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*~Another Weekly Thread April 23-29 ~*

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This is our last weekly thread for April Then it will be May, only one more month until our birth month I'm getting anxious, and I'm really gonna miss our weekly threads once we all deliver.

Whitewax: Feel free to vent if there is anything you need to get off your chest. I'll listen anytime. It's normal to have relapses and really bad days here and there, you're going through so much. I wish there were something I could do to make things easier on you.
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I know what you're thinking about the MAY thing.... I was at my last MW appointment and I had to schedule one for 2 weeks...

the receptionist looked at her date book and said.. "ok how's May 3rd?"

How's may 3rd? HOW'S MAY 3rd?!?!?!?!??!? IT's IN MAY!!!! That's how May 3rd is!!!!!!!!!

After that I switch to weekly appointments....

Baby shower this sunday.... that will be nice.
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Haha, my next appt is May 3 too and I was like "Holy crap, that's 2 weeks away?" LOL! It doesn't seen like May is next week.

I have that appt (May 3) and then my home visit.
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Oh yeah...May is almost here.

I had my first prenatal with the midwives at the Birth Center today!!!!! I'm still on an absolute high that our OB referred us! They wanted to know if I needed more prenatal vitamins--they give them free. Had me answer a birth plan questionnaire that asked things like 'will you want to burn candles?' and 'would you like to take your placenta home or would you rather have it made into capsules?' Meanwhile the chief midwife has delivered over 200 sets of twins and good with breeches too so they've got experience to balance the crunchiness.

I'm in heaven.

More heaven is that DH is nesting. He repaired the ceiling, painted and cleaned the baby room. (Babes will sleep with us, but we decided to clear a room for all the stuff they've already acquired!)

Hope everyone's doing well.
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I am still hanging in there, my next MW appointment is tomorrow, I am 31 weeks and some days...
I am feeling tired and like I will NEVER get all the things done that I need to, but it will get done I am sure. My DH said, Sweetie the baby will not kow if not EVERYTHING is done, it will be ok...lol He is a doll..
I am measuring a bit large, but we were never sure of our dates anyway so who know...
All in all things are really good here, nothing other than what I am told is normal for pregnancy...

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MAY!?!?!? Gulp! Yoicks! Ack!

My next appointment is May 9th (I'll be 36 weeks!) and then it goes to weekly. The way my care provider does it is monthly, then every three weeks, then weekly...and at my last appointment the receptionist handed me a list of all my "future" appointments (instead of making them week by week). It wasn't such a long list...

The weather is sooooo nice these past few days, I hope it holds like this for a few weeks a least! Not too hot, not too cold, a nice breeze, sun with a few clouds...it's perfect!
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I have my 34-week appointment on Wednesday - pretty crazy! This pregnancy started out so slow, but now it's sped up in a crazy way! My veins are so dark on my belly and boobs - I seriously look like I have a road map on my torso. And my nipples are so dark! My crotch is all puffy and my hemmorhoids are acting up, so I have to keep wiping with the soothing wipes : Oh, the joys!

I think we have a name picked out: Carys Lawson. Although, I'm still partial to Lawson as a first name, even though it's traditionally a boys name. It's a family name and I think it goes well with Ethan and Gaven (my 2 boys).
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Who turned up the heat?!?

My pregnancy furnace has been kicked into gear by this warmer weather! I just took DS to preschool--I drove, I didn't try to walk--and I am SWEATY! I had to change clothes because I'm working this morning. Sheesh! Yesterday was record-breaking heat (86 F) for Boston, but today is supposed to be 70-ish. Technically, we are required to wear closed-toe shoes to work (retail, bookstore) but I warned my boss that my shoes were getting tight and asked if he wanted a doctor's note saying I need to wear my Birkenstocks. I think I'm going to cheat a little and wear the sandals today because if I put on socks, I think I will boil and explode.

I've also realized that I no longer own nail polish remover. There is still a little spot of red polish on my big toes from a pedicure I got with my mom in DECEMBER. My feet look offensive. If I'm going to violate the safety-related dress code at work (bare toes), I think I have justification for a pedicure. I can barely clip my nails anymore, and they are weird-shaped from the contortions I did to reach them the other day, so I'm going to ask my MIL if she can keep DS for an extra hour after I work today!!!

Stinkily and ugly-toed,
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Ooooh a pedicure! I haven't had a "real one" in more than a year and I haven't been able to "fake one" in months. My lips go numb and tingly if I bend over for too long! I can get polish on them and keep them trimmed, but a full foot treatment sounds yummy...
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Hi everyone, I haven't posted in months (I think my last one was that 4 yo gap beteween kids thread, maybe i'm going to bump it to finally reply: ). I've been in a lurking mode, which I now regret because this DDC is so close to its end: I'm Tali /Mabel, from Buenos Aires, 32 weeks pg. I love these weekly threads, they give me a sense of preg community and now I feel the need to become more active here and actually participate Hope my delurking self can be welcome again!!!!

Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
I'm really gonna miss our weekly threads once we all deliver.
I wish the weekly threads can continue...kind of life with our june 07 babes club...

Originally Posted by torio View Post

More heaven is that DH is nesting.
I love that DP is in full nesting mode also. We live in a tiny place and he's been building cool furniture for our bedroom and kitchen to make space now that we're almost 4 of us around and so crowded. We hope to move sometime during this year...but his nestiness and doing things in this place although we want out makes me

I have talked with my midwife and we are doing a second ultrasound in spite of my original plans of doing only one. The placenta was all low at 20 weeks...I know that by 32 weeks it has generally moved, but I just need to know if it has moved already. It's making me nervous. I'm visualizing it getting confy in one of the sides...I so hope it

Have a nice week everyone!
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I highly reccomend treating yourself to a pedicure right now if you can. DP bought me a gift cert for one for my birthday and I used it this past weekend. It was so wonderful to have an hour to myself to just relax and read a book while getting my toes done. My feet feel a lot better now too, the amount of dry skin on them was ridiculous!

I've been sweating like a pig lately too. It is SO HOT down here in FL. It's been almost 90 some days I sweat just walking to the car

Mab: Welcome back out of lurkdom! Of course you are welcome to post here. I hope your u/s goes well.

Torio: that birth center sounds wonderful!! That is awesome that your DH is nesting, I have to force my DP to nest.

Is anyone else's DH/DP getting really nervous? Mine is. He's been obsessively reading "the birth partner" then looking even more horrified when he puts the book down. This is his first child so maybe that is why. I keep trying to reassure him that everything will be fine, but he's scared to see me in pain. I think he's also scared of having a HB too, and worried the MW won't make it in time.
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I don't think my husband is any more nervous than usual. LOL But I know he's somewhat nervous. He's a lot more at ease now that he knows his main focus during my labor will be our son, not me. He just isn't the kind of guy who is capable of being good labor support, and we both know that now.

I'm feeling a million times better now, and to my suprise, the contractions have also eased up quite a bit lately too.

As of yesterday I have only a few things left on the to-do list, and those are things I can't do until the last week or so before full term. So I'm pretty calm at the moment.
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Dh isn't nervous. Actually, I think I am more nervous about going from 2 kids to 3 kids than he is. He says it will all work out, just like it always does. I agree, but I still get into those panic modes at times. Although, last night he did make a comment about having a baby 3 months from now. I corrected him and said two months. He just kind of stopped. "Two months?" "Two months." Then he went into a discussion of what we need to get done this weekend.

I have been getting increasingly bone dead tired lately - to the point that I have to fight falling asleep during the day. Yesterday I finally realized that it was because I have been getting such poor sleep, tossing and turning and being very uncomfortable. So, last night I pulled out the guest pillows and added those. I slept MUCH better.
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my next appt is may 1 and i'll be 36 weeks that day. eeeeeeeeeek! then i guess i start going weekly.

i am still nesting. i went through my totes of baby goods in the basement yesterday and washed the teeny clothes : my mom is sending me $ to buy a skip hop diaper bag so i can't wait to do that. i didn't like the bag i used last time...too floppy. i haven't bought very much new stuff for this babe so it seems fun

yesterday i bought cedar timbers to frame out a strawberry bed in the backyard. and a new trellis for a clematis. and 2 bags of compost and a bag of barkdust. my back was so sore. i only lifted the bags into the cart and got help getting them in and out of the car but still. tired my a$$ out!

i went to a diaper sewing class on saturday and learned how to make some adorable fitteds. so i spent the rest of the weekend sewing. i need to go buy some foldover elastic and then i can try to make some covers.

i am sleeping pretty terribly. lots of waking. peed 2 times last night : i hate that the most. our bathroom is downstairs and our bedroom is upstairs. total pita for my aching body i tell ya!
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Baby had hiccups this morning!!! Or at least, it's the first time that I have felt it. Made me really happy.
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I got my nails done. Okay, so I figured I needed to get a manicure, too, since my hands might feel bad with my feet so pretty...

It is a little bit self-indulgent, but I can't say that I'm sorry I did it.

I'm practically falling asleep at the keyboard, I am so sleepy today. Is there a yawning smiley? I'm too tired to look.

Does anyone know if it is safe to eat deli meat now? I mean, I know the listeria risk is fairly small anyway, but, if we got it at this point, would it trigger pre-term labor or still kill our babies?!?

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i'm planning on a pedicure with the full foot massage when i get closer to the end. i went and got one on my birthday in march and the lady said she did the massage (reflexology) on a woman on her due date and she made it 2 blocks down the street before labor started. i told her 'i'll be back!'

vanessa - have you looked at the skip hop bags? i love the color choices and the durable fabric. they're kind of big but i need newborn supplies and my almost 3yo is PL so dipes, extra underwear and pants for him too. i guess i need luggage dash canvas is the one i want.


my first diaper bag was a queen bee trucker bag (mine was much cheaper 3 years ago. i think i paid $50). but i think it is too floppy and not enough divided segments to organize things. cute though!


i eat deli meat : i also ate sushi a couple of weeks ago : :
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Vanessa: I have the same probelm with getting back to sleep when I wake up to pee. I usually just try to convince myself that I really don't have to pee and try to go back to sleep. By the time I do get up to pee I am running full speed to the bathroom so I don't wet myself

Willo: I've heard that if the deli meat is heated to steaming then the (potential) bacteria can be killed. Both Subway and Quizznos heat their subs : I'll admit it, I went on an italian sub kick at the beginning of this preg and ate at both restaurants. I just had them heat my sub a little longer and things were ok for me.

I *think* the issue with listeria is that is causes an infection in your body that causes you to go into labor. But don't quote me on it, my source isn't too reliable, I saw it on an episode of Runway Moms :

I had some tuna sashimi a month ago too : I'm bad bad bad!
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Count me in for the pedi club. I was given a gift cert for the holidays and have been saving it for the arrival of warm weather. Five days of sandal weather in a row...I think it might actually be thinking of turning into spring around here. But then, Massachusetts is so screwy that it might snow next week for all I know. 80 degrees to a blizzard in two days is not at all unheard of. (Someone remind me why I live here again?) My good friend also has a cert for a pedi laying around so I think I'll see if we can coordinate something. I have my shower on Sunday so maybe I'll see if they can squeeze the two of us in on Saturday...
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