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Anyone about 34-35 weeks?

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Just wondering who is due the last week or so in may, and how are you feeling right now, I am starting to get itchy not sure if that could be a problem and i don't think my belly can stretch much more, this is my second DD my first was a big girl i think this one will be too, i am getting anxious to have my little one, i will be 35 weeks on thursday my midwife said she needs me to go to atleast 37 weeks for my hbac i have been having cramps off and on the whole pg but was told they are nothing more then an irritable uterus, my last appt the baby was head down and facing the right way i think she may have flipped though not sure will find out this week, ok enough about me tell me how you all are feeling....
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I'm right there with you, due around May 29th...

As far as your itchiness, I'll go ahead and throw out the cholestasis or PUPPPs warning. You've probably read about both on here but if not, itchymoms.com has info on cholestasis and if you google PUPPPS you'll get a lot of info.

I've finally started to feel overwhelmingly pregnant! Seriously, for a first time mom to be having twins - I feel like this pregnancy has been pretty easy until now. But sometimes I just feel downright handicapped now! Getting around is harder and harder - even if I hadn't been put on bedrest, I wouldn't be moving much anyway! My tummy feels totally stretched to the max, like if these babies get any bigger my skin is just going to split. And my knees are constantly sore from carrying all the extra weight (I've gained 40 lbs now and it's at least 80% pure belly). Luckily, I'm starting to see an improvement with my PUPPPs rash, the dandelion root is really helping. I didn't have to use any itch relief measure ALL night last night, which is huge!

I'm finally getting mentally ready for the babes to arrive. It doesn't seem quite so scary anymore, mainly just seems like a really pleasant thought. I'm just waiting out this last week of April so I can pass the 36 week mark and relax a bit. As avidly as I used to say "the longer the better - i want to keep these babes in!" I'm starting to cave and am quite happy with the thought of May babies at any time...
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I'm also due in the last week of May - either May 25 or May 30, depending on if you go with the last missed period or the ultrasound. I'm huge - everyone is saying this baby is going to be BIG, and I'm a bit freaked out by it (yes, this is also my first). I'm ready to be done, even though I know the baby needs more time. I'm fighting off a yeast infection using a tea tree oil & water soak, which has always cleared me right up in a day or two - its going on 4, and while not itchy, I'm still a bit "messy" On top of which, DH's mother is being a real pita. I'm feeling so off right now...
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i'm due may 30th so i've mostly been hanging out in the june ddc but now i'm starting think it might be may after all. i also feel pretty huge - definitely moving slower and having a hard time getting comfortable. i'm really happy that the weather has gotten warmer so i can switch to skirts and sandals instead of stuffing myself into all the cold weather maternity clothes i outgrew 3 weeks ago.

my midwife told me last week that anything after 35 weeks we could still do at home. could that possible be right? i didn't even ask because i'm sure it's not going to happen that early, but still...ay yay yay.

everything is pretty much ready babywise (i did a "super-nest" over spring break) but i'm trying to finish up my last semester of grad school so i really need until at least the middle of may before this little girl makes her entrance.

hope everyone is feeling good and taking care...
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My best guess on the edd puts me at June 1. I'm 34w 2d.

This is my 3rd. I had a terrible few days a couple of days ago. My blood sugar crashed unexpectedly a couple of times, I had a lot of back pain, a couple of times I burst into tears for reasons I couldn't articulate...fortunately I think I've evened out a little.

Taking more care with the simple carbs seems to be most helpful.

I'd really like to enjoy my last few weeks of my last pregnancy...but I'm struggling.
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I'm also due June 1. This little boy has never been very high up, no real breathing problems or anything because he likes to stay in a nice little ball.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of actually being a mom soon. Eeek!! I'm thrilled and excited and terrified, all rolled into one. Reading all these happy birth announcements is both helping and hurting. Guess that means not too much longer.
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I am due May 29th, and just feel blah- achy all over, backache, sciatica off and on. It seems like moving is an effort, cooking is an effort, bending, cleaning, normal chores are an effort.....I feel like an old lady with all her aches and pains. I really want to lose weight and gain flexibility post baby. I hate feeling so achy and tired and sluggish, especially since I have to look after my 22mth old and 4yr old.

If it were up to me, I'd spend the rest of the time on the couch with a good book, ha ha ha. I end up taking 1 1/2 naps or rests while ds naps and dd watches TV but feel guilty about it. Oh, and having to pee like every 1/2 hr or so :
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I'm 35 weeks now and feeling ready for this little girl to come out!! I feel big but everyone is surprised how small I am (yeah right!)
Shes rolling around and its so uncomfortable and sometimes down right yucky feeling!
I've already done a trip to the hospital for pre term labor so I don't think I will last until my May 25-30 due date. I've been having contractions and just feel a little miserable lately.
I could cry at the drop of a hat which is really starting to drive me nuts! I cant even stand myself these days with how emotional I am over EVERYTHING! I also am feeling so guilty about not giving ds more attention... I find myself being short with him and putting him in front of the TV a little to much just so I can rest.
I completely gave up going to the gym in the past few weeks do to the hospital trip and having to 'take it easy' so I'm feeling very guilty about not doing more physical activity but I am just so tired! Phew... what a vent!
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I'm 35 weeks today and feeling like there's not much longer till this baby comes out. With DD I went to 38.5 weeks so it might be because of that but somehow i'm just feeling ready, you know? I've had a relatively comfortable pregnancy but the insomnia is driving me nuts (that's not going to get better AND I'll have a NB waking up at all hours so I don't know why I'm complaining) and I just want to feel free in my body again. I'm tired of having this huge hard thing in the centre of my being that won't let me move properly. I can't even slouch comfortably. And I can't get down and really play with DD. Also, I want a normal appreciation for food back! I've had food aversions this entire pregnancy and I don't feel like I'm being really properly nourished most of the time.

Anyways, stupid little complaints and I really AM very grateful for such an easy pregnancy and am just praying for a healthy child. But I guess we have to start feeling this way at some point or we'll never be ready to give birth!

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Ditto to everything everyone else has mentioned . I'm 35 weeks 3 days and feeling big, bulky, and unwieldy. I'm also feeling very moody and my appetite has been awful - I haven't wanted to eat any of the healthy, nutritious food I craved all pregnancy. Instead, I want sweets, sweets, sweets. And when I'm not pregnant, I HATE sweet things. Go figure. Part of me is really ready to meet this little one, and part of me hopes I go close to my EDD so she has all the time she needs to grow big and strong. While I, too, feel huge, everybody else thinks I look small and I sometimes feel like having a big baby is a status symbol here on MDC. Not that I want a teeny, tiny, one necessarily, but I have to remind myself that our bodies grow babies that are the right size for us .
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I'm 34 weeks and starting to feel like the end is near. I have contractions randomly through the day and usually more frequent at night. I'm excited that the baby will be here soon but want to keep him in for at least another 2 weeks. My MW technically isn't supposed to attend a HB until 37 weeks but she'll do 36.

Is everyone ready? I think I have pretty much everything in order, now I'm just working on stocking up the freezer with postpartum foods so I don't have to cook.
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My EDD is May 30. I'm huge too and everyone who looks at me says I will go early, but I'm not intending to have this baby until sometime in June. I carried my DD this way too and went to 40 weeks 3 days. And she was only a 7 pounder. All the birth announcements in our DDC are starting to freak me out, though. I'm so not ready yet...
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My EDD is May 29th. So far this pregnancy has pretty good. I felt bad on Sunday because I think I did too much, but other than that I feel pretty good. I am really glad that I have not started to swell yet, but I guess there is always time for that.

I can sympathize with Ilana. I haven't had any food aversions with this pregnancy, but I could not stand the smell of cooked tomatoes all throughout my last pregnancy. I drove DH nuts. He couldn't have pizza for nine months. Funny thing was, I could eat the pizza if it was cold, but heat it up and I was so sick.

It is wierd to see birth announcements already since I am not there yet, but my time will come soon enough.
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How much as everyone gained? I am 35 weeks this week and gained 30 pounds to date.
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I am up 25 pounds this time around , I was up 70 pounds : with DD # 1 because my wonderful OB had me on bp meds unecessarily that balloned me up 70 pounds by the time my due date came around...
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my edd is may 30. i have a big ol belly. i'm not sure how much weight i've gained. i'm up to 175. not sure where i started. 135? 140? 145? i think i've gained 30-35 lbs
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