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My 8mo DS just figured out the dropping game today. =) It was pretty funny. He's been dropping things before, but it was just becasue he was a bit clumbsy. When he grabbed the cup for .5 seconds and let it fall to the ground for the 7th time in a row, I realized he had me. =) DH called it fetch, but I like refering to it as the dropping game better. =)

He also loves peek-a-boo, toss the baby, pass the baby, and swing the baby. And he *loves* patting things, especially the piano and birth ball.

Some other sillies are "radar baby." I make beeping noises and as I approach him, the beeps get louder, higher, and closer together. Works with a squeeking rubber ducky too. =)

We also play "which mommy?" in the mirror. Our bathroom has the mirror and then on the perpendicular wall a mirrored medicine cabinet, so there's two reflections of the person. DS looks for me in one, I make eye contact, he smiles then he looks at the other reflection until I find him, then he looks at me for real...

DS has this silly thing where he pants like a puppy when he's excited. When he's crawling around, I get down on the ground and crawl really with tiny "strides" fast to him while I pant and he giggles all the while.

It's amazing what lengths I go to to hear the sound of baby giggles. =) What games do you play with your little ones?