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Wow, how cute....and how exciting for you!
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my vet came back out and tried to manually remove the placenta, but he wasn't able to get it out. He said it is too deeply embedded in her uterus, so he tied it up even closer, gave us some antibiotics, and said he would come back tomorrow to try again. He also tubed her with mineral oil (sorta like a stool softener after a person gives birth, just horse-sized, lol)

The foal is doing really, really well. My boys got to meet him. That was funny, because at first he didn't want to have anything to do with them, so I wrapped my arms around his little chest and rump so they could pet him, then he was nibbling their shirts. He's super sweet

Prayers for Sienna, please.

Thanks for all the compliments!!
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OMG.... he is so beautiful! I'm jealous! Prayers for Sienna.:
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Oh he's so beautiful : My thoughts are with mama tonight.
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He's so gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!

Sending positive vibes Sienna's way. Please keep us updated!
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How is mama this morning?
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Sienna still has not passed the placenta. I'm going to call my vet and ask him to flush her uterus with saline and pitocin, to help it tone and contract. She still hasn't urinated or pooped, either. Can't say that I totally blame her. Mares' urethras are inside their vulvas, and I don't think she wants to try to pee or poop with that mass manging out of there. She absolutely refused to take her antibiotics last night, no matter what I hid it in.

We spoke to her former owners, and they said she has never retained a placenta before. It fits with my research that says that recent stress in a mare's life can cause her to retain the placenta. I think being hauled 550 miles in a stock trailer with 10 other horses qualifies. :

Complications from retaining include infection, laminitis, and death. I guess a similar condition in people would be called placenta accreta, and isn't that a life threatening condition requiring hysterectomy? I always thought it did. Sienna may have to go to Phoenix soon if she doesn't pass this and have surgery, which means bottles for baby for a while. Which I DEFINITELY don't want to do. Bottle raised foals are really hard to deal with. They think they're people!! Sounds cute, but it's really not, when you're dealing with a 1000 pound lapdog, LOL.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!
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Have you tried a dose syringe for her antibiotics?? Crush up the pills, mix w/a little water (molasses too, if you want) and shove 'em down her throat?? I imagine that that is really important right now.

Poor girl. Yeah, stress doesn't do them any good, for sure.

Good luck, I hope this resolves soon. You don't want a bottle baby!! And of course we all want Sienna to be well, too!!
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The vet would probably be able to give you an injectable antibiotic. A uterine infusion sounds like a good idea too. They do that to cows all the time for retained placentas.
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I asked my vet about the possibility of flushing her uterus with saline and pitocin, he said it wouldn't work. But he did say that once it's out, he's going to lavage her uterus with saline and antibiotics to help prevent infection.

Thanks for the idea about putting her antibiotics in a syringe!! We did that today, and it worked like a dream!!
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what a beautiful horse!!
Congrats on your new addition!!
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He is gorgeous! I love foals.

RE the ratained Placenta. I recently had a cow that retained the placenta for 4 days, then spontaniously cleaned and was fine. She had a bit of a tramatic birth (pushed for over an hour with a large calf). We give our cows with RP 2-3 days as long as no signs of infection (tyed up if dragging), but other than that we leave them alone - no pulling on it, flushing, anything as long as no signs of infection (smell, green slime, puss, fever, runny nose, cough).

Truthfully, I would leave her alone and she if will clean on her own. The more you mess with it, the more chance of infection, and problems.

I was have a degree in pre-vet, speciliazing in reproduction and large animals, plus have lived on a large ranch for 10 years, so if you have more questions, I can try and answer them

I love horses from 0-2 and about 8 on up, but could do with out them from about 2-6 or 7 !
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it's out!! Yay! She and the foal had their first outing in the arena yesterday. Boy, was that cute. He was bolting around, stretching those loooooong legs for the first time, and she was right behind him, yelling at him the whole time.

Thank you for the help. It slipped right out this morning. The exercise yesterday must have helped it come free.
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oh, I almost forgot. We're going to register him as "Too Slicked Up" and we're calling him Slick. Trust me, it's fits his sassy little butt LOL.
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Yay! What great news!

Keep the pics coming- I'd love to see them both as he grows, and she settles in!
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What a relief! I am glad to hear they are doing fine. Slick is a cute name.
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Very cute! Love his name!
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Omg, so cute!
Glad to hear mom and baby are doing well now!
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