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Oliver is here!

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Oliver William was born Thursday, April 12th at 1:56 am at a birth center. He is so beautiful.

Mama is healing slowly but surely. It was a tough, natural birth. He was sunny side up, which hurrrrrrrt, and made me have pushing contractions starting at 5 cm. Fun. But we made it!!

I have pictures and a more layman's account of the birth on my blog at http://jde.blogspot.com. And 8,000 pictures on flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/_julia_/. I'm typing with only my left hand right now, otherwisr I'd give you all the juicy details.

I feel like I consciously created a space of peace and confidence during labor. There were times when it waned a bit (i.e., me whimpering "i can't" in a tiny voice at the end of a contraction), but apparantly nobody even heard me. heeee.

Anyway, being a mama is amazing. Being a family is even better. We are so in love, and have a good grove going here in our nest.

Happy birthday to all the April babies!

-julia, erik, and oliver
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congrats!!! what a beautiful baby!!! Enjoy your babymoon
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Congrats!!! And don't I know about posterior... DD was both posterior and asynclitic. Oww.
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