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Yellow spit-up!

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Hi there...I'm a brand new momma, both to my baby boy, and here on the boards. Part of this brand-newness is earth-shattering anxiety everytime babe does anything that looks like it might not be "ok", so in that spirit--

He's 8 days old today, and just yesterday started spitting up after feedings. (He's exclusively breastfed). Problem is the spit-up seems substantial to me, although my DH assures me it's just a little, and it's not projectile-- it's just that it looks a little bit, well, technicolor yellow. Not green or bilous, but bright yellow, almost as bright as some of the bf poops. (TMI? Sorry) I've always thought of baby spit-up as whitish and kind of curdled..

I'm burping, with mixed results, at every feeding, although the burping wakes him up and makes for a fussy baby again. He doesn't seem to be in any great discomfort, but definitely gets the "unhappy" face right before spitting up.

Any advice for an anxious mamma? Experience with this? Thanks so much...
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Congratulations on your new babe!

First thing is: Relax. Your dear husband is right. Spit up always looks like more than it is. Try Dr Sears suggestion and use a spoon from your kitchen... fill it with milk from the fridge and pour it out on the counter.. it will look like a LOT.. but it really isn't. As to the color... my first guess would be that it is related to your diet. Maybe if you try to express a bit of your milk and take a look at it things will make more sense. Your milk will reflect what you have been eatting in color, aroma and taste. And in what the baby puts out. Within a week of my babe being born I had two amazing experiences with this. Bright green poop, which scared me til I remembered I had eaten a huge pile of spinach and seriously stink pee within an hour of eatting asparagus!
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