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How funny my next appt. is on the 3rd too. Then I think MW wants do the home visit, which means things are getting closer. I have so much to do still for the arrival of this baby, but right now my priority is packing and moving and then unpacking and settling, I can't wait to dig out those teeny tiny newborn clothes and wash them. Sleep is getting harder and harder, I guess it is time to get used to it though: I was so happy because I hadn't had any heartburn this time, and then BAM it hit like a ton of bricks, I can't even eat a banana without it rearing its ugly head. I treated myself to coffee this morning, bad idea, I should have known better Anyway doing pretty good, having a very strange craving, ICE! I can't get enough of it, I love to crunch it and I literaly think about it all the time! I am starting to wonder if it is a pica craving, but last I was checked my iron was fine, I think I will have to have it checked again though. Now if I was craving dirt or paint chips I would know it was pica, but ice is so strange. I need to gain wait too not drown myself in frozen water: Anyone else experienced this?
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P.s, I know I have misspelled words, but I am toatally dumb with the pregnancy brain these days, so hope you all understand.
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Actually, Ice is a pretty classic "pregnancy pica" craving...so it's not that odd! One mama I know would literally drool at the thought of ice. it's not really anything to worry about but let your midwife know.
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Well, I guess I don't have pica because I get hopping mad at the very thought of ice. I noticed on the hospital tour that I felt really incensed when the tour-guide/nurse pointed out the ice machine in the kitchen "where your partner can get you ice chips."

I wanted to smash that machine on the floor!

I'm not normally quite so violent... I think pregnancy gets me really defensive of my right to eat and drink. I believe I felt similarly last pg, too, and that's part of why I ate a bunch of chicken soup at home in early labor, kind of as defense in case someone at the hospital tried to deny me food.

Yet another example of my kookiness...

So, having eaten a turkey sandwich (unheated : ), followed by a cinnamon bun, followed by a bag of chips... is it wrong to go for a walk just because there is an ice cream stand by the beach where we will walk?!?

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You know, I wonder if you can get "nasal" pica?

For about the past week I have been absolutely craving certain smells (craving is the only word I can think of to describe the feeling). But not "normal" smells...instead my teeth practically ache with the desire to smell things like dust. Specifically chalk dust. And I want to touch it! I have to force myself not to rub the chalk dust from dd's art desk all over my hands! Which is totally insane since I HATE the feel of chalk dust! Actually, I hate chalk, period amen, but this past week....

I have no urge whatsoever to eat it, no urge to chomp down on any "abnormal/non-food" item. But smell and touch are getting out of control. I honestly crave the feeling/scent of chalk dust. And I'm finding excuses to clean really dusty things (like air filters and old rugs and the hepa filter in the vac) just so I can "accidentally" sniff away.

Anyone else have any funky cravings? I've never heard of anything like this, and I certainly didn't experience it last time!
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Well, I think you need to go right to the Dr and get yourself treated for your chalk-fancy, young lady! I'm actually totally into chomping ice. Yum. So refreshing and it doesn't fill my belly and give me heartburn like water does.

Anyone else especially gassy? I can clear a room with my stink
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What a silly week!
Wombat... if you are in dier need you can certainly come over here... ther's more dust than you can handle!

Willo... I have been eating turkey subs allllllllll the way through... I can't help myself.... I did it with DD and by-golly, I'm doing it with DD2!!!! OH... and you have my moth melting for cinnabons!

Vanessa... I thought not being able to go back to sleep was just me!!! lol... well it might be me too, my mind starts racing and also, like a pp said, I keep laying there trying to ward off the urge to pee, but it just makes my sleep more broken in general. And sorry, no tips for keeping cool at a concert... tank top perhaps? Little hand held, battery operated fan?

I can't seem to find who said it, but to the person who's bedroom is upstairs and bathroom is downstairs... I AM SOOOO, SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!! That stinks!


And I was thinking about how much I'm going to miss the DDC too!!! I remember seeing a post about them closing the January DDC.... WHERE DO WE GO ???? IS there a place to set a up a Jun 07 babies thingy??? (do you like my technical terms?) I know I see most of you around the other boards here and there, but it would be so nice to keep in touch with you women in particular... I feel like we have grown so close and learned so much about eachother.

Ok... it's past 12 and I really should get to bed! G'Night everyone
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Willo- as for the cold cut thing, I heat deli meat to steaming (as per MW) & stick it in the frig for a few minutes (don't want a hot sandwich usually). I usually avoid deli meats when I am out. I think it's all overkill (like a lot of PG no-no's), but I am paranoid esp. since this is #1. The deli meat rule is a relatively new one, most older Moms I know never heard of this one & also never had a problem. Who knows someone who has had Listeria anyway??

Can I just say that I was so upset today? Between my aching joints, fatigue & swollen hands & feet I was practically in tears. Some days I feel like I have had one problem after another & like I should be happier & more grateful for being PG after 2 yrs of trying to conceive. I am really happy but it's hard work growing a baby. Not to mention that it's 1:45 am & I am still wide awake. Argh!!!!!!!!!

I also feel like I need to get more done, so much to do & not much time left. As someone said in a PP, PG was going slow & now time is just flying by. I also have this sense that I will go early, that could be wishful thinking though.
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IS there a place to set a up a Jun 07 babies thingy?
I'm sure I've seen some "April Mamas" threads and stuff like that in the "Life With a Babe" folder! We should just all migrate over there once we've "graduated" and the mods lock the thread.

We've got our second prenatal class from Public Health tonight; the first session was in March, and it was all "eat fruits and vegetables, guys, remember that your girls are hormonal, and oh yeah, breastfeeding is good, m'kay?" so hopefully this session will be more useful. I guess the classes are handy for people who don't do the research like we did, but still! We're staying in them primarily for the hospital tours at the end, and the chance to network with other local new parents.

DH was really peeved last time, 'cause the teacher kind of laughed off his questions about dad-baby bonding. He's really looking forward to baby wearing and being super-attached, and he's been feeling a bit marginalized by the teacher's focus on mom-bonding and dads just being there to get sandwiches and make tea. I mean, we're eligible to take up to 30 weeks of paternal parental leave if we want to (I get 15 weeks automatically just for me, and we can split 35 weeks however we like between the two of us, even take it at the same time if we like), so obviously the government considers dads important too! Get with it, lady!

We'll see how it goes tonight. At least the classes are free.
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Good morning, everyone!

Wombat, I think I've heard other people describe smell-cravings like you mention. I can't remember where... Somewhere on MDC, I think, in the pregnancy area, maybe? No idea if it is related to pica. I think the women were just talking about something they'd experienced in the past, so no one was talking to their doctor about it now. I must say, you'd love DS's favorite recent hobby--dropping the chalk from his easel's tray and "accidentally" stepping on it to grind it to powder on my floor. : I hate to take away his art supplies, but it's pi$$ing me off! (I'm allergic to dust, and vacuuming is usually DH's job, but how can I leave little mounds of chalk dust everywhere!?!)

I'm supposed to have countertop-measuring guys here somewhere between 9 am and noon, and my contractor will be joining them around 10-ish. Finally! More action in the kitchen! I like to see things change in there!

I think this is our last "perfect" weather day for a few. Clouds and cooler temps are rolling in. I am totally willing to accept highs in the 50's, though, after the funky winter and soggy, miserable spring we've had thus far.

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It really is the oddest thing ever. And I HATE chalk. I have never, ever, been able to stand the feel of chalk or the sound of chalk being used or...well...ANYTHING related to chalk! But my mom keeps getting it for dd and she loves it so I just sort of ignore that corner of the foyer. But this past week has been insane. All I want to do is sniff chalk dust! Hmmmm...wonder if there would be a street market for chalk dust?

With the warm weather the "drug boys" have returned to our corner (we life in what is generously called a "transitional neighborhood" and during the nice weather usually have to call the police 5-6 times a week to come break up drug deals and domestic disputes. ugh) and maybe I could offer them some? It's probably not addictive though I don't know about the additives they use to turn innocent chalk into dayglo art supplies.

But it's driving me crazy! Why chalk dust of all things? The universe clearly has a sense of humor.

About keeping the DDC going...usually a DDC will move into Life with a Babe (with a different person starting a new thread each month with the DD info/current month in the title) for a year and then they move again into Toddlers. So while we wont have an "official" DDC board anymore we can still stay together! It's kind of like the weekly thread here turns into a monthly thread there. I know the "April 05 Mamas" thread is doing well over in Toddlers, even though we've dropped to a group of about 10-15 regulars instead of the dozens and dozens we had as a DDC.
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Corri, that is not cool that the teacher made your DH feel silly. She should be encouraging dads to be involved and to bond, it's so important! I hate how dads get pushed aside sometimes during the whole childbirth/postpartum period. There is so much focus on the mom and baby and many people forget about the dad. The dad is going through a big change too!

Ready for WAYYY TMI? Anyone else dealing with constipation? I had it really bad at the end of my first pregnancy too, and now here it is again. I've tried coffee, rasin bran galore, shredded wheat, and I have a can of prunes in my cabinet that I've been avoiding. I remember being so paranoid with my last pregnancy about not pooping. I kept worrying that I would go into labor after having not pooped for 3 days and then being scared of what will happen when it's time to push Well this time we're hoping to have a waterbirth and DP is on fishy net duty, so I need to stay regular!
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Originally Posted by Corri View Post
I mean, we're eligible to take up to 30 weeks of paternal parental leave if we want to (I get 15 weeks automatically just for me, and we can split 35 weeks however we like between the two of us, even take it at the same time if we like), so obviously the government considers dads important too!
Oh, Canada. I miss my home, where there's real maternity leave. Here in Massachusetts I get 12 weeks, unpaid.

But how insensitive of the teacher not to encourage your DH about bonding, Corri.

I'm still working my way through a long list of decluttering tasks, but making pretty good progress--especially considering it's the end of the semester and I should be devoting most of my time to grading papers.... well I am doing that too, but getting ready for the baby is so much more fun.

Hi Mab--welcome back!
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Six weeks at half pay for a vaginal delivery, 8 weeks at half pay for a c/s. Followed by unpaid leave of up to 8 weeks (if a c/s) or 10 weeks (if vaginal). For a grand total of 16 weeks of leave.

So I actually get more money if I have a repeat c/s. Though I suppose if that is what happens I can save that thought as the "silver lining".

Jilian- I know that you're taking magnesium for contractions...is that helping at all? My OB last time told me to add a magnesium supplement to help with the cramping (and that even though the bottle says take one, I could take as much as I liked over the course of the day since the body just gets rid of excess). The only thing was I had to back off if I "started to have loose stools". So maybe add more magnesium, even when you're not having contractions?

Also, after my c/s I tried a lot of things to get my guts working again. I used colace (at most grocery stores) which is what the hospital suggested (it's not a laxative, but it...ummmm...."makes things softer") and I used all the traditional gentle cures (fiber, water, prunes, yogurt, etc). But...

After 6 freakin' days with NOTHING moving I stepped up the effort with a less gentle but amazingly effective traditional cure. Basically you make some pudding (chocolate seemed appropriate to me) and add some mineral oil to the pudding (the bottle actually tells you how much...it wasn't a lot). And then you eat it. Mmmmm....yum.

Now, mineral oil is a lubricating laxative, shouldn't be used if you're also taking a softener (like the colace) and shouldn't be used more than once or twice since it can lead to vitamin deficiency (the bottle will say not to use during pregnancy, but if you only use it once or twice and are generally keeping on top of nutritional stuff it's probably fine...though you might double check with your care provider), it shouldn't be used by people with bleeding disorders (it can temporarily reduce available vitamin k so it can interfere with clotting) and mineral oil is (no surprise) not that great for you! So this isn't a wonderful cure-all or anything. Though the pudding was yummy and effective...I ate three bowls over a day and a half and the problem was resolved.

So anyway, it's a possible "solution" though I'd probably try those prunes first. But then, I actually like prunes and eat them anyway. Perhaps think of them as "dried plums"? Or go with Worf's "warrior drink" analogy?

Oh, and obviously avoid anything from the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) since that diet is designed to stop things up (though many people find that whole apples will help with through-put due to the fiber and water).

Good luck! I've been using my hypnobirthing relaxation techniques when using the bathroom...I figure if I'm going to be constipated I might as well use it for practice!
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I've been eating bananas for leg cramps so I'm sure that isn't helping. I'll try upping my magnesium and see if that does the trick. I'm gonna force myself to eat some prunes too.

Today I had my 34 week visit and we scheduled the home visit for the following week. My home visit is a week from tomorrow And then I have to stay pregnant for another week and I'm all clear to deliver
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I was also going to suggest magnesium. Not only has it helped with my contractions (I think anyway, I'm not sure which of the 22343243 things I'm doing are helping) but it also helps the bowels. It also helps calm the nerves/anxiety, so I've been sleeping loads better, too.
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Corri: Wow - what awesome parental leave policies you have! I hope you can educate that 'teacher' somewhat.

Good news for the day: my fifth disease/human parvovirus scare (from last week) is over - I am immune from a previous infection pre-pregnancy, and do not have an active case. Yay! Now I have to find something else to lose sleep over..

Actually I do have a question. DH needs to take a business trip to Alaska at the end of my 36th week. It would be 3 nights, 4 full days. Would anyone else worry about this or am I overreacting? It would take probably the better part of a day for him to get back home if something came up. Am worried that early labor signs could be pretty subtle.

I'm trying to stuff down a few prunes a day too. gross. I also walk around with a full water bottle ALL the time now.
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Corri: Wow - what awesome parental leave policies you have! I hope you can educate that 'teacher' somewhat.
There are some real benefits to living in a socialist country, I have to say! I'm not taking the whole thing - I work on a contract basis, only half of which pay into our Employment Insurance program (the rest is self-employment, and I pay my own taxes), so I'm not going to get a heck of a lot a week back. Maybe $100 or so, though I have to make an appointment with an EI agent and do the paperwork.

DH will get a lot more on his leave, because he's got full-time in-house employment with all deductions at source. And then there's Steven Harper's Beer Money (a baby bonus brought in by our current federal gov't in an attempt to make people forget that they cancelled a huge number of public daycare spaces as part of their "all women should stay at home and accept being 2nd class citizens" agenda).

Ah, politics.

As for class tonight, DH tends to withdraw a bit if he feels he isn't being understood; hopefully I can prod him to speak up for himself if the teacher goes nutty on him again. I was really disappointed at her attitude, especially for a class in hippie-crunchy Halifax! When I'm the least mainstream girl in a room, you know something's wrong.

rockdr: I think you'll be ok; it's early enough! And I'm told that first-timers almost always go late anyway. I'm in a similar boat - DH is going to be the best man in his best friend's wedding about a 2-hour flight away when I'm 37 weeks along; with any luck, we'll be fine.
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You guys whose husbands are traveling late are PROBABLY safe, but not all first-timers go late. Someone chime in the with stats here (Wombat? )

My son was born 4 days early (my first.) On the other hand, I had an instinct from early on with him that he was eager to get into the world, and I spent most of my pregnancy telling him to stay put until we told him it was time.

I'd say you definitely want to quiz your own mothers on the lengths of their first labors! Mine was VERY similar to my own mom's--and about 11 hours from water breaking (with no ctx) to baby in my arms.

My parents had scheduled their flight out (from Oregon to Massachusetts) for the day I was due, figuring I'd be late. That's about 6 hours of flying time, but usually requires a change of planes. DH called my mom within 20 minutes or so of my water breaking, and my mom arrived at 5 pm -- about 3 hours after DS was born. If that had been my husband instead of my mom, it would've been upsetting...

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Oh, don't wish my mother's first labour on me! [wards off the evil eye] Both my brother and I arrived right on our due dates, so that part is just fine, but I was sunny-side-up, she had back labour for 36 hours, and finally a c-section that took her ages to recover from. I'll pass on that one!

Luckily, she had a VBAC with my baby brother (they said she had to have a c-section for him too, since she'd already had one, and she told the doctors where to stick it. Go, mom!), and it was only four hours of labour for him.

Prenatal class tonight was a lot better - we had a totally different instructor, and she was cool. She apparently nursed her youngest until he was four! We're still the crunchiest couple in the room by far - there were a lot of dads rolling their eyes, and everyone but us was absolutely! shocked! at the idea that co-sleeping (defined as 'in the same room,' not necessarily family bed) could help make nighttime feedings easier, and reduce SIDS.

I can completely understand choosing not to co-sleep or do the family bed (we're rooming-in for a few months but not doing the family bed, b/c of DH's sleep apnea and my insomnia), but at least research all your options and make the choice that's best for your family, you know? AUGH.

The only problem I had with the nurse is that she was totally accepting of episiotomies as standard practice, and only mentioned perineal massage as an option - and then she wasn't enthusiastic - when I brought it up. I have a feeling that I'm 'the crazy hippie chick' in the class after tonight, which just makes me laugh!

We really don't fit in with the rest of the students, though. DH was really disappointed by how little the rest of the men seemed to be interested in taking parental leave, or learning about baby care themselves. :
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