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I leave tomorrow night ...

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... to head up to the university I am finishing my degree at. I like 3.5 hours away now. Tuesday afternoon I have an hour long talk to give followed by a 45 minute oral examination with my committee and then my dissertation defense will be over. Unlike Turnipmama, in my department we still have a week to ten days where we finish our edits and then submit the final dissertation, so I will not be done on Tuesday, but the most stressful part will be over

It is physically a huge challenge to get through it, even when i am just practicing and alone. I am a bit worries about how stressful and hard it will be on my so-very-pg body. So, please think good thoughts for me. It would mean a lot.

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Good luck!
You'll be great!

And you'll be so psyched when you're done!
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yay! Good luck!!
I'm envious of the degree and in awe that you are working at it at this point but I am confident that you will do a great job, can't wait to hear how it goes!!
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sending happy dissertation fairy dust your way!
I was worried too, but its amazing what your body can do when it has too! I got a little out of breath but other than that it wasn't bad at all. I am sure you will be fine. (you could always hide a water balloon under you shirt just in case )
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AH Sending you such good luck Megan!!! It's almost over and you have accomplished soooooo much- so much to be proud of!

You Glow Girl!
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bonne journee et bonne chance!

(i'm supposed to be studying french right now )
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Wow, I'm really impressed with all you've done, especially being pregnant. You rock!!!
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you will ROCK THE HOUSE!

and what a great example you are setting for your kid -- to say, "look what i did!"

good luck not that you need it, you have the SKILLZ (mad skillz)

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You are so strong and incredible! You are going to do great!
Good luck!
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Thank you all! I am just finishing packing - we leave in a couple hours. I can't wait to be done!
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I'll be thinking of you!
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I'll be thinking of you also AM! I stalk your DDC at times waiting for news of babymort Driving through PA tonight and again tomorrow - I'll send my labor vibes to you and keep them away from me!!
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Aw, thanks! If things keep going this way, I'm going to end up in your DDC! But I'll be thinking nice calm non-labory thoughts for you! You won't be near Williamsport will you?
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We drive on 380 and 80 so by that W-B town, can't remember the name, and then up through Scranton and to Binghamton. I don't really know where Williamsport is! Not so good on my PA geography.
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Probably out of your way. But if it ends up being near you and you need a pit stop, make sure you give us a call! The house is actually clean, thanks to me super sonic nesting.
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I don't think we will make it this time (thanks for the offer though!) but Melissa and I have talked about torturing you with a trip out there. Can you image all the kids togehter we would have 7 (although two babies thankfully!) Poor Chip would be very ready for us to go
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Are you graduating from Binghamton University?

That's where I did my grad work..

Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
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good luck! i'm sure you'll be great!
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It went greay! They recommended me for the doctoral degree and now I am just fixing typos and then I print it out and turn it in and all done!!! What a wonderful feeling!
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