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I wish this little guy would get out here and give me something good to focus on. I think he's holding on because I've been/am stressed out about our money situation. I just found out today I'm not getting the vacation pay from work I thought I was, so now I have to find some way to come up with money for rent next week, and it's looking next to impossible at this point. I swear if I could get the money thing ironed out, I'd go into labour today, but I just can't relax when I'm freaking out about how we're going to pay bills and eat until my EI comes in, which won't be for four weeks :

Other than that, I'm fine I've been having contractions off an on since the weekend and I'll have a couple hours with a ton of discharge, and then nothing for the rest of the day. By the time I actually am in labour, I'm not going to believe I am! On the bright side, all the false starts have scared me into cleaning and we have everything ready for the baby and the homebirth, so I guess it's good for something.

I hope everyone has a great week!
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Well, My appointment with the midwife went very well! I asked her to give me an internal, and she did, and it was VERY uncomfortable.. BUT, I am dialated!!!! She said about 1 cm dialated, about 60% effaced, and baby's head was LOW!!!

I don't know if it's the Evening Primrose Oil or if I would be progressing naturally, but I am going to keep taking the EPO.
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Originally Posted by chrissy View Post
i'm just over 36 weeks and feel closer to a nervous breakdown than to labor. seriously though, i am so exhausted and overwhelmed. we moved a week and a half ago and there is soooo much to do, but i am too tired to do most of it. dh is working a LOT at his new job, and in fact is headed out of town on a bus
iness trip right now. he'll be gone until late saturday night. both of my kids are much whinier and fussier than usual. i know they are feeding off my insanity, and also just missing their usual
routines and old friends. i am basically a big, grumpy mess.
just wanted to give ya a : I was in very much the same place last week

I feel better, much better. my gas is all set and everyone is finally over the stomach bug (that started the night we lost our gas, so no hot water) I got my tests done. now just 2 finals and an interview.

My aunt came by today and shampood my carpets, dh is done with the forced OT, and I have a great new friend who thinks alot like me. it makes me feel less lonely

DH has been amazing the past few days, more so than usual which is GREAT! we got a chunk of our tax return in.

I also went to court with XH this monday. Hes such a joke. the judge was very clear he will never get unsupervised visits again. we were nice enough to offer clinical counseling with the boys to at least work on their relationship should he decide to visit again. the clincher is that XH made up some raging silliness about my DH being an Xcocaine addict and having a child he isnt allowed to see. LOL totally impossible the man cant even take a tylenol with out feeling "off" any of his girlfriends before me are either friends with us or we've at least seen them . Its really kinda sad

pregnancy wise im settling in to the frame of mind that I really am going to have baby. i feel pretty good for the most part and have been cleaning and declutering like mad. Im working on reading daily inspirations and trying to center myself for this birth. the baby is so low I no longer have a vagina! :my cervix is way up front and Im definatly contracting, just nothing consistent.
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We seem to be in a little lull between birth-bursts!

Anyone else getting cervical or lower uterine sensations that feel good?! If I do some kegels, I can give myself a little shiver! : I don't remember this from last pregnancy, but I seem to have forgotten almost everything so who knows. Anyway, it's kinda cool since we haven't been having sex much lately. My husband said, and it's totally true, that sex is "more of a procedure than anything else at this point." ROFL I will be asking him to perform in the upcoming week or two, though!

I haven't felt any more contractions - BH or otherwise - since Monday night when I had them really close together for a long time. I'm glad. I really didn't want to keep doing that without it being real labor, so knock on wood that I won't anymore!
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Heehee, I almost wish that DH thought sex was more of a procedure than anything... that's how I feel though!!

So far no sign of baby around here... 'they' say that I'll feel like I just can't be pregnant any longer and then it'll be another week. Well, I'm doing ok so far, not feeling like I just can't do this any more yet. My only complaint is my swollen feet and a bit of pain in my groin but it's totally managable, so far!

MIL arrives in 10 days and mom is starting to feel like she can put weight on her foot so baby just needs to stay in for 10 or 12 more days.... we can do it baby!!
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malice, i'm sorry about the $$ worries. i hope something comes through soon.

kittn, i'm so glad things have turned around for you. maybe i'll get a good luck burst soon too
yesterday i had a really good day. we drove back to our old town and noah (5) went to preschool (which he has been sorely missing, as have i!). lilah and i went to our old storytime and saw lots of friends there. then we met another friend for lunch. after lunch we picked up noah and went to a playdate at his friends house. well, it turned out to be a surprise baby shower for me!!!! i absolutely could not believe it! it was soooo nice to be around friends. the kids were beyond thrilled to spend a day with friends too. it was just so lovely that i hated to leave. we came home and all slept well.

but... this morning is back to reality (at least recent/current reality). dh is still in texas for 3 more days (AGGGGGGGGGG!!!). noah has been really out of control and mean all morning. And, to top it all off, the handyman who was supposed to come to hang towel bars and curtain rods got confused about the location of the house and can't make it today. ARGH! i spent a good hour crying this morning.

in good news, the washer repairman did come and was able to fix the washer really quickly and it does actually seem to be fixed (hope i didn't just jinx myself).

tomorrow we have a friend coming to visit for the day (with a kid for each of mine to play with) so that will be good.

emily, i am jealous of the good sensations you're having. in tune with the rest of my whining, i pretty much just hurt down there.

are any of you guys getting those SHARP stabbing pains to the cervix? i remember them from the last 2 times and man do they take my breath away. this morning i was squatting down to put something away in the pantry and OH MY GOD! i felt like somebody had stabbed me in the bum! YOUCH! what the heck is that? normally it's in my cervix, but from time to time the bum will get it too.

oooh, i got 3 packages yesterday. 1 was my birth kit. another was my package from a dharma co-op. i'm sure it will be a few months before i get to use any of that but i got a bunch of stuff to tie dye for all 3 kiddos for the summer. that should be a fun project, when i get around to it. and the 3rd was from motherwear. i got 2 sleep bras, which i'll have to return and exchange for a bigger size and 2 really cute nursing tanks, which i really hope will work.

well, i'd better get to work around here. i still haven't showered or dressed.
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darsmama, did I miss something?! Is Darci HERE?!
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lol no no no..close - but not yet! sorry I am trying to get my mind wrapped around the fact that I am a mama to 3 beautiful girls - even if the third isnt in my arms yet.
Just trying to boost my morale - sorry for the false hope!!!
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I am feeling a little "Will this baby NEVER COME?" today - The latest due date I had was for the 27th, the first for the 22nd... so I am just hoping it is soon!
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Well I have to say I"m ready for the baby to come after tomorrow i'm only 37 weeks 3 days but since this is the furthest I have made it in my last three pregnancies I'm getting a little anxious. I don't quite feel done yet but a baby at the end of next week would be nice

My daughters birthday is tomorrow (april 30) but we had a little party yesterday with a cake and presents. My husband is driving for his carpool this week so he has my car and I'm pretty much stuck in the house for the next five days hopefully it will be sunny and the kids and I can hit the park

I've got my birth supplies all packed together in a basket, the pool is inflated and ready to go

Yesterday we went hiking (my idea ) About halfway through the hike we decided that it was probably a bit too ambitious, but I mean what do you do when your an hour into a hike its either go back or forge ahead but today i'm paying for it, my legs are so sore i'll need a few days to recover

But here is a picture of my kids from our hike they had a great time http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a1...e/IMG_1204.jpg
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i just love these boards it's been ages since i could really hunker down and read everything here, but at least i got thru the weekly thread! birth announcements and belly pics are my next two stops

I was SO SURE i was in labor...like 3 days ago : I mean I've never felt that strong of contractions before without my water having been already broken...it was all there, the backache, the losing focus, it was all systems go, and then...nothing. went to sleep, still having contrax, but no baby to hold yet. ARRGH!!

I have pretty much been feeling like I'm in labor for like 5-6 days now, I think by now I won't believe it's the real thing until i see the babe's head crowning!

I'll be 39 weeks on Wednesday, and that's as pregnant as I've ever been!

once there's more to update about, i will
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Krystal! Wow. I'm 4 days behind you (38 weeks today) and I just starting to feel labor coming on last night. I have a feeling it will be a few more days as well. I had my son at 38 weeks so as of tomorrow I will be more pregnant than ever too

How's your henna fading?

Mine is starting to crack up where it's streching
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Wow - so many people who haven't been 40 weeks pregnant! So weird, because to me it's so common/normal to hear about 41 and 42 weekers. I'm 39 weeks, 2 days. Delia was born at 40 weeks, 2 days but at 2:30 AM so I went into labor the day after my due date. Which would mean going into labor next Saturday. I'd be thrilled with either a Cinco de Mayo or 5/6/07 baby. That's what' I'm shooting for!

I woke up early today (with Delia - 9 AM, that's early for me) and we went out to breakfast, then to a park, then to fly kites, then we bumped into some friends who were going to watch some teenagers drive a snowmobile across a lake so we did that (so fun and stupid! we got to watch them pull it out of the lake too LOL), and now we're heading over to the friends' for dinner. It feels good to have such a fun active day.

Husband has said "I'm ready" four times now. Bye!
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whew got lots done today washed the outsides of the windows that my son did the insides yesterday. and I did some nice mom stuff like made a picnic and ate with the kids outside on the picnic table (wow its scary when your kids can eat a whole watermelon after having sandwiches and yogurt : )

Pushed my little one on the swing forever and jumped on the trampoline with my 3 year old ds (okay maybe that was more for labor inducing than for fun )

I'm for some reason feeling like I have lots of energy its probably the beautiful spring weather
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Lots of energy here too! Planted columbine seeds and did my regular around the yard scurrying... packed some nettle we had harvested and ran errands with dh and cleaned house. I am feeling strong menstrual cramp feelings in my low pelvis, and some random sharp sensations... but there's been so much practice labor going on over here, who knows? 39 weeks plus change. I feel so hazy really and giddy and it's been lovely to have a day with Todd- he's been working so much to get ready for the babymoon, we haven't had a full day together in weeks. We've been laughing a lot and acting foolish... Ah if anything progresses over here, I'll post again.
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We were in that mood today too, though in the middle of church lol. Hubby let me sleep in until 8:45 this morning and got all 4 kids and himself ready before he woke me up to get ready . I actually woke up feeling rested (which lasted all the way to about 30 minutes after we got home from church). We got to sit together during Sunday School (he's usually playing piano for the kids) and he spent the whole time being silly, making up new lyrics for the hymns and whispering in my ear and writing irreverent messages on my arm with his finger. We'll probably go straight to hell but it was fun anyway.

I'm not feeling particularly nest-y this weekend, even though I really wanted to, and I'm concerned that the state of the house will be a labor hangup. I did put together the crib today and folded all of the laundry yesterday and bought a new mop head so I can mop, but I can't find my dustpan and all of my floors look like crap and it's hotter than fetch today so I don't want to do anything anyway. Dang it, I really wanted to have this baby this weekend because I DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK TOMORROW. Pretty lame reason I guess and not flying with the wee one.
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Keeping myself busy with all my art projects.This is day 3 without Darlene and daphne and i miss them terribly. my mom called and asked if she could keep them until tuesday. i know they are having way more fun with my mom and siblings then they would at home with me being so...encumbered..but i miss them a lot ):

I've painted and decupaged three neat wood photo frames and am working on a shelf for my mom for mothers day. almost done with my other shelf.
dh and i sat up and watched "Children of men" last night. depressing as all hell but a really good movie.

i have the joy luck club to finish reading and also a book called the "Midwives" looks like a good book.

I made banana bread and banana muffins today and split pea soup, and sun tea and hummus.

I was really hoping to have the baby today but it looks like a no-go ): I have had 2 days of 'we think this is it!' labor and still nothing.
ahh well...
much love to everyone,
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I read Midwives a few years ago and really liked it. Might want to wait until after you have the baby though. Can't remember for sure, but might be better.

I need a good book. My FIL has one that I want to read, but it was borrowed by my SIL and BIL instead of going to me next. Foo.
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Hey all, I'm getting in on this thread a little late, but thought I'd chime in anyway. I had my MW appt Fri and she stripped the membranes (also had the chiro stimulate acupressure points to help labor start), but neither has done much to get things going so far. Oh well, I will do nothing further now to speed nature up. Just getting anxious to get working! (labor-wise) Good luck to you other mamas on the verge of your exciting journey!
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