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I'll be 6 weeks postpartum on WEdnesday. My lochia stopped last week, and the red bleeding stopped about 2 1/2 weeks ago. On Saturday I started having some light pink spotting, and yesterday a little more. I do not need to wear a pad, it's very slight. I thought this may be happening because I have increased my activity--the weather has been so nice I've been outside with the kids a lot. I am still on restricted activity (I had an emergency c-section) and my incision is still very painful at night. So what do you guys think--is this probably due to more activity? I don't think I could be starting a period yet because I went 15 months after DS1 without any. Cas does not nurse as much during the night, however, and I know that ovulation is mostly suppressed during the nighttime/early morning hours. Is it possible that I could menstruate so early even though it took over a year after my first pregnancy? My other worry is ovarian cysts as I am prone to these, but I don't really understand how they could have formed yet since I have (probably) not ovulated. Any ideas?
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I'm 5 weeks pp and still spotting. My mw said that it could take up to 8 weeks to completely go away when you are breastfeeding and that it is just the uterus going back to normal. Sometimes I go a couple days without any spotting and then a couple days with spotting, I think it is all still normal.
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OK...today it's bright red and I do need a pad, but it's still not very heavy. I'm hoping it's just a hormonal change and nothing scary...
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This most certainly sounds activity-related -- just your body's way of reminding you to slow down a little!
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Technically, any bleeding before 8 weeks pp (56 days) is lochia, even if you've had a "break" of no bleeding. Doubtful it is menstrual. I agree that it could be activity related.
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I am here with you
My bleeding had pretty much stopped. Then a couple days later turned really dark spotting. Now for two days I have had red. My activity hasn't increased, if anything, it has decreased now that I don'thave to run around and do everything. I am much more relaxed also. But I do feel like I am battling a cold, or it may be allergies. My dh is freaking out that I am starting my period. I keep telling him that you can't start your period at 4 weeks and that it is just a continueing of the bleeding. It happened to me last time too. Or at least it seems like I remember it happening last time
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