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Natural deoderants didn't work for me until I quit using soap on my pits.
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Avoiding Soap

Yeah, I agree with you. Many of the commercial soaps and shower gels are very alkaline with a high pH. Bacteria can't live in places with a low pH. When I found this out, I stopped using them and now I only use "100% soap-free" body washes that are pH balanced. It has helped tremendously!

I also try to avoid anything with Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate which can be very drying to your skin.
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NOTHING works on me for over two hours. NOTHING. alcohol works on the moment, but 15 minutes into working, i stink. baking soda works for a few hours after showering with it, but i can´t put it on without staining my shirts...any chances this can happen? put baking soda on you during the day without staining shirts?
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Have any of you who have had problems tried not using anything? Sounds weird, I know, but I was switching from thing to thing and nothing seemed to work. I finally gave up and stopped using anything (although I do scrub with BS in the shower in the a.m. and rinse with ACV). I went through a detox period where I did stink slightly- it was a week or so. Now I don't stink anymore (I've asked people straight out if I stink or not! ). We live in MN where it can get farily humid, plus we don't have air and I'm outside a lot. Once in a blue moon I get a slight "scent" but that's usually if I was too lazy to take a shower that morning!!!
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Using ACV under your arms is a very effective deodorant by itself because it reduces the pH of your skin. The odor causing bacteria can't survive in areas of the skin with a low pH. The fact that you use the ACV in conjunction with scrubing your pits with baking soda makes it even more effective as a deodorant. I tried it once but my underarms reeked of ACV-all day long!!! So, I stopped using it.

After reading the suggestions here, I started washing my underarms with baking soda during my morning shower and it definately gives my natural deodorant a boost-it seems to work better. Using alcohol or witch hazel before applying my deodorant also has the same effect.
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The few times that I used baking soda as a deodorant it did not leave any residue on my shirts more so than a regular body powder would have. What about wearing light colored shirts?

Also, you mentioned that you used the crystal deodorant and it didn't work for you. I said the same thing until I realized that I wasn't applying it correctly. You should check out the thread Mineral Salt Deodorant Crystals in the sub forum "Natural Home & Body Reviews" http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=595224. Several people said that it didn't work for them at first until they tried it again. I recently posted some helpful tips for applying crystal deodorants so you should check them out.

Personally, I feel that you should continue to wash your underarms with BS in the morning since this works so well for you, then apply the crystal deodorant, and when dry follow up with a good body powder i.e. Johnson’s Baby Powder Cornstarch w/ Aloe and Vitamin E, or Jason’s Body Powder Talc Free (Tea Tree Oil or Aloe Vera Scent). Try this regimen for a week and then post back and let us know how it works.
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Most people get irritated armpits with baking soda alone, or it wears off. I still have much success with scrubbing with baking soda, rinsing, spraying ACV on my pits, rinsing, and then applying coconut oil.

If you don't want coconut oil for whatever reason, you can try essential oil mixtures. The combination of Lavender, Bergamot, and Cedarwood (found in Burt's Bees Lavender Facial Mist) is an excellent deodorant - but it's not as foolproof as the coconut oil, in my opinion. The three step method of BS-ACV-and coconut oil just plain works! After a few months, you can scrub with BS/ACV every other day or few times a week. When first trying it, you have to do it everyday.
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sorry but what is ACV?
i live in spain so alot of the products you mention, nowhere in sight! but i´ll try and apply the crystal correctly thanks!
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ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar. Any brand should do, but try to get the raw, unfiltered kind (with the mother). Drinking this also has a lot of health benefits as well, so if you plan on taking this internally, get the organic kind.
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Funk Butter Update

So, yesterday was day one of my 30-day test drive reusing Funk Butter deodorant. We had used the Funk Butter back in April with great success-but the temperature was still relatively cool. So, I wanted to test drive it again to see how well it hold ups in 85 degree+ temperatures under hot, hazy, humid conditions.

I had just enough of the unscented Funk Butter left to apply under one underarm only. For the other underarm, I used my Crystal roll-on deodorant. Yesterday was very hot and humid with the temperature close to 90 degrees. I ran around all day and when I returned home, I deliberately did not shower to see how well both deodorants held up in 24-hours. Well, this morning I had my fiancé smell my left underarm (the funk butter ). He said that it smelled fine-like I had recently taken a shower and applied deodorant. When he smelled my right underarm (the crystal), he immediately twisted up his nose, quickly turned his face away and said, “EEEWWW! Your underarm stinks. You need to go take a shower!” (You gotta love a man that’s honest).

So, hands down, the Funk Butter deodorant passed the 24-hour sniff test. Today, I started using the divine smelling black cedar fig Funk Butter. I have no doubt it will perform just as well as the unscented. I am so loving my funk butter!!!
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Here's the thread I was referring to.
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I've tried so many natural deoderants and nothing worked! But I found that tea tree oil on a cotton swab (kills the bacteria) works great followed by some baking soda to keep dry!
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Does the tea tree oil burn when you apply it?
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How funny. i have been meaning to come here forever to get natural deoderant hints, and I should have done it so much sooner! You all have some great ideas.

We've been using the Tom's long lasting, and TJ's cotton and they do not work for us at ALL. The Tom's is giving us rashes! My dh bikes to work so he really needs something that is effective, and for the time being he had to give up and get a regular antiperspirant. we'll have to try some of these other suggestions.

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I tried FB about a year and a half ago. It worked great, but sadly, I ended up with a rash after a few months that didn't go away untill I stopped using the FB (after 6 mo). I went back to the dreaded ap/deo, which worked dor the most part while I was pg. but suddenly stopped working. Since I hated it anyway, I decided to switch. None of the deo I tried worked, so I started mixing bs with jojoba oil each day and applying it. It worked great! Up to 36 hours at a time even. I am very happy
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Originally Posted by velcromom View Post
I think a lot of the irritation from the FB can be avoided if you mix up your own and only add as much bs as your body needs to stay fresh. I find the FB, while effective, is stuffed with as much bs as the mix can hold, it's pretty abrasive to my skin going on and I can see how that high a % of bs might be too much for some.

For my own, I make a blend that is a lot smoother, more coconut oil and less bs. Since some mamas find coconut oil to be an effective deodorant on its own, I chose to increase that ingredient rather than the shea butter. Also, I use unrefined shea for the shea butter component, not sure if that helps but the three together make a very simple and very effective deodorant.

I also notice that when using a deo butter, not being completely clean-shaven is a plus - for some reason, the deo works better when there's a little pit hair, lol. I think on shaven skin it seems to wear off faster. It's not a problem if you are willing to reapply once in the afternoon, which can be necessary with a lot of natural-style deodorants. But with a little hair growth, I can actually forget to put on the butter in the am and be fine all the way thru til lunch time.
Çould you share your recipe with the rest of us? :
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Funk Butter


This thread has tons of info. about Funk Butter deodorant and recommendations for other natural deodorants as well.
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I just started using the crystal kind. I went to work all day constantly moving (I'm a waitress) and then drove home with no A/C, went tanning : and still have no odor!! Plus it was $5.99 for a rock that is supposed to last a year.
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I have tried a lot of the natural deoderants and they didn't really work, but a few months ago found tropical traditions deoderant...it works great for me, no smell at all, even in summer!
It's expensive, but worth it to me.
Here's the link:
I also use their insect repellent and toothpaste

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