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my friends are the best

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Today i was invited to a unique baby party.. well i kinda had a hunch that it wasn't a party for that i wasn't really sure so didn't say anything, and i had to go late to the party because 2 of my kids had soccer games, and another friend had one to and she was going to go to, so we decided to just ride together, then the friend throwing the party told me to bring elizabeth along, then decided she would get elizabeth early so she could play with her friend claire.

Well it was a surprise shower for me!!! my mom and mil and sil and best friend from high school and like 5 others of my very good friends where all there, they made my day!!! i got some really cute stuff and everyone brought a meal for the freezer! i think i got 15 meals!!! i had nothing at all in the freezer yet and i am due friday so this helps so much!!
they got me a belly cast kit and we all casted my belly! which was so much fun!! everyone took tons of pictures so i have to wait for them all to sent me some!

It was such a great day i am so happy, i really didn't think i would have a shower for this baby!!
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Wow!! That sounds really fun - and wonderful to have such supporting family/friends!
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Wow! Susan - that sounds like so much fun - and what a good boost this late in pregnancy!!!!

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That is so super sweet!
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awwww that is so great!!!!!!!! I love it when 2nd,3rd,4th + babies are celebrated!!!!!!!!
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How cool!! I loved my surprise shower....I almost cried I was so happy.
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