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Heyla all!

Dh went to pick up the rental minivan this afternoon (for our trip to Boston tomorrow) and for some reason they didn't have one available despite the reservation. So they gave him a suburban instead (for the same price). He's bouncing like a kid he's so excited about getting to drive the "real vehicle" instead of the "look I have kids vehicle".

Anyway, we'll visit my best friend IRL (she's in her first trimester with her second babe) and spend the night there, then do an IKEA visit Sunday on the way back to NY. It'll be a long weekend, but I've been wanting to see this friend for a while and there are a dozen IKEA type things we need before babe arrives (like doors for the kitchen cabinets, and a bed frame for our bed).

But after this weekend I think we're technically "set" in terms of having all the baby stuff we need.

Cosleeper, pack n play, diapers pail and newborn diapers, new Isis pump (my old one was pretty grungy), baby bath tub, a dozen onsies and jumpers and sleep sacks, I found a wonderful cloth infantino carrier for DH at a thrift store, and a tiny newborn first aid pack. And dd and I went to a local kiddie coop where I'd been given a "baby gift cert" and got a moby wrap (sage green) and dd picked out a "snuggle" for the baby. Honestly it looks a bit like a dead bunny (it's sort of a fleecy soft pink blanket with a sleeping bunny head attached to one corner) but dd insisted that it was the "right thing" for the baby. So there it is!

Anything I'm forgetting?

Shell Ell- I'm sorry your friend worried you! Maybe when she said "not perfect but okay in the end" she meant that for a while it would seem like you'd need to transfer, or that your partner or midwife wasn't there and didn't seem like they'd make it (so you're alone with your toddler), or something like that? But then he situation resolves and you don't need to transfer, or your partner arrives, or whatever it was that was going on resolves and everything is okay.

And when she said the birth isn't "better" than the last but that it is different...well...focus on the difference and the fact that everything ends well! I mean, maybe this time the birth itself will be easy and fast and joyful...but you'll have a lot of prodromal labor before hand (which might mean you wouldn't realize when the "real thing" hit and so your partner almost doesn't make it!). Or something like that.

And overall I think the reading she did was pretty positivie...floating on a cloud, everything ending well, etc.

But I totally hear you on how a single thing can affect confidence. I was having lunch with my mom last week and mentioned I'm using hypnobabies this time. And she said "well, I'm glad you're trying something different since the yelling you did last time sure didn't work! I could hear you in the waiting room and if I'd been in labor then I think I would have gotten out of bed and slapped you!". I told her I really wasn't all that loud but she kept saying over and over how I was "yelling" and how inconsiderate it was of me to do that, and how the doctor's should have insisted that I have pain meds since obviously I wasn't handling birth (the way she did, in silence and with stoic composure) and it wasn't fair to other laboring women to have to listen to me like that.

I was pretty annoyed (I know I was loud. I know the staff didn't have any problems with that. No one mentioned it then or later, other than to suggest at one point that the tone I was using shold be more "open throated" (more of an ooooooh rather than an uuuuuuu if that makes sense in typing). But this comment is just stuck in my head and now I'm worried that come birth I'll be really inhibited and not able to make the sounds I need or want to make. Most of me is sure I'll just ignore everything and BE in my birth, just like last time, but right now I'm feeling really vulnerable and insecure...because of one stupid conversation. Ugh

So I feel for you...but just keep focusing on your ideal birth, keep in mind that the reading was essentially positive, and maybe (if you think it would help) talk with this friend and tell her that her reading bothered you and has had a real impact on your confidence. Perhaps she can do a deeper reading and reassure you?
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First, let me say that, I've done reiki training, and that alone doesn't mean a darn thing about reading births and bellies! (Reiki attunement just lets a person direct healing energy toward themselves and others.) My dream about one of us having a baby on April 14th was wrong, wasn't it!

I believe in various psychic phenomena, but I also think there are tons of people walking around spouting nonsense.

Focus on the "floating on a cloud" though, and assume the rest was hooey! (My WONDERFUL early labor was pretty much several hours of peaceful meditation in my bed where I felt supported by a cloud full of angelic arms and hands. I'm 100% sure that was divine/otherworldly support that quickened my labor.)

Not trying to be mean to your friend, but, clearly, she was being selfish and not helpful when she said those things to you. She wanted to "perform". No one who wanted to help you would've said such counter-productive things! Also, part of every health modality training I've had (reiki, bach flowers, homeopathy) has been the need to have PERMISSION to work on someone. Ahem!

Now, on to myself and my problems.

Actually, I've been offline since yesterday because the electricians working on the kitchen had to disconnect a couple of circuits that, in our old house, continue from the kitchen upstairs to our two back bedrooms (DH's office and DS's bedroom.) Wretched wiring. Anyway, the cable modem is in DH's office, and we just got an extension cord to power it this afternoon! It is HARD to go without internet when you are used to having it all the time!

More seriously, I've been feeling... a little bit... off. I worked yesterday (Thursday) and had a really tough time. Basically, I felt weird from the morning. It seems like, any time I am moving around, I am getting the "weird" feelings. Braxton Hicks? I'm not actually sure! Baby's been moving like crazy, and sometimes that feels like BH ctx to me, too. Resting stops them--100%. (That's why I didn't go to the midwives ASAP.) Nothing else stops them (drinking water, etc.) They are NOT painful--just tight-feeling.

I did move up my Monday appt to tomorrow, so I'm not ignoring this, though we all know I *HATE* to admit to any problems or call the doctor.

I am freaked out that I seem to need to curtail my activity so much to stay ctx free, though. (It's not like I'm trying to do very much. I'm a really, REALLY lousy housewife! )

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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
(My WONDERFUL early labor was pretty much several hours of peaceful meditation in my bed where I felt supported by a cloud full of angelic arms and hands. I'm 100% sure that was divine/otherworldly support that quickened my labor.)
omg I am going to have dreams about this - what a wonderful image!

I broke down today and started washing clothes and cloth diapers, despite the fact I was going to wait till mid-may. I just couldn't wait anymore. they are so cute and must be folded and put away in drawers. I wonder if I'm just going to end up washing them again?!
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willo- I know sometimes Roro will settle her head right against my cervix so that when I move around I get this sort of not exactly painful but really not comfortable tingly/pressure feeling in my groin. It stops immediately if I stop moving/walking but will come back as soon as I start to move again. Roro meanwhile will be kicking and wiggling...it's just her head that sticks in place!

Could it be something like that?
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Wombat-- My appt is at noon, so we'll see what they say.

Honestly, I can't tell how much of it is the baby moving A LOT and in BIG WAYS, and how much is the tightening feeling of BH. It is mostly a belly feeling, although there have been a few times where I felt more of a pressure down low (that also stopped when I stopped moving.)

Is there any *bad* reason for a baby to move a whole bunch? I'm really hoping s/he is just finally getting into optimal position...

I'm just taking it easy for now. Like I said, the fact that I can stop it all by taking it easy is the only reason I waited for this appt. (I also stopped taking all of my herbs -- alfalfa, RRL and nettles -- because it has seemed like they trigger activity before...)

DH and I are both getting acupuncture treatments at 10 am, then he's going with me to the midwives' for my pre-natal. That's kind of nice. He came to lots of my appts with my first pg, but I haven't been asking him to come to very many this time. Ah, the neglect of the second baby begins! (Reminds me, I REALLY need to get a new camera before June...)

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Willo, I hope the accupuncture and MW appts go well.

I've been having a lot of menstrul-like cramps lately, a lot of times they wake me from my sleep, but not too many BH or other contractions. But now I HAVE to stay pregnant for at least another week, DP and I are planning a small wedding ceremony on the beach next Saturday and going into labor would just throw the whole thing off.

I am excited to announce that today is my last final exam for the semester then I am off for the whole summer! I'm so ready to be on break from school.
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Party for Jilian!!

: :
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Finished exams and a wedding? MAZEL TOV! May you live to see a thousand reasons to rejoice!
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Jilian, that's so exciting! Happy wedding planning, and congratulations on the end of the semester!
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Jilian-- Best wishes! Yeah, you'd better stay pregnant, or you'll be like one of those movie cliches where the lady is in labor and getting married by the hospital chaplain or something.

Both of my appts went well. Acupuncture is just so lovely. I had to sit up for my session this time. I just can't stay flat long enough anymore.

Good mw appt, as well. Baby is now head down. Yay! Also, the fact that the ctx stopped when I rested is super reassuring, and she isn't worried. All good news. I had another blood draw today, so we'll know Monday if my iron is improving.

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Do you think it's possible to mentally put yourself into labor? Or at least make yourself feel like you are in labor? I am so uncomfortable today, I feel like I'm about to get the most ass-kicking period ever. I wonder if it's because I have so much to do today and I'm stressing about not going into labor for another week? Or maybe it's the 5 pieces of pizza I had yesterday : ? I don't know, but I'm really uncomfortable and I just want to cry : I've officially reached the "I'm really uncomfortable" stage of pregnancy. Wahhhh. Anyone else want to whine with me?
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Jilian, I hope the wedding ceremony is wonderful! How exciting!!

I am usually okay still being pregnant, but last night I actually woke up because I felt something coming up in my throat- ew gross! My heartburn is totally random, I hate it. So I spent my *first night sleeping in my comfy chair* downstairs. I didn't sleep very well, though, as baby was moving ALL night long! And baby's movement was causing lots of contractions, too. What was going on? This baby moves lots usually, but last night was crazy! I started getting paranoid, like "is it crowded and uncomfortable??" Then I had a dream that I was brainstorming ways to avoid the feeling that my ribs are being stretched out, and I was exploring the idea of just removing some of my ribs, which a friend said would cost at least 25,000 dollars, and that was a lot of money.

My baby shower was today!!! It was a mellow family celebration and potluck with friends in the park. The best part really was the dozen or so kids who were running around in a pack looking for snakes, bugs, picking flowers, playing frisbee...it's finally nice weather here now and it just seemed like they were in heaven! So precious. There were 7 pregnant women at my shower, so soon there will be lots more kids to join the clan! I got a lot of donations towards the Happy Hangup Hammock (the splurge for this baby!), butt creams, and some clothes. It was a really nice time.

I can't believe I'm 35 weeks...time is flying now and I'm thinking lots about who the baby is...and at various points in the day I think "what would this moment look like with the baby here?" So fun!
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