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I'm losing my mind!!!

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I'm oh so very tired! Since Friday I've been having pretty much reg contractions every 10-15 mins then they will just STOP! I was contracting Sat for 9 1/2 hrs then done! Same w/ yesterday. Girls, I'm so very tired. I feel like I should just go to the hospital and let them give me pit! I KNOW I don't want that but I'm going crazy. PLEASE send me your good thoughts, prayers and whatever you can b/c I'm losing my mind. I've never been this pg and I've NEVER been this miserable. And its not that I don't mind being pg its all this contractions that are getting to me. I've been crying all weekend long. I'm just really done.

Sorry to whine and cry but I can't help it right now. Thanks for listening to me.
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I can't even pretend to understand how you're feeling! But just wanted to say, "hang in there!" and take it easy, as best as you can!
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(((HUGS))) I've done the prodromal labor thing - no fun.

My best advice is to focus on the fact that those contractions are doing something - probably shortening your active labor phase! And also, to give up trying to function and just rest and try to sleep as soon as they stop, even if you know they're only stopping for a little while - just try to rest. You'll be thankful you did once active labor hits.

I'm sorry - I know how hard it is to have this stop/start stuff.
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I have been having prodromal labor for about 2.5 weeks. It is driving me NUTS!! It's been just about constant. Maybe a small 2-3 hour break twice. That's it. I am 36 weeks today and have always had to be induced for never going into labor at all.(this is my 4th) So all these contractions coming on their own is different for me. But exciting. I keep imagining that my water will break ANY minute. Or the contractions will get more painful and be REAL labor.

The big waiting game....yay. Not fun when ya have 3 active boys, a house full of chores and a life to carry on. I can't wait to meet my first daughter!!

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Thanks ladies. Hearing your encouragement and those hugs meant a lot to me! I'm so glad to be part of this board where people understand!
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yeppers having the ol' bh. Mine are about 6 minutes apart.. and last for about 3 hrs. Very tiring!!

Do you have the time to sit in a warm tub? Practice your breathing nw.

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Yeah, I'm just getting a taste of this... It's not fun!

Mine were about a minute long and 2 minutes apart. But then there would be a stretch of like 20-30 minutes with nothing much, then back to close together again. I can feel my cervix opening and I'm going with it. I was lying in bed just EXPERIENCING this and I had this vision of being pulled up into the sky. Now, believe ME I am so the LAST person to have visions or ANYTHING "woo woo" like that, so it was weird but also cool. I'm definitely paying really close attention to positioning (i'm on my knees and elbows in bed at the moment, with a pillow under my chest) because I don't want the baby's position to be keeping things from progressing if they're trying to get going.

Hang in there!
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oh michelle....you must be miserable & exhausted & wondering when this is finally going to be over! i'm so sorry you're going through this! i pray that you'll have the strength & rest & stamina to deliver this baby....TODAY!!!

i'm sure you've tried it all, but just in case - warm baths? a glass of wine? i recently attended a hb with a lay midwife who was very natural but the labor was lasting sooooo long (including days of prodromal) that she finally gave mom a benadryl. i was shocked but ya know, you do whatcha gotta do!
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((((HUGS)))) I am so sorry you are going thru prodromal labor, I had prodromal labor for 3 wks with baby #5 and it was NOT fun and I cried and begged for the mw to do something for me, I was sooo tired and stressed. I really hope the real thing happens very soon for you, please try to relax!
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I've been wondering how you're doing Michelle! I had the same issue with my last pregnancy. At 37 weeks I started having on and off regular contractions. One night they were 5 minutes apart for 5 hours. I was convinced I was going to have a baby but he didn't come for 2 more weeks. I was so mad at my midwife that she couldn't do anything to speed it along. I threatened to go to the hospital and just get induced. I knew that if I had chosen an OB, I'd already have had my baby! lol. Prodromal labor is a drag, but it usually ends up being a lifesaver. Your labor will most likely be short, sweet, and easy.
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pretty much same here--it IS nervewracking!! Everyday you wanna hold off planning the next day's stuff, thinking, well i could be having a baby....but then it doesn't happen..

makes you crazy....

hang in there mama....someday soon we'll be able to meet our babies!!!
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good thoughts sent!! i am so sorry, mama! try to relax...i know it is easy to say...wish you an easy and short labor after this prodromal cr*p!
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I've been having steady contractions since Friday, as well. On Friday they became very regular for hours and hours (like 3 min. apart). Last night they ranged from 3-4 min apart and were slightly painful. I know what you are going through. Hopefully it will be soon!
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Hopefully you're having the baby?
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Originally Posted by MommyTeesa View Post
Hopefully you're having the baby?
No such luck just yet but its getting closer! : I'm doing a lot better. I did a LOT of looking inside to see why I was having such a hard time w/ this and although I didn't come to some great conclusion I did get a great peace. I had Tuesday off w/ only 5 contractions so that was nice and I got some really good sleep. Last night I was contracting and they kept waking me up, it was about every 6 mins but they never HURT like they should when they are that close. I could still talk through them it lasted all night but I was able to sleep in between them. I'm off and on today. i just don't have a clue what my body is doing! LOL But I know I won't be pg forever!! LOL I go to the dr today for an u/s (to check for growth) and another NST (I have these weekly).

Oh, last night I checked (OK so I tried) to check my cervix and got "knuckle deep" inside (sorry for the TMI) and felt her head!! It was so very cool! I pushed on her head and she gave me a good kick! LOL So at least I know all this is doing something. I still don't know if I'm more dialited b/c I forgot to check that and didn't want to "go back in" as DH sd! LOL

Thanks again ladies. It really means a lot to have so much support!! I'll post tonight after we get home about the appt.
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glad to hear you're having a little more peace in the situation. do you have an update from your appt?
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