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wanted: PICTURES!

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I am so inspired by Delight! I was wondering if any other of you mamas who are compacting, or just plain living in smaller quarters that you have made functional would post some pictures for others that are a bit challenged in this area. I good at downsizing, but not at all at organization. I could use some ideas!

p.s. I'm also super nosy and love to see other's living spaces. It's amazing when you are good at it how much it can say...
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i second this :0)
pictures really give me inspiration,come on mamas,share pretty please
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I also would love to see pictures of others spaces. I must admit I saw a picture of SageR and Delite's living spaces and they inspired me so much.

After my son gets home today I will have him help me post some pictures of my space. Be forwarned they are going to be the BEFORE shots not the after shots. I am still working hard at that part.

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I would also love to see pictures! I can't tell you how many ideas I've gotten from Delights apartments and from others here! It's so great to see how others use their space!
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Not compacting, but I do live in a smaller home (five of us in about 1200 sq ft) and have been decluttering for a couple years. I LOVE organizing and freecycling!

I'll start with the kids' room (be kind as I just snapped and didn't clean ). It's the biggest room in the house, meant to be the master, but we put the kids in there (minus youngest DS who's still with us).

This is the view from the hall door. DS has the bunk beds. DD used the low bed (even DD loves Thomas!). But they tend to go from bed to bed, so they're all unmade (we're really bad about making beds). His dresser houses his foldables and next to that is his shelf . Each child's shelf is off limits to the other . . . special things get put on there. Anything left on the floor is fair game . The drawers under the bunk house some of his toys and extra sheets for all beds in the room.

DS's closet. His own space. Keeps lots of his "little" toys in there . . . K'NEX, Legos, special books and cards and things. Hangables too. Uniforms on the bottom and dress clothes on the top. As soon as I get my scrapbook pages out of there, there will be better space for the sleeping bags and anything else he wants up there.

DD's side of the room (behind the door is a half bath). Her dresser and shelf. Lots of art on the walls. DS's bulletin board for projects and things (won't fit on his side). The laundry sorter for all three kids . . . I started doing laundry by person, which has been much easier.

My photo shelves. Scrapbooking is my only "hobby," so I have lots of them . Photos kept here as well. The filing cabinet is due to be moved upstairs and my MOMS Club bag is still there from the meeting last month (need to put that away!). WHen the cabinet is gone, they'll have a nice little place to curl up with whatever. I've thought of putting their books in here for a reading nook, but I like the books in the living room. Still debating (I rearrange a lot to find what works for us as our needs change).

Our closet. DD has bottom left. DH has upper left. I have most of the right, with DH's pants. I have some things in a spare closet in another room, but almost all of our clothes are here. Drawer units hold our socks and things. Someday, DH and I will have real furniture . Until then, it's easy to put the laundry away when almost all of it is in one room.

That's all I have for now. I'll add more rooms later . . . when kids and time allow--naps are sporadic at best here . I'm always in a mode to get better streamlined and get rid of more, but it takes time. I have to admit that when everything is put away and the beds are made, the room looks really nice. One of my favorites in the house!
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Jess, none of your links are working!
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I can't open the pics links either.
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Hm. They worked the first time . . . and now they don't for me, either. Let me see what I can do.

For now, I'll try a link to the main set.
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Okay, now I just got them to work. Maybe a server issue?

Off to the dentist . . . I'll check back in later.
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I'll share

Part of our living in a small space comes from that post-college pre-career "just slightly above poverty level salary" urban apartment-living thing that so many people experience. Part of it is my desire to live simply/have high-quality things, even (and especially) when that means having fewer things/we just completed a move from Eugene to Seattle & didn't want to have to rent a u-haul truck. To get a picture of what that means, we moved up here with only what would fit in a Dodge Neon, a Ford Aerostar, and a 5'x8' towable Uhaul trailer. We bought more furniture once we were here, but since it's all IKEA stuff, that would fit in the trailer/van, too, were we to move again And I know IKEA=/=high quality, but it's what we can afford for now, and at least it LOOKS nice, even if it's mass-produced. I have no idea the sq. footage of our place, but if I were to guess I'd say it's about 600 sq. ft. It's 2 bedrooms (well 1+bonus room), 1 (very small) bathroom, an open living/dining area, and the world's most cramped kitchen. There's a lot more closet space than in our last place, though, and that's really really nice.

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They're not working for me.
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Originally Posted by shershine View Post
They're not working for me.
whose aren't working? that's the link that google gives when I "share album" via e-mail, so I hope it's not mine!
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Originally Posted by jennnk View Post
whose aren't working? that's the link that google gives when I "share album" via e-mail, so I hope it's not mine!
Still not working for me either.
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Originally Posted by cupofjojo View Post
Still not working for me either.
maybe if it's a link?
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jennk~ Your pics worked fine for me, but Jess A yours didn't.
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OKay. I'm completely befuddled. I'll post them to my blog after tball.
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I was talking about Jess A's pics! Sorry, I should have clarified.
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Let's try this . . . I did a blog entry with the photos--hopefully I can link to there.

the kid's room
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I only have pics of kitchen and living room on mine. There are also some fishing pics mixed in www.flickr.com/photos/simplelivingmomma/ Hope that works, links and I don't always get along. If I remember tomorrow I'll add kids brs, our br and baths.
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I'll share

I will share pictures of one room a day. I will take the picture first thing in the morning and post.

I am going to post them as they are. As I said before all my rooms are a work in progress and I would love input from anyone as to how you would simplify/organize/decorate.

I am open to all suggestions.

Here goes:


Hope this works.
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