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April 23rd -30th Weekly Thread

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Aloha ladies,
How is everyone feeling?
Any one nesting like crazy?

Well, my due date has came and passed ~ Now I am looking at due date #2 (the latest one) as around that 'day' which is the 27th.
I am a late cooker so I knew I better join the may ddc, looks like I may have been spot on in my prediction.

DH and I finished our birth art board. Its awesome looking, I'll post pics if anyone is interested. Our room looks BEAUTIFUL and everything is at "GO"...Except for my cervix so far.

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I'll check in. I am 50% effaced, have had 2 bloody shows and am just waiting patiently. Dh is in the middle of finals, but no worries. I am hoping to have him wed. because my fave mw is working that day.

That is about all for me. Took a break from homeschooling and just letting the boys explore and create right now...oh i love the flexibility of homeschooling.
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I would love to see pics!! I am 36 weeks today, so still have a bit left to go. But we have been getting things ready at home more and more.

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Lets see I am 37 weeks and I literally stopped contracting etc. last week. My dad has surgery on Wed. and I am his caregiver so I let the baby know it was not going to work for her to come. I am glad she listened now if she will only listen about putting her foot where my broken rib is. I am thirsty all the time and water is not cutting it for me. Of course I am scared to drink anything else after my last apt. I gained 6 pounds in 8 days. My dr. did a OH MY. I gained with my 3rd child 12 pounds in 7 days. Yes I did start bawling on that one especially since I could not hold anything down. My mw at the time said it was impossible for a person to eat that much food each day to gain that kind of weight which made me feel a lot better. Anyway, basically I am feeling like a beach whale right now. I also seem to be the center of attention (with everyone except my husband) which I really hate. Everyone wants to know when the baby will be born because of my mom. In one way I have come to terms with my mom dying but in another I have not.
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I'm having my homevisit today with my midwife and I got three more days to hold the baby in until I can have a homebirth.

I haven't been this pregnant in ten years my last three babies were preemies so this is a bit unusual for me and I couldn't be happier, although the last week my pubic bone and hip have been killing me and sometimes its so bad I can't really walk. My husband is wanting the baby to stay in till our due date in may (he's busy at work) but really I'd be happy anytime after thursday
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I just got back from spending the weekend with my family 6 hours away from my home and my midwife. It was pretty nervewracking being so far away. But, we made it, and the baby stayed in, just like I asked. I realized something the other night...my pubic bone hurts much more when I sleep with a pillow between my knees. Isnt that sort of the opposite of what is supposed to happen?? So last night I didn't use a pillow and when I got up to go pee, I only limped a little bit, as opposed to the other night when I actually had to crawl to the bathroom because my pubic bone and lower back hurt so much. So I guess I won't be using a pillow in between my knees when I sleep anymore. We have our home visit this thursday. I'm excited to have another excuse to have dh help me keep the house clean. And my MIL is throwing me a very last minute baby shower this coming weekend. For a while I was worried I'd have to come to the shower with babe in arms, but it looks like he/she is staying in there for a bit longer. I got my box from birthwithlove.com and so now I feel like I'm almost 100% prepared for this baby to come. We still need to blow up the birth tub and take it for a test run, oh, but we have to buy a hose first to fill it up, too. But other than that, I think I have everything that I need for the birth. And after next weekend with my last minute baby shower, I hopefully should have all of the other baby supplies that I need. Wow, I really kept a lot of this until the very last minute.
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Anyone else just sooooo jealous of all the birth announcements? I am on another board too for May moms, more of a conventional one- and 4 babies were born in the past 5 days!!!

My SIL is due mid-June (5 weeks after me), and she could have her baby at almost anytime now. I REALLY don't want her to be first! I want to be first. I have been somewhat upset that she has stole my thunder many times so far with this pregnancy. I swear they decided to get pregnant right after we told them we were! Then.. I was excited that we were going to have the first boy, then they found out they are having a boy.. and now she might have the first boy because she keeps going into labor! UGH! (venting, sorry!)

With all this jealousy- I have NO IDEA if I am progressing. My midwife won't do any internals until 40 weeks, unless I go into labor before then. And, I don't really know if I will go into labor soon. I have been have some mild contractions, but nothing regular.

I am just sooo excited to meet my little boy! I've been taking Evening Primrose capsuls orrally, and I think starting tomorrow I will be taking them vaginally too. Dh has also been pretty happy about the more regular love making to get my cervix to soften.

I am almost 38 weeks (Weds.)!!
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I like these threads, it's a good place to put random thoughts and not expect people to reply to them really.

We had a busy weekend around here, Saturday was full of yard work and by the end of the afternoon I realized that I had TOTALLY overdone it and was SO sore. I could barely move, my back hurt and I was exhausted, not to mention getting a little too much sun. The kids were helpful, mostly, so the yard got mowed, the garden got roto-tilled, the moss got limed and the fruit trees and bushes got a bit of work too and the garage got cleaned out as well.

Sunday was a small baby shower thrown by my SIL. A few people didn't show up off of my already short list so it really was small, but we all had a good time sitting around eating cake and drinking tea and just gossiping and trading stories and playing a few games. My mother guessed my belly girth to be a full 18" more than it really is. Thanks mom. : And we now might actually have enough clothes that this kid isn't going to HAVE to be naked for the first year.

Last night, OMG, I got a good taste of what it's like to be a mom.... but it was the dog. He came in to let me know he wasn't feeling well at 4am and them promptly hurled on the carpet. I let him out, cleaned up, let him in, went back to bed and couldn't sleep. I had a few contractions, just my body testing thing out though, and decided to get up for a while. Then I went back to bed and within 30 min the cycle repeated.... "I'm not feeling well" (a low moan and a poke with a cold nose) and PUKE. *SIGH* the only room with a carpeted floor is the bedroom and he HAS to puke in there!! Outside again, clean, in, bed. THEN the phone rang just as I was drifting off for a fire that was happening and they were looking for volunteers to go place residents. Neither DH nor I got up to answer so we didn't know what the call was about until hour later and then it was too late to go.

Today I also had my 38 week appointment. It was supposed to be tomorrow but I screwed up my days and we showed up a day early. Ooops. How embarassing. Everything looks lovely, baby and I are both healthy so we go back again in a week.
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OK, let me make y'all a little jealous. I am SO spoiled! I worked last night (at home) until almost 5 AM, so I emailed my husband and told him to wake me up around noon. I've been sleeping and staying in bed later and later, and it's getting a little annoying to have so little "day" left when I get out of bed. So, he comes in and puts my computer on the bed at noon and says wake up. I get on my computer and read email and stuff, but eventually I put my head back down... LOL I doze on and off all afternoon. It's now 4:51 PM and I'm STILL in bed. I did get up to pee, but I haven't eaten anything. Our assistant/babysitter was here from 11 AM - 4 PM so my husband had a chance to work too. At 4 PM when she left, I heard him cheerfully say to Delia "So, what do you want to do?!" and they are downstairs playing - I even heard him saying "Swiper, no swiping!" LOL She did come up to see me for a few minutes and changed into a dress and some cowgirl boots. And, this is really cool, she pulled out a notebook/diary I was writing in when I was pregnant with her. The last two pages are my husband's writing, timing contractions and then writing down when she ate and peed/pooped for like the first 2-3 days of her life. Cute, huh? I didn't even know it was there. She drew some butterflies on the next page, and now I'll write a quick update in there and try to remember to have it handy again.

The bad part of the story is that for some reason, Delia was up until after midnight last night. It was pretty miserable, and I dealt with her mostly so maybe that is why my husband's being so cool now. Although for the past two weeks or so he's been SO fine with me relaxing tons and not saying a word.

Well, I suppose I'll get up now. LOL My intentions for the day were to have my assistant pack orders while I took Delia to the park! ROFL
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37 weeks tomorrow. i've been in prodromal labor for a couple days, but feeling good. visited MW today, and she says labor is imminent. i'm almost completely effaced, and 2-3cm dilated. i had my first true nesting experience yesterday, and dp and i managed to get our house clean from top to bottom. i guess this baby is coming early
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
Anyone else just sooooo jealous of all the birth announcements? I am on another board too for May moms, more of a conventional one- and 4 babies were born in the past 5 days!!!
We've had 8 now in the last 10 days!!!
And I'm certain someone is having a baby right now.

When I awoke this morning I knew, for the first time, that I would have this baby sooner rather than later. After next wednesday all my school stuff is finished. I have three tests and a 5 pg paper left.
I should really sign off
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I am 37 weeks today!
Waiting patiently cause I have 2 more weeks before the Father's show up for the birth.
I normally go late so I am not over worried.
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I am 37 weeks and a bit, and sooo not ready for the baby to come! I have to do 2 essays in Italian before she gets here (I've had since January to do them, I've just been slacking off somthing rotten, or perhaps my mind has just been elsewhere..). One of them is just over half way done, the other I haven't even chosen the title for (or read the book that it's about...). So I really need to apply myself, wich I should be doing right now instead of posting here (it's open in a differnt window, that counts as work doesn't it?)

I did however have my 'not a baby shower' on Saturday, which was one thing I really wanted to do pre-baby. Showers really aren't the done thing here, but I wanted to have a big girly get together and celebration, and cook lots of food, and I did, and it was lovely. Girliest room I've ever been in! I made all this vegan food, wore a pretty dress, and got some really lovely pressies from my friends (just little things as all my friends are very poor students like me, but really nice and thoughtful stuff, like one friend gave me all the handknitted clothes that had been made for her when she was a baby, which was very sweet, and another gave me a copy of the Woody Guthrie CD, Songs to Grow on for a Mother and Child, with a lovely handmade cover). I am by far the first person out of my group of friends to be reproducing, and it's so nice how excited everyone is for me, really makes me feel positive about everything. So, that little gathering put me in a much better frame of mind for her actualy being here, although I still have trouble processing the fact that it is really going to happen, and pretty damn soon. I don't have much baby stuff ready but I'm at a loss as to where to start, and I am still terrified of babies and clueless as to what to do with them. But i have been a lot less depressed and 'life is over' feeling, which is definitely good.
She won't come out until my essays are done, will she? Hopefully the mental barrier will be there and stop me going into labour...
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Hi everyone
I am 38 wks 4 days and cannot wait for this little one to decide to be born and meet us! My 10 yr old prays everynight that Ceci will come soon, isn't that sweet? I am tired! We do have a surprise bday party for my 7 yr old this Saturday so if I have the baby this week, I appointed 2 party planners to help I can't wait to see my little boys face when he realizes its his party!!
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Oh beatee, your non-shower sounds wonderful!

I am doing well... almost 39 weeks here, and I feel like my body is dancing with the idea of labor, going in and out of contractions. Baby is LOW, so low sometimes I just waddle around. My sleep patterns are crazy. I am feeling so many things. Ahhhh! I really feel so ready and I also feel ready to wait until my precious little daughter is also feeling so ready. I keep talking with her and visualizing her orchestrating her own birth. I trust her completely to choose the right time for her... I want to just support her amazing journey to the planet- we are so excited she's coming!

Ok... I am crying again... have I mentioned that I cry on and off all the time!
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Will you guys check out my last post in the Belly Pics thread? I want to know if you think the baby looks lower. I'm nearly certain he's engaged now. No more heartburn, etc. . .peeing all the time. . .cervical sensations constantly. . .more BH. .
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Originally Posted by Synchro246 View Post
Will you guys check out my last post in the Belly Pics thread? I want to know if you think the baby looks lower. I'm nearly certain he's engaged now. No more heartburn, etc. . .peeing all the time. . .cervical sensations constantly. . .more BH. .
Looks low to me! And the no more heartburn sign is a strong indicator!
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Originally Posted by beatee View Post
I made all this vegan food, wore a pretty dress,
Your food looks so yummy! And that dress is so pretty! I was going to wear a pink dress to my shower, but chickened out at the last minute! Looks like you had a great time!
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i'm just over 36 weeks and feel closer to a nervous breakdown than to labor. seriously though, i am so exhausted and overwhelmed. we moved a week and a half ago and there is soooo much to do, but i am too tired to do most of it. dh is working a LOT at his new job, and in fact is headed out of town on a business trip right now. he'll be gone until late saturday night. both of my kids are much whinier and fussier than usual. i know they are feeding off my insanity, and also just missing their usual routines and old friends. i am basically a big, grumpy mess.

BUT, i am soooo excited that it is getting close to baby time. i just started having those incredibly painful shooting pains in the cervix, so that is somewhat exciting. i have just about all of my birthing supplies here or on their way to me. i do need to get a few last minute birth pool supplies at petsmart, which i'll do tomorrow. i need to figure out some food to have on hand for all of us and my midwives too. i'm not sure what to do about that. and, i need to wash and put away diapers and tiny clothes! that should be fun- once my washer is fixed. ARGH, that reminds me... the washer repairman should be here, like now. why, oh why, did my washer have to break NOW?

i can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by!
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Originally Posted by dancebaraka View Post
Looks low to me! And the no more heartburn sign is a strong indicator!
Dude, I've never felt pressure like this. It's weird. And exciting.
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