and where to get it. I'm curious about it also.

We basically rely on healthy, organic, mostly raw food, reverse osmosis water, fresh air and love. Oh, and natural infections that strengthen the immune system in building up self-defence.
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Thanks Gitti! I always see your posts on here and really appreciate all of your advice. We do organic, mostly raw and no processed foods as well. I hated having to put him on antibiotics as we've always been able to avoid it before but I heard such horror stories about not treating strep with antibiotics. He's had a dose of Chestal and I've started him on sodium ascorbate which I usually can't get him to take but I hid it in a new juice and he's already had two good doses today. Hopefully we can get this cough nipped soon!
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Originally Posted by mollee19 View Post
... but I heard such horror stories about not treating strep with antibiotics. ...
I know! I know! BUT...

Strep Throat Risks Called Exaggerated, Tx Rationale Changed

The risk that a sore throat will lead to rheumatic fever has always been vastly exaggerated, and it may be lower now than it once was. In fact, the risk is one of the major myths of medicine, Dr. Michael Radetsky said at a conference on pediatric infectious diseases sponsored by Children's Hospital, Denver.

The study shows that the risk of any kind of complication in a patient is extremely low.

But, treatment has been shown not to speed recovery much, and treating to prevent contagion also is not likely to make much difference, because it is estimated that for every patient with a sore throat who sees a doctor, four to six people do not.

“The justification for doing what we do is becoming slimmer and slimmer, so that the continued pursuit of group A streptococcal pharyngitis is really driven by an outdated notion of risk, and a self-perpetuated habit” he added.
Full Text

But next time, be prepared. Because he will get it again.

Several Strep bacteria are at times commensal microorganisms that live in our healthy throat, saliva, and so on. We do not understand the ecological relationship between bacteria and humans. It is impossible to eradicate them from our environment. So it is better to live with them in peace....

When one of them overproduce it has to be dealt with to get back into the natural order of things. To try and eradicate one out of millions of bacteria that live on us, is to give some other microorganisms the chance to be strong and emerge as the new pathogen.

Be careful of abx. It creates a vicious cycle.

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: It's hard when the critters get sick, isn't it? My 3.5 yo ds had strep before xmas, and for the first time I caved and put him on abx. After that he was sick on and off for months and ended up taking abx for an additional two weeks for nasty bacterial infections of eyes/ears/upper respiratory (Haemophilus influenzae). I too am looking to build up his immune system - I'm hoping that some vitamin D from the sun will help build him up (can't get him to take CLO ).
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