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Originally Posted by cupofjojo View Post
A little more information, here's how often I use my things.

Kitchen Aid Mixer KEEP Use every week about 2x's
Cuisinart Food Processor KEEP monthly
Hand Blender/aka Stick Blender KEEP weekly sometimes 2xs
Yogurt maker eh, if you use it a lot, I wouldn't 1 to 2xs a week
Vitamix Blender what on earth is that? Use the food processor? The Vitamix is a high power blender that can also crack grains for bread, will grind fruits & veggies into puree, etc. Daily
Rice Cooker a pan works just fine 2xs a week
Pasta Maker do you use it alot? Keep it if so! 2 to 3xs a month
Juicer if you use it a lot 1 to 2 xs a week
Toaster KEEP 2x a month at most
Waffle Maker KEEP 3x a month to weekly
Panini/Grill if you use it a lot weekly in winter 2xs a month in warm weatherCoffee Maker KEEP
Crock Pot KEEP 2x's a week
Electric Tea Kettle (our electric over takes 5 minutes longer to heat up) so? what's 5 minutes? More $ to the electric company, and in the AM every minute counts getting out the door . 4xs a day
Bread Maker KEEP 2x's a week

After the one suggestion, I think the toaster will go for sure. Crazy to think this but my food processor is looking like a close second.

I like hearing everyone's thoughts a kitchen is such a personal choice kind of thing.

I'd say your list is going to be different than anyone else's list depending upon your usage. For example, I would not want to be without my food processor -- I use it at least twice per day. (I used it five times today. Seriously. It's invaluable in my kitchen.) Yet you're not even using yours twice per month. So, for you, it would be reasonable to get rid of it. Get a manual grater and you'll be good for everything else with the Vitamix and stick blender.

It really is a personal choice as to what is useful to you. I have a dehydrator that doubles as a yogurt maker, because both of those things are useful to me on a regular basis. I have an icecream maker because it's one of they few ways I can get my special needs DS2 to eat a lot of fat and protien, to make quality, homemade, dairy-free icecream. So my situation is different than your situation.

If you're using an appliance on a regular basis, and you have room for it, keep it. Kitchen appliances are really amazing time savers, and time is more important to me than space.
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In my kitchen, these five would stay:
Kitchenaid stand mixer
Cuisinart food processor
Crock Pot
FoodSaver vacuum sealer
Snackmaster dehydrator

Like others have said, the answers are going to be so individual. My answers are heavily influenced by the fact that I have a huge garden and orchard and I preserve large amounts of produce. (I am NOT grating five gallons of zucchini by hand. ) If you use something often, it brings you joy, and you have the space--keep it.
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Kitchen Aid Mixer
Vitamix Blender
Crock Pot
Electric Tea Kettle (our electric over takes 5 minutes longer to heat up)
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1. Toaster oven (we use it for everything from small pizzas to roasted chicken to bagels in the morning -- gets use every day)
2. Kitchen Aid Classic Mixer
3. Osterizer blender
4. Breadmaker
5. Coffeemaker (for dh)
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stand mixer
crock pot- saves energy and time
toater oven- saves energy over heating up stuff in oven
juicer- huge helath benefits, can't juice with anything else
blender- replaces food processor to a degree
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Kitchen Aid Mixer
Cuisinart Food Processor
Coffee Maker
Crock Pot

Yes, that's 6 :-)
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My kitchen appliance list
stove, propane

all the rest electric
coffee pot
hand mixer
bread machine
fry daddy/baby/mama whatever they are called, little one
food processor
pop up toaster

from my list the ones in green would be kept! oops I put my stove and fridge so really only 3 would be nice to have. We lived w/o power for 10 years so the only appliances we had then were the stove and a propane fridge, let me tell you how handy the hand mixer is, has opened up whole new worlds for our tummies! so much easier than a whisk or the hand operated ones! Hand mixer would be my #1 choice of small appliances! followed by the coffee pot, boiled coffe just isn't the same and the toaster is nice because the kids can use and they feel big and important making toast!
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Stand Mixer
Food Processor
Coffee Maker (only if it's used daily)
Waffle Iron

My stand mixer can take a blender attachment, though, or else I wouldn't want to get rid of my blender.
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There are two kitchen things I use everyday, but only one I couldn't do without.

My good Japanese chopping knife...can't do without it.

The other is the coffemaker, but I could buy coffee, but I couldn't not chop.

If I must choose 3 others...i dunno. My blender...?

I love my washing machine...is that a kitchen appliance....? Mine is in my kitchen...

LOL Wait! My refrigerator! I have a lot of stuff in the freezer. I could live without it, I suppose, but it's very convenient! So that, and my good knife.
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Here are all my appliances:

Kitchen Aid Mixer keeper, so useful
Cuisinart Food Processor keeper
Hand Blender/aka Stick Blender keeper
Yogurt maker
Vitamix Blender
Rice Cooker
Pasta Maker
Waffle Maker
Panini/Grill you can use two cast iron skillets and a wt of some sort (i use a full tea pot, but looks like you dont have a metal one. alten brown uses a brick wrapped in tin foil[/COLOR]
Coffee Maker you could always strain the coffee
Crock Pot keeper, so useful!
Electric Tea Kettle (our electric over takes 5 minutes longer to heat up) keeper
Bread Maker

this is tough, because i know i would want to keep the pasta maker and wafle maker. i love those tow foods. mmm, fresh pasta.
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I have a stove, mixer, microwave, crock pot, coffeemaker, and of course the fridge. Nothing else. I could get rid of the coffee maker now that I have a stove. I bought it when I lived in a dorm. I only use the mixer occasionally, but it's worth it when I need it.

I don't see the point of rice cookers - I always just use a pot on the stove.
Never could get my waffel maker to work right, gave up and donated it.
I toast things either in a skillet ("Texas toast") or in the oven.
Never used anything else and we don't miss them.
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Found this very interesting here are the results of folks selections of appliances (I kept them to the small plug in appliances)

Toaster/Toaster Oven27
Kitchen Aid Mixer 23
Crock Pot 22
Cuisinart Food Processor15
Coffee Maker14
Vitamix Blender12
Hand Blender/aka Stick Blender10
Electric Tea Kettle 10
Waffle Maker8
Rice Cooker6
Bread Maker5
Yogurt maker2
Pasta Maker0

Those that folks added (besides large appliances like fridge, microwave):
raclette grill
food saver
ice cream maker
coffee grinder
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the ones I use (almost) every day are my kitchenaid, the toaster oven, the food processor, the coffee pot and the crock pot. I could live without the toaster oven, the crock pot and even the food processor; but if anyone ever tried to take either my kitchenaid or my coffee pot, this gentle/natural mama would turn into something entirely NOT gentle
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Crock pot
Coffee pot
Hand Mixer
Food Processor

(Those are the five we use regularly anyway)

In addition to that, we have:
George Foreman Grill (that thing's pretty good, actually...we use it for steaks, chicken, chops, etc.)
Deep fryer (my husband is a french fry addict...sigh)
Waffle Maker
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Originally Posted by cupofjojo View Post
Kitchen Aid Mixer
Hand Blender/aka Stick Blender
Yogurt maker
Coffee Maker
Crock Pot
That's the 6 we have. I guess I'd have to part with the stick blender, but it's so small, why bother?

We do also have a blender, which basically makes margaritas for us a few times a year.
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If I had to choose just 5.....

- toaster - I made toast in the oven for years before I broke down and bought a toaster. SO much better.
- electric tea kettle - SO much faster and more efficient....and it shuts itself off!
- Kitchenaid stand mixer - I can do so many things with this thing!
- blender - I made all my baby food with this and we use it almost daily
- this last one's a toughie. If I were to stay married with only 5, I'll be nice and say the coffee maker. If we're talking single, I'd say the waffle iron!

I did not include the microwave in this list because we have one that also doubles as our stove hood and a convection oven.....so it's really not taking up any room in our kitchen!
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These are the 5 that I would choose:

Kitchen Aid Mixer
Crock Pot
Electric Tea Kettle (our electric takes 5 minutes longer to heat up)
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Cuisinart Food Processor
Vitamix Blender
Rice Cooker
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It's obvious from the lists here that kitchen needs vary greatly from person to person.
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I agree that you need to decide based on your lifestyle/needs and not someone else's choices. I think you should keep what you really use if you have room for it and use it as often as you mentioned in your PP.

I could not narrow it down to 5 from your list. . . .
I would choose: Kitchen Aid mixer
Cuisinart Food processor
Vitamix (Been dreaming about one of these. I'll take it if you get rid of it. I'm coming your way next Thursday. )
Rice Cooker
Waffle Maker
Crock pot
Coffee Maker

You could make bread dough in the Kitchen Aid and then form the loaves to bake in the oven.

Also, I HATED making rice as I always ruined it until I got a rice cooker from freecycle this past year. Cooking rice at a mile high is a challenge. I would not eat rice if I had to get rid of it.

Also, how do you make waffles in a cast iron skillet like someone mentioned? : We have 2 waffle makers because otherwise it takes DH over an hour to make breakfast. Our kiddos eat them as fast as they come out of the waffle makers. We have waffles weekly.

Good luck in your decisions!
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