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Anyone have an awesome sleeper?

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My little almost 7 week old is already going 5-7 hours at night!! My last child was every 2 hours until I night weaned him at 18 months so I'm loving this BUT that means I will probably ovulate earlier which sucks. During the day though she nurses about every hour to stock up for the night.
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Sounds like Cas. I think he'd sleep longer than 5 hours if I didn't wake him up to nurse...but he nurses ALL day long!
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Ivy usually wakes up at 1am and 4am to eat, which is great compared to her brother who nursed every two hours until he was 2! But, yeah, I'm not excited about ovulating again. I am so afraid I'll get pregnant before DH and I decide whether or not we're ready or done or whatever. But, what can you do? I'm very happy getting plenty of sleep!
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Mine sleeps great! This is a very nice change from his older brother who kept me up all night for over 2 years!
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I think my little one sleeps very well for her age
She goes down around 9pm and sleeps until 2:00 or sometimes later! And she will nurse and go back to sleep! She also takes a HUGE 3 hour nap in the middle of the day which really lets me get work done!
I haven't had a good sleeper since #1 so I am really enjoying this! I'm not assuming it's going to last but I am really loving it for now

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Wow, that must be so nice! My DS still gets up 2-3 times a night to nurse. Last night we put him down at 7:30, and he was up at 9, 12, 3, and 6:15. Hmm, I just realized how regular that is! How unusual...

He is sleeping more during the day, too, and sometimes sleeps up to three hours in one stretch at night, so we're getting there!
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My dd is a great sleeper too. She sleeps any where from 5 to 7 hours which is way different then her brother. He was up every 2 hours and still gets up some nights. I am really loving this. I think that her sleeping with us makes a difference. She only eats every 2 hours during the day. I was a little worried that she wasn't getting enough but she was weighed last week at my last mw appt and she is gaining weight so I guess she is getting what she needs. I am loving getting sleep though.
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Yes, and it can get unnerving. Last night B fell asleep around 10-10:30 and sometime around 2-3am I HAD to wake him up because I was totally engorged. I had to do it again at 6 am with the other breast, and he went right back to sleep. It's 10am and he's probably only been up an hour and a half total since this morning. Always just enough to eat and poop and then it's back to sleep.

Until it's dinner time. He screams between 5-7 every night. Nothing will console him. No sling, breast, giggly faces, holding... nothing.
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Holly has slept well since the day we got home from the hospital. I don't know how I lucked out, but I am getting 6-8 hour blocks of sleep! My 2 year old didn't sleep more than a few hours till he was weaned at 15 months.
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Both of mine have been great sleepers. DD coslept and nursed, but slept all night starting at six weeks. DS will be 6 weeks tomorrow and has been sleeping all night for about a week, week and a half or so. By all night, I mean he goes to sleep for the night around 10 pm and usually doesn't wake to nurse until 5:30 or so. Sometimes he'll go back to sleep after that for another couple of hours, if I'm really lucky. I have to be one of the most rested postpartum moms ever.

I'm also worried about fertility returning, though. We *really* need to get thinking about contraception!

(I wonder if some of you want to chime in on the thread in "The Family Bed" forum about cosleeping and babies who sleep through the night--apparently our children are not normal and "freaks.")
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