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making sling

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Has anyone seen the "Simply Attached" baby sling? It's basically a long piece of fleece that you use to tie the baby into different positions. I'd love to know what type of fleece it is (they claim it is lightweight and stretchy). They have on-line instructions for how to use it, but no links on how to purchase it... Has anyone ever used a sling like this? If anyone has more information--I'd love to make one of these slings for myself!!!

To view the sling the website is: www.fuzzibunz.com
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100 weight Malden Mills fleece would be about right here. Depending on your size, I think 4 yards would be appropriate. Get 2 yards of fabric, I think it's usually 60" wide. Cut in half lengthwise, then stitch together into one long piece. Et voila!

However, if you're a bigger person, get another yard or so of fabric.

Good luck!
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where do you get such precise types of fleece?
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Well, I'm lucky enough to have a place locally where I can get it dirt cheap...

You can find it online, I'm sure. Just do a Google search for "100 Weight Malden Mills Fleece".

What you're looking for is basically a very lightweight, slightly stretchy fleece.
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I have a friend that has put together a booklet of different types of slings, how to make them and how to wear them, and that one looks EXACTLY like her snake sling!! I'm so surprised to see it!

I would be a great sling. I used to put my baby in my snake sling and go workout at the gym with him on me. I used to get such a kick out of the big muscle bound body builders coming up and cooing at him. :LOL

I just used a stretchy cotton-poly blend of fabric for my sling. It works very well and holds the baby quite secure. Although I would like to point out that the model in the picture has used a different wrap technique than my friend reccommends and it doesn't look quite as secure. Also, the baby is much too low down. A wrap that loose would give me a back ache in about 10 seconds.

The best thing about making your own simple slings is that you can make skirts and pants out of the same fabric and voila! You have an outfit that turns wearing your baby into an accessory. When my kids were in slings, I had no less than five slings to choose from, depending on what I was wearing and what I was doing.

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I just want to tell you all a funny story about this sling! A girlfriend of mine ordered the simply attached sling last month. She SAVED for it, as it is not cheap.
She was so dissappointed with it when it arrived because she just didn't realize that all it would be was a long strip of fabric! She is crafty and felt like she should have known better enough about buying this sling.For gods sake, all it is is a CUT piece of fleece. Anyone could just do it themselves in about 10 minutes, fringes and all! We laughed about how we will make them ourselves, and she sent hers back.

Last weekend, dh left with the car and my ONLY sling. There is a festival that goes on outside our house, and I had promised dd that I would take her. But I had NOTHING to put ds in...............I went in the linen closet, found a jersey knit twin sheet, cut it in half lengthwise, then went to the computer and printed out instructions on how to tie this thing right - and there you have it - THE BEST SLING EVER!! LOL. I walked through the fair with ds in this thing and must have been stopped by at least a dozen people admiring the way I carried ds. When a few people asked where I got it, I had no choice but to tell them that it was a ripped sheet from my closet! I felt so clever! And slightly weird!
Just wanted to share.
Also thought you might appreciate to know that the jersey cotton worked real well. It stretched and conformed to ds's body like the stretchy fleece did, but it was more lightweight.
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Prairie momma - I agree, holding a baby the way the picture shows would be AWFUL on the back!
I would be very interested to learn a more secure way to tie/wrap the fabric. If you ever get the chance, could you pm me with the instuctions on how to tie it? Or maybe post it here for everyone? I plan on getting some nice fabric to use for this. A twin jersey sheet isn't all that pretty......I may tie dye it though!
I must say, the make-shift sling that I used that day actually felt better on my back than my OSBH.........
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Well, I'll do my best! :LOL

Here are the written instructions out of my friend's booklet, but I also get nice little pictures to help with the illustration. I hope this is enough to be helpful to everyone.

This is for wrapping the baby with the baby facing your front. Other positions are basically the same technique.
  • Find the center of the sling and wrap it around the baby's back and bottom.
  • Flip the ends of the sling under your arms, across your back, and over the oppostie shoulders.
  • Cross the baby's back and put it between the baby's legs.
  • Move the ends of the sling around your self to tie at the back. An extra long sling can be brought to the front again and tied there.
  • Baby's arms can be kept in or out and the head can be tucked in if desired (baby sleeping or cold weather)

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thanks for the ideas, girls!!! I'm going to try making the sling out of jersey knit I think. Prairie Ma--if your friend was to make photocopies of her sling-making and wearing book--I think all the mamas on this site would buy it
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Thank you for the detail Prairie Momma. I think I can get it. It will be easier to figure out when I actually have the written instructions in front of me while I wrap ds.
If I figure it out, I could have dh take digital pictures of me doing each step, and then I can post them here.
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Sling Book

My friend has boxes and boxes of her booklet which she is selling herself. She doesn't ask for much, just barely enough to cover what she paid for the printing. If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll give you the price and her mailing address.

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